Sacred Earth: Memory
After a mysterious tower suddenly appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens, a group of friends choose to set foot inside, and investigate just what it's appearance means for their future.



[RMVX ACE] What do you dislike in ATB Systems?

I agree with Ratty. Though I've grit my teeth and used ATB for nearly a decade(RM2K3), it really is among my least favored turn progression systems. And the reason for that is primarily the waiting time.

That's because when you're waiting for those bars to fill up, you're literally not interacting with the battle in any way. And the slower it is, the worse it becomes. That's fundamentally why I dislike ATB anyway.

But I think it can be worked around.

First of all, speed up those bars! Secondly, provide some way for the player to interact with the battle while waiting is happening. Why is it called 'Active Time Battle', when the player is only active some of the time?

Put something in the space between waiting for turns for players to do. Anything. Something.

Sacred Earth: Promise

The first thing I always look for in an RPG (besides the combat system) is good characters, and I have to say you nailed that bit.
In general I just had a lot of fun with the two hours I spent playing this; the mechanics are very nicely balanced and the writing is great. Definitely looking forward to more of this series.

Thank you. We hope to create a more entertaining experience with the enhanced version we're working on.

Any tips on beating the first boss in the arena. They like stomped me into the ground.

The first boss in the arena have the same elements you do. Have Perrine use Air Aura on Priel, Magic Reinforce on herself, and then attack Balcruade with her normal Chain or her wind spell. Avoid using her light spell on him as he resists it.

Have Priel use Gaia Aura on Perrine, Might Reinforce on herself, and then attack Zuleika with her normal Chain or her Earth spell.

If you have EP to spare, use Magic Break and/or Might Break on either opponent. This is will reduce the damage they do. Barrier Break and Guard Break will make them take more damage as well. Those spells are not useless. so use them if you have a spare moment and enough EP.

When you have enough EX built up for either of your characters, you should probably use EX Recover, but if your HP is high enough, you can opt to use their offensive EX skills instead. Don't use Perrine's Saint Flare on Balcruade. Use it on Zuleika instead. You can use Priel's First Trigger on either.

It's all about covering your weaknesses, attacking the right opponents with the right characters, and using your EX when it's available. Once you find the rhythm, it's fairly simple.

Good luck.

[RMVX ACE] Are there any games without those horrid default sprites?

What the hell, Blindmind is arguing about RTP graphics with Magi, Craze, WIP, Karsuman and Feld? Did we all go back in time about six years?

I think we did.

I'll just say that as a former user of graphics rips...

...It was good times. I learned a lot, being able to focus on the creation of games without worrying about graphics. But I mostly graduated from it. I learned, and am still learning how to make my own graphics. For me, graphics rips mostly aren't viable anymore.

Considering my roots, I don't hold it against anyone for using rips. It's just a hobby for some people. and for others, they may not have the time and the drive to learn how to make their own graphics, or acquire other original graphics. In that case; whatever. I'm not going to be anyone's babysitter.

I do agree with Craze though that it's hard to beat the original interpretations of the source games rips come from in most cases. Unless you're some kind of mapping legend like faroz_flare. ...I miss that guy's maps. In other cases, people have played those games and have fond memories that override whatever interpretation the rips user has come up with.


On the other hand, the VXA RTP is fugly as hell, and it's character style is crap, in my opinion. But for all the hate it gets, people do good work with it now and then. I personally think that the community needs to graduate from the RTP style and explore new frontiers, away from rips, but how many years has it been with VX and Ace combined? I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for a paradigm shift.

There's no way to change an entire community overnight. Just stick to your own ideals and lead by example. Think the RTP sucks? Use, make, or acquire your own non-rtp material. Want to use rips? That's on you.

Just make a good game please, thanks, goodbye.

[RMVX ACE] Are there any games without those horrid default sprites?

author=Feldschlacht IV
i use rips and i dunno I'm a p cool guy sometimes

You might be a sinner in disguise. We'll need to do a full checkup.

Remember your "Dream Game?" How did that turn out?

And yeah, i think it might be best to not start your RPG Making with a dream game. Might as well get some practice in first so you can do it right! People can and have done it before of course, but my recommendation still stands.
Well, to be honest, I would like to think you always make your dream game so you can think of another dream game for your next one if you ruin your current one. Sometimes burning through what you thought were your dream games can lead you to one you actually knew was your dream game. Because you change and so do your ideals.

I actually agree with this. I get all inspired and worked up and then work on my DREAM GAME, only for it to fail, and then after I lay it to rest, I find that I have A NEW DREAM sitting in front of me.

It kind of just happens. It sounds wishy washy, but yeah, I think if you tackle what you think is your dream project, fail, and get back up again, you may just have something better in mind after. Plus the skills you learned in the process of failing.

That always helps. Or not. But heeeeeey!

Remember your "Dream Game?" How did that turn out?

My first 'dream game' was my first RM project called 'Mystic Legends'. ...It was a traditional RPG taking cues of Tales of and Star Ocean, and it had a dual protagonist system, each with their own party members and storylines, though they sometimes crossed paths and temporarily borrowed party members from each other.

...It was an amateur mess. For years, I never scrapped the game, but instead, my skills kept improving, so I kept building new stuff on top of a buggy old base. And it kept getting worse and worse and worse...until finally, I had enough and decided that it was time for this 'dream game' to be put to rest.

The funny thing is that I almost finished it. But the time investment needed to polish it and fix every single little bug was deemed not worth the effort. There were a ton, and then bugs created from fixing other bugs. But ultimately, the game just wasn't that good.

...And then my second 'Dream Game' was a ripoff of Riviera: The Promised Land, called 'Angelic Awakening'. Long story short, it was a very functional game, and I thought it was my best display of skill at the time, but it suffered from a crippling phantom bug in the map movement system that I could never pinpoint. So it was laid to rest in the land of fallen projects.

Would have been finished otherwise.

My THIRD dream actually one I'm still working on now. After the previously mentioned, I reworked the lore of my 'series', and am now attempting to consolidate it all into a new 'main game'. ...Of course, I spent years wrestling with RM2K3, trying to build an engine base in a 500 year old maker, and the seams were definitely starting to burst.

So I switched engines and am trying again. It's going well now. I think I've learned a lot and won't be making the same mistakes I made back in the day. ...At least not to the same crippling project ending scale.

I hope.

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Noise Waltz

Oh boy another rhyme game to get killed by

The official English 2k3 version is out!

*takes sip of water*


This is all the reaction I need.

It's too late for me, but this is still very cool. I bought it just to support the fact that it exists, but I dunno if I'll actually seriously use it.