What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Indeed very fun to fight,I like how
during the first 2 parts of the battle you can hide behind the graves to avoid his gun or get a breather, but after he transforms, he just charges through them like butter. Took me by surprise

As far as parrying goes, I had to look online on how to do it. I knew you had to stun the enemy with your gun (this part I could do, getting the typical Souls "parry sound"), but the actual attack after that I managed to do only once, on the second boss :D Apart from this, I have a strict no-guide policy. I kinda ruined Demon’s Souls for myself by looking at online guides for every area/item/boss, which kinda defeats the feeling of exploration, wonder and achievement, after you figure out a tough boss or find a hidden NPC, item, etc.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Monster Hunter 4 takes a big chunk of my gaming time (village High Rank currently). The rest was FF X HD (never played it before, awesome, awesome RPG, though I am stuck on a boss fight), but Bloodborne was released, so FF X has to wait till I finish that.
I thought I would burn out, since both MH and Bloodborne take a more methodical aproach to combat and are somewhat similar, but I am having a blast playing both, switching back and forth.

Oh, and Bloodborne is fucking great. Fought 2 bosses so far, first one took 2 tries, but the second one.... so strong, unrelenting and agile. Decent amount of HP to boot. Took at least 6 tries to take him down.
So similar to Dark Souls, yet quite a bit different. The setting and atmosphere are great, the only gripe so far are the slightly longer loading times, which add up when you die a lot (2nd boss, I am looking at YOU). Also the camera can be a bit wonky, but nothing that really bothered me that much.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Been playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate since it was released on Friday (who said Friday 13th was an unlucky day?). Loving it so much so far. All I wanted from 4U compared to 3U was just more/bigger/better MH, and that is exactly what I got, plus more. New weapons, new monsters, returning old monsters (fighting a Yian Kut-ku after so long put a smile of my face, and I hear Khezu is back too, that fat bastard), NO UNDERWATER COMBAT (praise the looooord)- instead we get the new "vertical" combat mechanics, which so far have been lots of fun. The animations are a lot better too! All in all, a MH game definitely worth getting.

Also a bit of Diablo 3 on the PS4, the game is very different from what it was back at release. Fun, relaxing demon-slaying/loot-finding. Currently playing my lvl 70 Disintegrate/Arcane Wizard, only on Torment 1 so far, need to improve my damage. Adventure mode + Rifts/Greater Rifts provide quite a bit of fun :)

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I have finally finished Pokemon X. Never really been a fan of pokemon, only finished the original GB Red version before. Great game with lots of charm, the 3D battles look really great, and the story ending actually got me a little teary-eyed. Game is a bit on the easy side though, beating 3 of the Elite Four with just one pokemon each felt.... weird. I actually lost a battle only once in the whole game, very early with some random trainer. Nevertheless, awesome game, now I want to get OR/AS.

Aside from that, I am currently playing DA: Inquisition (the biggest surprise in recent years). I bought it expecting nothing, but it is shaping out to be one of the best RPGs I played. 33 hours in, no end in sight. Still so much stuff to do. And most of it is FUN. Great party-members, I really wish the party could be bigger, I can never decide who to take with me, because of COURSE I wanna take Sera with me, and Iron Bull, and Cassandra, and Solas, and Dorian, and Cole, and Varric, and.... all of them have their awesome little (or big) quirks and personalities.

Also finally playing Persona 3 Portable again, this time determined to get to the end. There is something incredibly appealing about living a normal school life during the day, studying/making friends/attending school, and fighting monsters crawling through a dungeon at night. Game has some seriously great writing, story, and enjoyable combat to boot. Very japanese, which is perfect for someone like me :)

AND I have also been trying out Don’t Starve and failing at... not starving. And when I am not starving (rare), the game throws some other "fun" stuff at me, like standing near water and getting attacked by a herd of seals, or burning so many trees for light during night that one of those trees decided to kick my butt, fire didn’t seem to bother it at all. Very unique game, and can get a bit creepy when it is night, your sanity meter is dangerously low and the game throws a lot of strange noices and haunting music at you. PLAY IT!

PS: Also bought FF 9 to play it on my PS3, and the game feels soooo right. These old JRPGs have a strange charm to them that not many modern games seem to "get". Though it has some issues typical for some of those old RPGs, like going waaaaay too long without save-points (I once went around 40 minutes, 2 boss battles and a bunch of lengthy unskippable cutscenes without a chance to save in between, holy shit I would have been pissed if I lost the last battle). Game seems a bit on the hard side, got annihilated in a random encounter in a dungeon in which I was doing well so far. Also the loading times to enter battles take a bit too long, which really makes the game slow-paced, and it requires some time commitment (partially also due to the save-points and long story sequences). I was enjoying it a lot anyways, but I have to put it on hold, at least untill I finish DA:I. Juggling too many big games O.o

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Shadow of Mordor finished in 20 hours, with most of the content done (apart from some outcast missions). Loved every moment of it. Mostly the orc beheading. And stabbing. And headshotting with arrows. And setting on fire, turning them against each other, brutally murdering them in front of their comrades.... You get the point :D

Now playing DA:Inquisition, and I gotta say... what a surprise this game is turning out to be. After over 5 hours, I feel like I just got started, only explored a bit of the Hinterlands, but so much has happened already. Explored a few dungeons, saw some breath-taking locations, got my head around my inquisition base, even met a dragon after exploring a bit. It was awesome, even though it ended with a devastating fireball in my face. Ouch.

Looks like I will be playing this for a while.

