Hi, my name is Jano Visser, I am 16 years old and I live in The Netherlands,

I play guitar and videogames, and I spend most of my time making music or working on maps, might make a game in the future. Who knows.
(How much I love writers block)



[Paid] Musician and Mapper for hire.

Hi, my name is Sky and I've been working with RPG Maker for 7 years now.
I like to make music and maps and that's where I'm currently focusing on. (Although I just started out with producing music, although I have been making acoustic music for 5 years now.)

Mapping and Parallax Mapping;

Mapping is a hobby of mine, which I've been trying to perfect for 5 years now, although I currently specialize in MV. (Although I'm a good XP mapper and a decent VX/VXAce mapper as well.)

I have some knowledge of parallax mapping but I'd like to specialize on indoors parallax mapping, seeing as outdoor parallax mapping takes a whole lot of time and effort, perhaps a bit too much for my own personal taste.

Prices of mapping may vary between map sizes, because it takes a whole less time for me to make a small map rather than a huge map. So with bigger maps, comes bigger prices.

Small Maps (25 x 25 and below): €5,- / $5,- per map.
Medium Maps (26 x 26 to 60 x 60): €10,- / $10,- per map.
Large Maps (60 x 60 to 100 x 100): €17,50 / $17,50 per map.

Indoor parallax mapping will be €7,- / $7,- per map, simply because parallax mapping takes way more time than normal mapping.

I can add overlay pictures to the maps for extra atmosphere, no charges will be made for this. (In other words, if I add an overlay picture over one of my maps for your commercial use, I shall not ask any money for adding the picture. Who doesn't love a good atmosphere on a map?)

Any tilesets that I use have to be credited to their original owners. We may or may not discuss whether to use any special (or extra) tilesets or not.


Pretty self explanatory. I like to make music, specifically game soundtracks. This can range from battle themes (my favorite) to main themes (this means variation in songs with still a familiar theme in between, kind of like a red wiring).

Music is €7,50 / $7,50 per minute of composed music.
How expensive this might sound, the time of the music is up for you to decide.
(Every song I make ends up as a loop so that it fits into RPG Maker and the game itself, without any weird cuts in it.)

Link to my Soundcloud; see for yourself.

If you're interested, feel free to shoot me a private message, or send me an e-mail on and we shall make an arrangement.

PS. You can be specific as you want with soundtracks or maps as long as it doesn't become too crazy or impossible to do. (As an example, a cave map or multiple cave maps connecting with each other is a certain possibility which I am willing to do.)


I am dead from the inside.

I mean, congratulations to the winners!

Save me from the nothing I've become.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Karins, I really like it, although I do feel as if the bits of desert feel way too bland for my personal taste, so that might be a part of focus, I suppose.

Also, still trying to figure out how to parallax map, although I think that I'm headed into the right direction;

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I agree with Ratty on this one, you might want to change the windowskin a tiny bit.

@ESBY, that looks really nice and cutesy. I like it :)

Speaking of which, I tried out Parallax Mapping for the first time, mostly to get some lightning effects to my maps and everything.
This is all experimenting.

I still feel as if it looks pretty horrible, but on the other hand, I think it looks pretty decent for a first try.

I'm going to have to cancel my game when I'm actually becoming decent with parallax mapping.

Written in Shadows

This looks really cool! May I ask why it got cancelled?

Lost the data of everything I had regarding this game.

That and also poor planning from my part, including bad ideas and not being able to make any progress, both story-wise as developing-wise.

(I also may have lost the story in the process of about a year and a half.)

I may plan on continuing this game ever again, or at least start over with some better planning. But at this moment, I can't help but to put it on either cancelled, or perhaps a long, long hiatus.

We'll see I suppose.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@BizarreMonkey, all of that sounds pretty cool. I'm pretty excited to see the results.

Not really fond of the building, as I'm feeling that it is still a bit too square-y, same goes for the graveyard. It looks a bit too square for me.
But besides all of that, atmosphere looks pretty good and the rest of the map looks nice. Like I said, I'm excited to see the results.

Also, been trying to find some decent motivation to make progress on my current project and decided to start working on the town the game will take place in.
(This is only a small segment of the town, so ye lol)

NPC's and atmosphere may be added later.

Tristian: Lady of the Lion

Updated the Target Completion Date. I highly doubt I'll finish LoTL within the course of 2016 ( custom sprite work takes a long time, and I'm taking my time over the dungeon design as well ), so I've moved it to early 2017. I will be releasing another demo, some time next year, only this time it takes place at the game's mid-point, where the player has access to most of the game's systems and characters. Also, the plot tends to thicken too.

I already have someone on board who is willing to look over the game's script ( maybe I can twist his arm regarding other stuff too XD ) but I am looking for at least four good testers with experience in most fields of RM ( writing, gameplay, general design etc ). That is, if people aren't too busy messing around with MV... ;_;

I am really sorry about the game being pushed back. ><

*Sees new post*
*Sees the need for beta testers*
*One of the most hyped games atm*
*gets excited*

Boy am I bad at this,

I guess I have some good experience with RM, perhaps less experience when it comes to scripts but I like myself a good story.
And I'm good at giving criticism I guess.
(Told you I'm bad at this)

Idk, if you need another good tester, I'd me more than willing to help you out, despite being (somewhat community-wise) new to the community.
I could probably make some room for testing besides my MV project, so yeah.

If you need anythin', I'm here.

*goes back to awkward angsty corner*

Finally made an account

Welcome to RMN!

I'm excited to see what you'll bring to the table :)


character: well what's inside the barrel?
bandit: 250g coarse'

Could be 250g, could be butterscotch pie.
Who'll know?

(Sorry, I had to after looking at your pic.

I'll go back to my cave full of feels after finishing Undertale)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Why do you have trees growing out of concrete?

I think that this says enough.

I like the structures of the buildings, it looks simple and good. But what disappoints me is the lack of ''green'' or so to say. Yes, there are a few trees but like Corfaisus said, it's coming out of the concrete and the town center, or so to speak is concrete and concrete only. Try to add small patches of grass to make it look more alive.

(Also, if the pool of water is going to be used for ice skating, I recommend making it a tiny bit larger, seeing as something like that would be a bit crowded to skate on.)
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