Sacred Earth: Memory
After a mysterious tower suddenly appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens, a group of friends choose to set foot inside, and investigate just what it's appearance means for their future.



Sacred Earth: Memory

Awww man. I just finished Promise (is there a way to unlock more content? I finished the ice labyrinth and then suddenly credits). So I'm hoping for more of a game.

Thanks for playing Promise! Sorry to say, there's no more game to be played. But Promise serves as a rough example of where this particular project is heading. We're working hard on creating a full game experience with the same sort of setup.

Thank you again you playing!

Sacred Earth: Memory

Is this completed?

This is not complete. The current download, while very much playable, is outdated in terms of engine and story. So it stands alone.

Fifty Shades of (Paradise) Blue

Utterly amazing

Morphos Metaphor: Penumbral Psychosis

If you mean Acslepius, Bifrons, Pistis Sophia, and Marquis...

Yes, they are perfectly beatable as they are now. Just focus on hitting the elements they're weak to. And don't forget to give yourself more turns via Hui-Ying's Dual Shadow and Sukukaja. They may turn out helpful as you'll need the turns for support.

Chain of Retribution

Banana Cheesecake.

With whipped cream.

And a cherry on top.

LLR VX Blog # 14 (Delays, delays and new project incoming.)

Phantasia 6!?

...Oh. Nope. Damn it, stop playing with my heart!

I remember playing the ABS version of this game though. That was ages and ages and ages ago. Was kind of fun I remember. Wasn't her name Sayaka back then? ...And wasn't Kyo in that game too?

God, the memories.

And for once...

One of them, yes. Of course that's a long time to come. I still need to gasp theo's battle system, ahaha...ha

And for once...

Yeah, that's great, but can we refrain from character comparisons? That's not a compliment. I know you don't mean any harm, I understand. But it's just not a compliment, even if you intended it to be.

I know I probably come off as really anal saying this now, but I'm going to speak my mind this time. It's how I(And countless others in my position and skillset) feel about the matter.

But nonetheless, thank you for your intentions. I can appreciate that much at least. :>

And for once...

I'm getting a very big Mu 12 from this latest concept. :p


Mu-12 uses energy funnels. And for that matter, Nu and Lambda use moderately sized swords, except for their Calamity Sword distortion drive.

You have lost the game.

Character Concept 006

I draw the character concepts currently, but I have someone else doing the in game assets. :)

As much as I wish I were a one man army, I'm not. So I have to delegate and focus on the things only I can do.

Thanks though!