Sacred Earth: Memory
After a mysterious tower suddenly appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens, a group of friends choose to set foot inside, and investigate just what it's appearance means for their future.


[FULL]Sacred Earth: Bonds

---------- Story ----------
On a cold and snowy night, two siblings travel to a forest far away. They're looking for rare medicinal herbs to cure the sickness of their father. They unfortunately find themselves lost in the enchanted forest and while wandering with no sight of the rare herb.

They eventually come across an old and seemingly abandoned fortress. Upon entering however, they are attacked by a girl who calls herself Melodia and are promptly beaten... ...They soon wake up to find themselves tied up in an ordinary looking room. They can hear a discussion taking place between multiple people and after a bit, the same girl who beat them walks in, she taunts them for a bit, but Gunnar manages to catch her off guard with a special ability. Melodia gives up for now and retreats. Veili then uses a knife she had hidden in her sleeves to cut her ropes as well as her brother's.

They venture out into the depths of the fortress. Intent on finding out just what's going on...

---------- Characters ----------

Name: Veili Myrrine
Race: Half Demon/Human
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Weapon: Glacier Song (Broad sword)
Abilities: Manipulation of Ice, Ice Weapon Synchronization, High resistance to illusions
Likes: Collecting Dolls, Getting her way
Dislikes: Melodia, Gunnar's cowardly attitude, Having to do extensive thinking(She prefers to act now, ask questions later)

Being the older of the two(By five minutes), Veili takes it upon herself to make all the decisions between her brother and her. This annoys Gunnar to no end as her decision making skills are questionable. She's the type of person to who prefers to get things done quickly rather than draw them out with pointless talking. Ideally, she and her brother make a good team. She does most of the fighting and her brother does most of the thinking. It all works out somehow. Gunnar tends to nag at Veili about her impulsiveness. Veili says it makes him sound like an old man.

Name: Gunnar Myrrine
Race: Half Demon/Human
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Weapon: Zephyr(Bow)
Abilities: Manipulation of Multiple Elements, Able to bring his mind to a deadly focus in the heat of situations.
Likes: Thinking, Learning, Archery
Dislikes: Having to Fight(Especially up close), Veili's impulsiveness, Priel's teasing

Gunnar is the quiet type who spends far too much time analyzing situations and coming up with pointless solutions to trivial matters instead of taking action. He gets away with it though since his sister does enough fighting for the both of them. He's a bit of a coward when it comes to combat though, which is why he prefers to use a long range weapon rather than having to get up close and personal.

Priel tends to tease Gunnar about Patchoulli having a crush on him. He doesn't think it's true so he always gets annoyed at her for spreading lies. Truly oblivious indeed. He also tries very hard to earn the respect of Priel when it comes to matters of knowledge and theory, but he just gets made fun of instead. Maybe one day he'll have his day.

Name: Priel Aylin
Race: Half Dragon/Human
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Abilities: Manipulation of Flames and Earth, Ability to see long distances, Dragon Transformation
Likes: Practicing swordplay, research and learning, Practicing Alchemy, Teasing Gunnar, sweet things, Baking
Dislikes: Being bested in knowledge, overly spicy foods
Weapon: Flamebelk, a sword constantly wrapped in flames, can be summoned into Priel's grasp at will

Name: Patchoulli Aylin
Race: Half Dragon/Human
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Abilities: Power to control multiple elements, Exceptional Ether Abilities. Dragon Transformation
Likes: Cooking, Practicing Alchemy, Gunnar
Dislikes: Melding, Priel's teasing, Laziness, Her parents for basically getting rid of them by sending them to Valdis Academy, Being flatter than an ironing board(Don't bring it up with her!)
Weapon: Ether Device(Drill Knuckle with gun technology integrated)

Patchoulli, or Patch as some people like to call her is the youngest daughter of Cyllya, a woman who is rumored to be a powerful dragon. She and her sister Priel live not too far away from Veili and Gunnar, so they're friends. Her parents want her sister and her to have a greater education, so they plan to send the both of them halfway across the world to Valdis Academy for Achemy and Melding. Faaar away from home, poor Patch.

Patchoulli is a rather sensitive individual, who freaks out at the smallest things, nothing like her sister. She's good friends with Veili and Gunnar, but relates to Gunnar a bit more. So much that Priel teases her about having a crush on him. There are also times Patchoulli can act out of line and do impulsive things if something is really important to her. She's been hanging out with Veili too much, says Priel.

Patchoulli's weapon, the Ether Device was once a Drill Knuckle forged by Veili and Gunnar's dad. Priel and Patchoulli then took it along with an Albion Issue Firearm and intergrated the technology inside the drill through alchemy and melding, resulting in the weapon Patchoulli now has. It's a perfect weapon for fighting up close or attacking from afar.

