Diablo 3 Release date announced

I am in no way butthurt about not being able to pirate the game, I loved D2 for years, and actually gave blizzard twice the money for D3, just to show support (and pay off some debts to them from the past).

The problem is, while playing in the morning (EU), I get around 100-180ms, which is somewhat fine, and doesn't hurt the gameplay a lot. But in the evening, it can go anywhere from 200 to 400ms lags, and it shows. Spell animations are delayed (wizard raises his hands, only for Electrocute to pop off half a second later than it normally does), monster and player positioning gets messed up. (fighting a Waller monster pack, or even the Act 2 Boss, during those lags.... not funny at all)

In a game that relies so heavily on player positioning and quick reactions, this is unacceptable. In any other game (LoL, Modern Warfare 2, Guild Wars, even WoW) I can get around 25-95ms, stable and smooth, almost all the time, so it is not a problem on my side.

If they can't give us smooth online experience, then hell, I WILL whine about not having offline singleplayer in such a fast paced game.

Thread on the EU forums:

Diablo 3 Release date announced

The game is incredibly satisfying to play. Combat is fun, the visuals are great, the physics really add to the enjoyment, and the story/cinematics... awesome.

There is one issue though, the online-only. There is the occassional lag, and it hurts the game A LOT when it happens, because it's so fast-paced and oriented on good positioning/reactions to monster abilities.

Getting swamped by a bunch of Wallers, while rubber-banding across the screen trying to run away/fire off spells messes up the otherwise perfect fun.

Luckily it doesn't happen often, but I still wish I could just play offline SP all day long without having to worry about lag/disconnects in such an action oriented game.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Diablo 3, what more can I say.




....It's good.

Dragons Dogma, anyone heard about this RPG from Capcom?

So today I just accidentaly stumbled upon a gameplay video of this game, and holy bonkers does it look good or what?!

Open world rpg, "Oblivion meets Dark Souls"... How did I not notice this game sooner? It releases this month :D Marketing fail?

Just finished the demo, and it plays pretty epic. Though the demo is just two big boss fights, so it doesn't show much of the open-world exploration.

Might actually buy it later (will be too busy playing Diablo 3), if it seems worth it from reviews (though I'm sure big review sites will bash on it for no real reason, *cough* IGN *cough*).

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I am downloading Diablo 3 Open Beta client, will play whole weekend, then it ends. WOHOOOOOOO.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I've been playing:
-Rayman Origins (awesome game, great soundtrack, and the treasure chases are brilliant)
-Diablo 1 (want to finally finish it, never really played it that much since I started with D2, and D1 is hard to get into)
-Legend of Grimrock (pretty neat)
-Bioshock 2 (been on my shelf for a long time, I should probably finish the first one before this, I only ever got to the WTF moment with Andrew Ryan)

And I might even get Avernum - Escape from the Pit, since it's already out for PC.

That should be enough until Diablo 3 hits. One month of waiting left. Time is passing SO SLOWLY when you are waiting for something awesome that you've been looking forward to for some time.

Tribute to the Ancient Ones :)

First RPG:
Hmm, probably Diablo 2 back when it came out (before that it was mostly non-rpg DOS games, like Doom 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Commander Keen, a minigolf game, etc... it was years later that I finally discovered my favourite genre - the RPG). I remember being really happy about myself when I finally defeated Andariel in Act 1, only to get slaughtered in Act 2 (fuck you lightning scarabs, and FUCK YOU DURIEL).

Best RPG:
Diablo 2 :) Seriously, thousands of hours played (I would guess), basically since release, and still playing. In fact, I am just playing my new Zeal Paladin, already in Nightmare. Hundreds of characters created, and yet, only cleared Hell 2 times. All of this on SINGLE PLAYER. I never had any fancy equipment or runewords, only recently I finally started to really try to get good stuff. The replayability of this game is BANANAS, and I cant wait for Diablo 3 to come out. Even though many things piss me off about it, I still think it will be the next game that might actually replace D2 in my heart.

We will see Blizzard, we will see.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Have you ever played a game where the AI did NOT do this? I just sort of expect it from games. It's one of those sacrifices games make in order to be playable.

I know its normal in this type of games, it just makes me sad when it doesnt really matter if I sneak through the whole thing or just kill all who oppose me, without any consequences whatsoever. Namely with the police station, I would expect murdering all the cops in the district would make the world "react" somehow, I dont know. Maybe I should role-play a good guy, instead of just doing what is most efficient and painless (painless for me that is).

Sneak games probably arent my cup of tea :)

On the other hand, slaying hundreds of orcs in Orcs Must Die is totally my cup of tea.

Diablo 3 Release date announced

PS: this is a good read for all people who think that D3 lacks the "customization" of D2:LOD

The post is overly optimistic, but when you think about it, it makes some darn good points about D3 being superior.

Fingers crossed!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Ive got Human Revolution too, somewhat enjoyable, but I lost interest after finding out how incredibly STUPID the AI is.

Trying to get through the police station early in the game, I sneak through the vents. Somebody spots me, so I stun him and drag him into the vents, thinking how clever that is.

Then more people spot me, start shooting at me, so I run into the vent, wait a minute, and suddenly they are all like "Oh, well I guess hes gone"

15 minutes later, the vents are FILLED with stunned cops, and I am out of patience, I simply go, kill everyone in the station, do what I came to do in the morgue, and leave.

No consequences whatsoever, cops on the street are like *Hello, no we dont need to worry about the fact that the whole police force was mercilessly slaughtered by the man who works across the street*

Not even a word from the quest-giver about my methods, nothing.

Plus the forced boss fights.