Hi, my name is Jano Visser, I am 16 years old and I live in The Netherlands,

I play guitar and videogames, and I spend most of my time making music or working on maps, might make a game in the future. Who knows.
(How much I love writers block)


[Paid] Musician and Mapper for hire.

Hi, my name is Sky and I've been working with RPG Maker for 7 years now.
I like to make music and maps and that's where I'm currently focusing on. (Although I just started out with producing music, although I have been making acoustic music for 5 years now.)

Mapping and Parallax Mapping;

Mapping is a hobby of mine, which I've been trying to perfect for 5 years now, although I currently specialize in MV. (Although I'm a good XP mapper and a decent VX/VXAce mapper as well.)

I have some knowledge of parallax mapping but I'd like to specialize on indoors parallax mapping, seeing as outdoor parallax mapping takes a whole lot of time and effort, perhaps a bit too much for my own personal taste.

Prices of mapping may vary between map sizes, because it takes a whole less time for me to make a small map rather than a huge map. So with bigger maps, comes bigger prices.

Small Maps (25 x 25 and below): €5,- / $5,- per map.
Medium Maps (26 x 26 to 60 x 60): €10,- / $10,- per map.
Large Maps (60 x 60 to 100 x 100): €17,50 / $17,50 per map.

Indoor parallax mapping will be €7,- / $7,- per map, simply because parallax mapping takes way more time than normal mapping.

I can add overlay pictures to the maps for extra atmosphere, no charges will be made for this. (In other words, if I add an overlay picture over one of my maps for your commercial use, I shall not ask any money for adding the picture. Who doesn't love a good atmosphere on a map?)

Any tilesets that I use have to be credited to their original owners. We may or may not discuss whether to use any special (or extra) tilesets or not.


Pretty self explanatory. I like to make music, specifically game soundtracks. This can range from battle themes (my favorite) to main themes (this means variation in songs with still a familiar theme in between, kind of like a red wiring).

Music is €7,50 / $7,50 per minute of composed music.
How expensive this might sound, the time of the music is up for you to decide.
(Every song I make ends up as a loop so that it fits into RPG Maker and the game itself, without any weird cuts in it.)

Link to my Soundcloud; see for yourself.

If you're interested, feel free to shoot me a private message, or send me an e-mail on and we shall make an arrangement.

PS. You can be specific as you want with soundtracks or maps as long as it doesn't become too crazy or impossible to do. (As an example, a cave map or multiple cave maps connecting with each other is a certain possibility which I am willing to do.)

Thoughts on RPG Maker MV?

So RPG Maker MV has been out for almost a week now, a lot of people have been hyped about it and I also see a lot of people checking out this new hype regarding the engine, and I also see a lot of disappointment and discussion on some threads (''RPG Maker MV is a huge step backwards'').

With all the hype, there will be questions, disappointment and also people being, really, really happy about some things.

So here is my question for everyone showing a bit of interest in the new engine; What are your thoughts on the new RPG Maker?

As someone coming from RPG Maker XP, I enjoy the new overlapping feature while mapping (some of you may have seen me post some forest-y stuff in the Screenshot Survival), but I'm also slightly disappointed that the RMN tilesets are still the same as RPG Maker VX and VX Ace.

So those are my thoughts and opinions about MV, what about yours?

A Proper Introduction

Alright, so some people may have spotted me snooping around and posting small screenshots of projects I'm working on (or abandoned), and I feel as if now is the right time to properly introduce myself.
(I've introduced myself before, about 4 years ago. Seeing as I haven't really done anything interesting in the past 4 years, I'm here to actually speak my thoughts.)

My name is Jano (you can call me Sky), I am currently Dutch and 16 years old with 6 years of experience in map making (or 2/3 years experience, due to huge inactivity on RPGmaker) and RPGmaker in general.
With the new RPG maker MV around, I felt as if it was the right time to stop lazying around and do stuff. Whether I'll be active or not, I do not know.

I do know that I look forward to posting my interests and that sort of stuff around the forums.
(And shamelessly boost my projects and map making ego in the screenshot thread)

(Give me a few weeks time and I won't be much proper anymore. Just a quick heads up)
*flies away*

Hello :3

Okay so I've been on RMN for a while so I decided to FINALLY create a account, so yea. here I am,

Who Am I:My Name is Jano, but please. Call me Sky :3
Your age:I am a very young person (12 to be exactly), but I am a good RMXP mapper and eventer, next to that I am also a Serious person,
Where do I live:I live in the Netherlands,
Do you have any experience with RPG maker or any other game engines? :I've been using RMXP for 2 years now, so i do know how to create some nice maps, I've also been creating a game on the Dutch ''RPGflag'', but the game never got finished.

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