What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Disgaea 3 again(after playing like 1,5h of FFT), this time really plunging into the game, instead of just finishing the main story. Found out some things I previously didnt know about the game, so should be fun(so far it IS)

/ kinda OT rant of my gaming future :)
Looking forward to the upcoming Disgaea 4, glad I bought a PS3. And sometime later planning on buying PS2 and some of those good RPGs I keep hearing about. Oh and God Hand, of course. I beat Demon's Souls(who the hell decided to put another "s" in there....), so I wanna see if I can beat this one too, I hear its hard.
/ end OT rant

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Hi, been lurking around this site for some time, so I figured I might actually post something :) HI ALL !!

Cross Edge .....much better than most people and reviewers make it look, imho, so much fun
Modern Warfare 2......horrible community, horrible server system/interface/support, but the game itself is fun
Plants VS zombies...... kinda the same after few playthroughs, but casually its great
Some NES games, like CONTRA, or Tiny Toon Adventures, oh boy where are the times when I was able to go through contra without even dying once...

Tried to play:
some of the old rpgs, like FF6(might play sometimes), Xenogears(too much story compared to battles, and Gear battles seemed kinda...meh), Tales like the combat system), FFT (made me wanna replay Disgaea 3 and actually plunge into it this time around, namely the end-game), and some others

finally tried Star Ocean 4

worse than i was expecting

don't think i'll continue playing!
I got this game as well, got to the end of 2nd planet, but didnt like it either, namely the combat, Im more of a turn-based combat fan...... and the planets felt too earth-like, nothing eye-catching/worth exploring