Name: Maron
Race: Wind Wolf Beast
Age: 14
Gender: "What's a gender? Is it something to eat?"
Weapon: Claws
Abilities: Wind Manipulation, Beast Strength, Anything else is unknown
Likes: Selling things, finding treasures, being around friends
Dislikes: Being hurt, mean people.
Personality: Maron's an innocent kid pure and simple. Veili and Gunnar come upon Maron in the tower early on and they get off to a pretty bad start. Maron's a mystery who apparently has no family and doesn't even know how to do simple things.

Maron also sells things to passing travellers as a hobby, even though s/he/it doesn't need or know how to use money for him/her/itself. Maron is constantly asking questions, so those without much patience may end up not liking Maron much.

Name: Flann Flaria
Race: Fire Dragon
Age: 12(297)
Gender: Female
Abilities: Extreme manipulation of Flames, Flame Weapon Synchronization, Dragon Transformation, Can use her weapon to stare into the souls of others.
Weapon: Eye of Truth, a disturbingly deformed sword that can be called at will.
Likes: Reading, Writing books, Peace and quiet
Dislikes: Noisy people, Thieves, Rudeness
Backstory: Flann is a young looking girl that literally lives in the Valesta Library on the 6th floor of the tower. She takes it upon herself to protect the rare and valuable material that can be found in her library.

Flann is an introvert who spends far too much time reading and writing and not enough of anything else. Sleeping maybe once a month if she's tired enough. She has a mild demeanor and if you don't try to steal her books or disrespect her to any great length, she'll ignore you like you aren't even there. Flann can get away with this lifestyle simply because she is a dragon. Dragons have incredible physiques and stamina, in fact, she can do this and still kick the asses of thieves.

Considering her rather vast knowledge and her incredible laziness, one has to wonder how often she steps outside the tower, or even her library. Flann is also acquainted with Maron and Maron is the only person Flann will actually stop reading to acknowledge. It's probably best to stay away from this oddball.

Name: Alzilory Silvern
Race: Human
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Weapon: None, he uses pure ether blasts unarmed
Abilities: Extreme manipulation of multiple elements
Likes: EtherTech Research, Traveling, Practicing Ether Arts
Dislikes: When Melodia, Zuleika, and Talin get out of hand, The Gods and their religions. The corrupt kingdoms and their political struggles.
Personality: Alzilory has a rather pessimistic outlook on most things and tends to get a bit depressing when he goes on about this 'mission' of his.

Many who meet him tend to write him off as evil and suspicious at first glance, and with his demeanor, one would be hard pressed to disagree, but maybe they're judging him a bit too early. He has a dark sense of humor as well, which tends to get mixed reactions from people.

Alzilory is rather proficient in the field of EtherTech research and application. Given the right materials he can build anything ranging from boosted weapons running on Ether Energy to Mechanized Sentries with limited intelligence.

Name: Luxuria Albion
Race: Human
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Abilities: Manipulation of Water, Knowledge of human weak points
Weapon: Dawn & Dusk(Dual Ether Guns)
Likes: Taking care of the group, developing new technology, mothering Melodia(much to her annoyance)
Dislikes: Nothing in particular~
Personality: Luxuria is a young woman traveling with Alzilory for reasons unknown. She's very knowledgeable about the human body, Human or Humanoid, and knows how to exploit the natural weaknesses in them.

She has a charming demeanor and no one that knows her can really stay angry at her for long. She uses two Ether guns in battle along with Water Ether arts. Using water to distract or heal and her guns to exploit weaknesses from afar. Luxuria has an older brother by the name of Eldis Ablion, and a younger sister by the name of Rhia Albion. Strangely enough, they're all separated and off on their own paths, never really meeting one another.

It's also worth noting that Luxuria's family invented guns and then went on to invent ether guns. Which would explain her skill with them. Guns as weapons are still relatively new to the world and haven't caught on yet though. The Albion family is also the group that's leading the technological revolution of the new world. The family and their business are constantly researching new technology and practical uses for them in their attempt to bring about their vision of "The New Age" for mankind.

Name: Zuleika Miria
Race: White Wolf Beast
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Abilities: Heightened senses, Ridiculous strength
Weapon: Flashing Wind(Nodachi, an asian type sword with a very long blade)
Likes: Messing with Melodia, Things that don't require too much effort, Cooking
Dislikes: Bothersome people and things, Getting wet, Seafood
Personality: Zuleika is a rather mild individual, she's not crazy like Melodia and isn't quiet like Talin. She prefers to stand back and observe the situation before striking. She was raised in an Eltian village and trained by a woman named Naru Suzuharu in the way of Eltian swordplay, so she is a bit of an oddity among the Beasts due to her Eltian upbringing. With her monsterous strength and heightened senses, she can sense when an opponent is coming and can strike back with more than twice the force. Truly a force to be reckoned with.

