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I loled so hard at this:

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

There's a lot of riddles and passwords the game throws at you, but the Auto Notes feature only remembers so much for you. Not that I'm playing that game right now, but I do understand where you're coming from!

"A lot" isnt the right way to say it :D There are so many various clues, hints, passwords and riddles hidden throughout the game, that I need to keep a journal in Excel, with keywords for portals, locations of dungeons etc etc.

Hit quite a few dungeons where I do fine for a while, but then I encounter some kind of badass monster that I cant even hit, and it wipes the floor with me. Makes exploring so much fun imho, I can go elsewhere (ton of places to go), level up, get better spells/equip, come back and get revenge :D

Non-linear gameplay can be so much fun.

Also just played a handful of SC2 games with my friend, we got to Platinum 2v2, and I even beat him once during 1v1 (he is much better at strategy games than me, so that felt good :D)

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

My friend got me into the Path of Exile beta, so I am trying that out. So far so Diablo, in other words, good :D Havent got a chance to try out the deep skill system yet.

Diablo 3 Release date announced


While I hate many design decisions they made(I want my offline SP baaaack, /sob), I am REALLY looking forward to this game, since D2:LOD is my n.1 game of all time and I played it for thousands of hours over the years (only single-player too!).

These will be the longest two months EVER. Have to survive until then.

Anyone else really excited for this game (even though Blizzard pissed many people off with many changes)?

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Got an old-school itch again, playing Might and Magic 3 : Isles of Terra. Again, but this time I actually know what I am doing (a bit), and I am keeping notes of all the various things I encounter. Last time I was totally lost, but this time, I am having a BLAST (from the past... haha).

Another game that I will probably play after I finish with MM3 is Champions of Krynn, from the SSI Gold Box games. Need to try one of those, since many people consider the Gold Box games pure rpg gold.

Once you get over the graphics (easy) and over the horrible interfaces (HARD, but doable), there are pretty unique RPG games to experience. Todays games simply dont offer some of the cool things that old rpgs did. When was the last time that a turn based RPG like Might and Magic or Gold Box games came out (for PC).

Only the indie RPG scene tries to keep some of those ideas flowing, like the Avernum series for example.

I just wish there was some major release of a turn based role-playing game where you can create the whole party, with deep stats, big world to explore, preferably 2D, but with updated looks and interface. Too bad that no big company would even risk a game like that nowadays.

(I know there are plenty of turn-based (and sometimes party-based) JRPGs on the various consoles, but they are very different from those old western RPGs that appeal so much to me)

I collect dreams.

I remember a few dreams I had many years ago, they kinda stuck in my mind...

1) The DOOM 2 dream

Around the time I was playing Doom 2 on my DOS PC, I dreamt that I was running around in a doom-like map with imps. I knew there was a cyberdemon chasing me, so I ran across a bridge and hid in a small opening in a wall, thinking "Oh my god oh my god he will find me". He came very close to me, and was looking around for me. I was freaking out, and I suddenly wanted to find the ESC button on a keyboard. The menu screen popped up in my view, I quickly hit EXIT GAME and I... woke up.

Gamer to the heart.

2) Freaky death dream?

I dreamt there was an earthquake. I was close to a building where my parents worked, so, having a bad feeling, I rushed over there, and found my fathers face smashed in some pieces of glass. My mother was just standing there. I picked up the "face-glass" (????), and I said something like "how could he do this to me" and then smashed the glass (along with the face) on the ground. Then my mother said she wanted to eat me, with an evil smile on her face. Then I said "well this is a strange game" and I kinda pressed ESC and quit, and I awoke again.

Ehh... too much video-gaming? :D

On a more serious note, there have been some dreams from which I woke up in tears, and I can remember them quite well. One such example:

3) I am on a walk with our dog (which I care for very much), but she suddenly runs off to the street. The leash disappears, I shout at her to stop, but she doesnt listen. I can see a car going in her direction, and I just know that if I dont stop her, she will be killed. Then the car runs her over. I run up to her, to see her disembodied, but still looking at me with a very happy/sad face, waving her tail, like she is expecting help from me. Then I wake up.

There are also some recurring "elements" in my dreams, like:
a) I am able to fly for a while, I am extremely happy, but when I try to fly again, I cant, and I get really depressed.
b) I am in a dark (sometimes familiar) place, I turn on the lights, but the light they emit is extremely dim, leaving me feeling vulnerable in the dark.

Anyways, I was always fascinated by dreams, and I wish I could have lucid dreams, so I am in control and can do whatever the hell I want(like summoning an army of orcs and a sword in my hand, and going WILD). It would also be cool to be able to "save" dreams, just like a game, so I can come back later and dont wake up at the worst possible time (things starting to get "interesting").

Video thread


Oh and skyrim animations make me laugh...

Ahh, family guy...

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Playing Diablo 2 Eastern Sun mod. Great fun, tons of customization you can do with all the recipes/loot. Should keep me busy before D3 or Torchlight 2 come around (whenever THAT will be :/ )

Also bought Super Street Fighter 4 AE, I always wanted to play a fighter game, but MvC3 and its 3 characters at a time was too hard and felt wrong (regret buying that). At first I wanted to get Arcana Heart 3 or BlazBlue CS since I love the 2d anime style of those games, but I figured that in Europe I would hardly ever find any people to play with online (though I kinda still want to get one of those, even if it is only for offline... worth it?).

SSF4 focuses on 1v1, which lets me learn one character properly. I still have trouble pulling off my special/ultra moves in arcade though. And when I tried online as a total fighter newbie, I couldnt win a single match, plus I couldnt even pull off some of the moves I can consistently use in offline, probably because of lag and the unforgiving timing? While playing online it really felt like my character was doing random stuff rather than the moves I input.

EDIT: I really suck at fighters, in SSF4, I played at least a dozen other people online, and my score is still 0. That is ZERO. MATCHES. WON. The best I managed was winning one round with 3 people.... sigh, it doesnt help that the timing on the moves is so off during online compared to offline... Plus the game likes to match me with people who have over 2000 points, who basically combo me to death in a matter of seconds.

Now that is discouraging....

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

PS: tried playing League of Legends again, since there are so many new heroes and even a new map/mode... played 5 games, uninstalled, and I am never coming back. The community is just so goddamn horrible...

On the other hand, I played three Starcraft 2 placement matches for season 6, won all three so far, even though I suck quite a bit at this game. Might play it more.

I'm sexually attracted to Guild Wars 2

I am getting GW 2 the moment it comes out, I am a huge fan of GW 1, logged over 1000 hours, and all of them were damn fun. And I played most of those hours solo, only with heroes/henchmen. Already signed for the beta, hope I get invited :D

I'm not sure how much I'll like it though, because of the emphasis on "group"... But since I can play solo and just join the ongoing events, it might be just fine.