I never was a big "graphics whore", and I can enjoy many games of old (from Icewind Dale to Master of Magic), but I gotta say: THEM GRAPHICS. HHHHNNNG...
And I thought Shadow of Mordor had great graphics. It might not look like anything revolutionary from screenshots, but when it all moves, awesome music in the backgroud... it feels sooo good! Loving the next-gen experience so far.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Playing Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I finally gave in and bought a PS4. Had to buy a new monitor, because my old one didn’t even have an hdmi port, and I wanted to take full advantage of the 1080p resolution... And boy was it worth all the money, them next-gen graphics. Soooo gooood. And the game is lots of fun so far (I love LotR).
Besides, I can’t say no to games like Disgaea 5, DA: Inquisition (which seems to be leaps and bounds better than DA2 or perhaps even DA:O, judging from early "reviews"), Bloodborne, Witcher 3, Arkham Knight....

It was hella expensive, but I knew I would have to buy it sooner or later, so sooner it is. Although now my PS3 backlog is probably never gonna get sorted :P

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Titan Quest is my N.2 most favourite action/loot RPG, just behind Diablo 2 LOD, such a great game. Waiting to see how Grim Dawn turns out.

Anyways, been playing quite a few games, apart from Hearthstone and Pokemon X, I gave Infinite Undiscovery a second chance, and I am enjoying it quite a lot.

Also reinstalled GW2 after a long time.... part of me wants to keep playing it, but part of me doesn’t want to spend so much time playing a single MMO game that I don’t like nearly half as much as GW1 (spend just a bit over 1000 hours on that game, the memories...).
The PvE is alright solo, but boss battles/events are just massive zerg-fests with no strategy involved, and getting rid of the holy trinity didn’t work out that well IMHO. The game is fun, and has some nice ideas (mainly how everyone just naturally works together, no mob-stealing etc...), but I guess I will spend my gaming time trying to get through some of my backlog games instead. Cause there are quite a few, and being mostly RPGs, they take time :)

EDIT: To the discussion above, yes, games nowadays seem a bit on the easy side. I remember playing Contra on the NES as a kid, playing and playing and playing, running out of lives in the early levels, making little progress, but slowly mastering the game. When I finally beat the game for the first time it was sooooo satisfying. And then I kept playing, and got better, to the point where I was able to run through the whole game without losing a single life (the spread weapon is so OP compared to others). I tried playing it again recently, and I barely made it to the 5th level before getting Game Over, far cry from running through the whole game on one life. I got rusty, and I have no idea how I was able to consistently get through the "lasers everywhere" level without dying.

Anyways, part of the reason why older games were harder could be: no internet. I for example never knew a thing such as Konami code existed when I was a kid. You had to figure out how to beat games yourself, or be lucky and have a few gaming friends who could offer advice, or get some info from a gaming magazine. Nowadays, you can just google "how to beat game X, boss Y, get item Z", there are walkthroughs and youtube videos for almost ANYTHING, and the temptation is sometimes hard to resist, when you’re stuck on some puzzle/boss that you just can’t figure out how to solve/beat (Dark Souls’ Ornstein and Smough anyone?). Your solutions are just one click away. But I’m just kinda rambling here, not complaining about modern gaming or anything, there are plenty challenging/deep games to be found.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

A bit of Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition on my PS3, a bit of FFTA2 on my 3DS, and WAAAAAAAYYYY too much Hearthstone. Sooo addicting, even though I lose so much. For a F2P game that really can be played without spending any money, it is great, and the classes are varied, not to mention all the types of decks you can build. Feels good when you put a deck together and then roflstomp someone with it. And then someone totally outplays you, so you go back and rethink/optimalize the deck, and do it again, and again..... and again....

...I might be addicted.

EDIT: I finally tried out KSP. Oh my god, that feel when you get your first rocket into orbit (and have no fuel to get the poor kerbal back home)

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I just finished Tales of Graces F and the after-story minutes ago, and I gotta say, I loved the game, both story and gameplay.
Xillia was incredible fun too, but I am still unsure if I am going to get Xillia 2, all the recycled content and "loan" roadblocks... Ah heck, who am I kidding, I will get it in the end, maybe after the price drops a bit.

Currently playing Agarest Generations of War, the PC port, and compared to the PS3 version, it is much more playable and smooth. The framerate is just sooo slow on the PS3 compared to the fast animations and load/save times on the PC. And the keyboard/mouse controls are actually decent.

It is a very niche title for sure, and the game got pretty average/bad review scores. The battles can get a little repetitive (and the game throws a LOT of battles at you, and they can take some time), but the gameplay mechanics are pretty solid and fun, especially the comboing system. It is actually very similar to Cross Edge, in which I loved the gameplay, but hated the forced party-member battles that totally messed up my tactics and required tons of grinding to get through. So far there was just one forced member battle early in the game, but nothing after that. And leveling up other characters doesn’t take that long.

Actually looking forward to the Record of Agarest War 2 port to PC, if it fixes the horrible framerate issues the game had on the PS3, I will definitely play it.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Didn’t play Rorona, but Escha & Logy were a blast to play from start to finish. Surprisingly satisfying combat, brilliant soundtrack (I started whistling along to the atelier music before long, and some of the boss themes... holy shit), and a story that (mostly) makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Really worth the money imho. The only gripe I had with the game was the terrible localization. It was jarring at times during dialogue, and confusing, when the same thing/term has multiple names, or when a quest asks for an item by the wrong name. I am thinking about getting Atelier Ayesha, but the lack of japanese voices is putting me off, mainly because part of the reason I really liked Escha & Logy is because it feels like playing an anime.

Started playing Tales of Graces F again, since I never finished the game. And I can’t understand why, because the game is great and I am having a BLAST. Symphonia Chronicles was great too, and I plan to play and finish that one next, but I really wish there was an option to skip cutscenes that you’ve already seen, especially before hard boss battles. Having to rewatch them every time just to fail again is getting annoying, not to mention having to get to the boss battle, since the save points are not always placed conveniently like in the later games. But that is a minor gripe.