So anyway...

Excellent so far, but you should insert a save point right before the boss fight with Malevolent but after the cutscene that precedes it.

Concept Art: Verdue

Wtf, did you DRAW that?!?!

Whats the worst thing you ever saw in high school?

Kid bringing a dead fox into school and hitting girls in class with it..

I've got a question for everyone...

Sounds like a fun idea to me.

Ascendence Review

Regarding the attack types, would it be possible to alter the sprites of the enemies so the player is able to discern what attack they should use? Perhaps by adding different weapons or shields and such?

And at it again.

Keep at it, you're doing great!

In Ruins Found

I played this and found it to be a very entertaining, and I hope you will continue to add to its charm.

Idunn Ymiraldor

How's this coming along?
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