Zuleika is a terrible, terrible cook. She's capable of making things like rice and basic curry, maybe even doing it well, but anything beyond that will somehow be turned into a mutated toxic mess capable of killing thousands with a single taste, so says Melodia and Talin...and Alzilory.

Zuleika also has a younger sister by the name of Kell Miria. She's the reason Zuleika travels around working in a mercenary-like fashion. To make enough money to send her sister to school. She did manage to make enough already though, so it's a mystery why she still hangs out with the group.

Name: 'Balcruade'
Race: Angel
Age: 22 (138)
Gender: Male
Abilities: Extreme Manipulation of Earth, Advanced Fencing Abilities, Power of Flight
Weapon: Righteous Soul(Rapier)
Likes: Seeing others happy, Forging weapons and armor, Traveling the three worlds
Dislikes: Lies, Deceit and trickery, weak hearted people who give up too easily
Personality: Balcruade is an honorable man. He is kind and loyal, almost to a fault. He possesses some outstanding abilities and believes in fair fighting. Never striking when an opponent is down.

He's also way older than he appears to be as can be evidenced by his way of speaking and apparent wisdom. He has a habit of treating Melodia like a little sister and it annoys her to no end. Perhaps he has siblings somewhere.

Balcruade is also a retired Melder, or so he says. If the group is ever in need of money, then Balcruade can always forge some weapons and armor to peddle in towns.

Balcruade travels the three worlds with no real destination in mind. When asked, he just says that "I am merely trying to see everything the three worlds have to offer before going back...". Where 'back' is, no one knows

Name: Melodia Akakkios
Race: Demon
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Abilities: Extreme manipulation of Shadow, power to control soundwaves, Limited flight
Weapon: Claws/Fists/Feet
Likes: Fighting, Annoying the rest of the group
Dislikes: Losing a fight, Those who think they're better than her, Zuleika's cooking, Weaklings, Not getting what she wants, etc, etc, etc *shot*
Personality: Melodia is a pretty much a huge bitch. She looks down on pretty much anything and thinks of herself as the strongest and most valuable person around. She's playful and a bit sadistic and enjoys fighting just for the sake of fighting.

She can emit sound waves to create noise so loud that the victims are forced to stop attacking and cover their ears. She's also a big whiner and always makes a scene when she doesn't get what she wants. Truly an annoyance.

One would wonder how Alzilory and the rest of the group put up with it. Zuleika, and Talin to a lesser degree, always poke fun at Melodia at times. Usually when it involves her wanting to fight someone. The group actually places bets on who would win. And they always bet against her.

Name: Talin Ryouta
Race: Human
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Abilities: Blinding speed, Manipulation of Light
Weapon: Zantetsu(Assassin's Blade)
Likes: Peace and quiet, games of chance, messing with Melodia
Dislikes: Actually having to fight without having controlled the situation, Losing at games of chance, Zuleika's cooking
Personality: Not much is known about Talin. He is almost always in the shadows surveying the landscape. In the odd case that someone ever does see him, he moves so fast that the witness would have to think twice about somone really being there at all.

Talin's quiet on the outside, but on the inside. He's actually pretty humorous and amusing. If people knew his inner self, they'd probably drop from shock.

Talin also has a secret obsession with gambling, whenever the group is staying at a town somewhere he just has to go off and try his luck at anything ranging from card games to whatever else. He's got a surprisingly good record though. Not too many losses and plenty of wins.

---------- Features ----------
* 1. Character Art by the extremely talented Remocholy and Ynlraey
* 2. An engaging and strategic battle system.
* 3. An encounter gauge that fills up gradually. No more pesky random battles. The gauge can also be changed from slow and fast increase modes.
* 4. A growth system that allows for full customization of characters in terms of stats, accessories, and equipment effectiveness
* 5. Four field tools to help you solve puzzles littered throughout the tower.
* 6. Voice Acting for Battle and some scenes. For better or for worse, it's there.
* 7. Partly custom soundtrack. I've given up on getting a fully custom soundtrack. Too much of a damn headache.

---------- Screenshots ----------

---------- Videos ----------
Crappy Trailer:
Voiced Scene Demo:

---------- Downloads ----------

Normal Mode:


-Databases to change difficulty-

-Main Menu fix-

--------- General Notes ----------
Voice Acting is incomplete actually. I figure I can save that for later and allow people to actually play the game, which matters the most. I'll rerelase once I get that done, but what you see here is the full game from start to finish.

READ THE TUTORIALS. You have two chances to do so in-game.

Easy Mode's enemies have pathetic stats and your SP gain is doubled, allowing you to grow your characters faster and breeze by enemies with little effort.

Normal Mode's enemies have the standard settings that I started with, SP gain is also normal. Nothing special about it. Some may find it a little hard though.

Unknown Mode's enemies have a large boost to all stats, but LF. SP gain is the same as normal mode, but to make up for it, the player starts out with more items and SP.
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