I am Arianna Crystal Ritter.
Am a part-time Rpg maker and Zelda game developer both. I have also made 3 video game rom hacks of Blaster Master for the Nes, one named Blaster Master (Wastelands) with two other BM sequels after that.
As for all my projects, these are going to be a high-end quality projects and represent most my time and efforts in the past posting about them here.
I wish to leave behind one heck of a legacy for all future game maker developers to look back upon following the mysterious methods of game-making.

Also about me:
I love pet birds, they are so cutes.*
I also share a love for futuristic Lego Mech toys and models.
Including robots from anime made out of legos also, I build alot of crazy things
with those toys.

'To look at all the world's problems within the blink of an eye' 'and to speak the solutions into existence' 'to craft the blueprints' 'To create the answer'
is the true forbidden Golden power of the gods, those who have been seeking for all eternity.
Unlimited-Creation/ Rebirth-Reincarnation/ Ascending-Knowing. That's how i see things, that's how everything has been from the beginning.
My youtube

My other name which I go by:
I am SkyLizardGirl -
(Skylizard: is a term that represents A Flying Dragon.)
The Legend Of Zelda (Mys...
Enter a mysterious Ocean Tower to discover massive-lands filled with Overworlds & Dungeons. Find Mermaids Scale & Collect Golden Harps in order to save inhabits within the lands.



The Legend Of Zelda (100 Years Later)

I have no clue how to start your game with the Zelda Classic...
Perhaps you can tell?

1. Download Alpha Zelda Classic -

2. Make sure the .qst file is placed inside your C disc at least, before you start it up.

3. Create your player name, then after you do, 'click - Browse' to find the .qst file in your C disc.
(Notice: Refresh the C disc by clicking on another drive and back to it, if nothing is showing in the C disc drive.)

Once you tap Browse: 'highlight' on the .qst with your PC mouse, then press Ok and then press start to load a quest.

(Lastly, make sure the .OGG is always with the .qst file in the same exact location as it read this music file as it plays.)

The Legend Of Zelda (Mystical Harps) DEMO

Three games kinda inspired this new system: Duck-tales, SML-3 Wario Land, and The Great Cave Offensive- from Kirby Super Star Ultra.*

Every time the entire counter is maxed, a number appears on the right of the menu where the 0 is, it will change from 1 to 9 and so on when you first max the counter, and changes again if maxed again.


World Map of - Ocean Tower (Atlantis)

(-Lastly a Fusing Cooking and Potion Mixing Menu.)

^Was kinda BOTWild inspired but, greatly downsized for s simple system for this game.'


The Legend of Gaymak: Queer Awakening

This is quite interesting, but i am already booked up still working on a current game Zelda project already.

*Good luck to you all though.* <3

The Legend Of Zelda (Mystical Harps) DEMO

Mystical Harps is back into Development.*

Some new features have been added, including a New Cooking Menu and Treasure Collecting and Wealth Money System$.

You can now collect wealth slowly from coins and rupee you pick up, including the new rare treasures system implemented into the first 5 dungeons.

5 Dungeons are fully playable the rest and undergoing development currently.*

Use the Easy controller system setup to check out the new features in Zelda Classic.
(You must Use the latest Zelda Classic Alpha 2.55 to play this quest Demo.)

Legend of Zelda: Lost Isle

This is absolutely the greatest Zelda Classic Quest ever created.*

No other ZC Games will ever compare to this games success.
Even though their community keeps trying, it just never tops the serious and stunning nature of this quest.

This game is Truly a masterpiece.

[RM2K3] Rpg Maker Maniacs Patch (for official version)

Where is the current download to this Maniacs patch??

Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages

Where is the Download to this game? I Cannot find it.
I went to their website and its no longer there.

Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors

Yeah, I'll fix that in the download, unless you want to re-upload as a secondary version link. I'm still currently playing this new version also, the Marsh, the Volcano, the Titan Cave and the Sky Tower all have extra dungeon maps with Locked element tiles blocking them with bosses at the end.

The 4 new Bosses might need to be redrawn/Re-balanced, if they are impossible a bit, but they are there for battle intensity.

The normal bosses have the same exact original stats, only difference is some their HP's are raised a lot more.

As for the 4 caves on the Overworld, you will get seed items and 1 unique new weapon in each cave.

There are items added such as Life, Ether, Rope, and Mega-Ether or Elixar.
These are to help aid players in increased Boss difficulty.

All in all, think of this as generated bonus content to your game, kinda like with the GBA Final Fantasy Origins remake in FF1.


Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors

I just added 4 secret new dungeons and Overworld locked caves to this game and a new village Gaia mentioned in the game story-line but never built, it has now been built, but is under construction in the story. I did this because i liked this game so much.*

4 new powerful bosses and difficulty raised plus some seed items.

I have not fully played the game but I need others to test out this latest version.

Some of the areas were expanded such as the Pirate hideout cave and other things, there are even new items to help out the player with greatly increased difficulty.

Original Nes maps were pretty much not touched except for the new maps only.

And the 'boss defeated' action is expanded upon to act a lot more dramatic like later FF games.

Try it out, tell me what you think of this new version.

Basuphana-2 (The Land Of Zaiden) DEMO

Thank you, I just started up working on this again recently this week.'
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