What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

After finishing with Diablo 3 on Inferno, I played a bit of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Over-the-top awesomeness, fun times. The game does a terrible job of explaining things though.

Also got Disgaea D2. I know what I will be playing for the next bazillion hours. Love me some Disgaea.

On the side, I finally took down the final boss of Etrian Odyssey 4, after he kicked my ass two times. Felt really good, but the feeling didn't last, the post-game immediately put me in my place, face down in the dirt. Don't know if I will try to get through the post-game or instead start with SMT: Soul Hackers for a different experience.

EDIT: Disgaea games have one of the best and most unique soundtracks, just love it. Etrian Odyssey tunes are awesome too!

Diablo 3 console version

Yes, more of me babbling about Diablo 3, but this time, in a *gasp* positive way!

So, recently I installed D3 again on my PC, thinking that after all this time, the game deserves another chance, since it's a game I REALLY wanted to like, but couldn't. After two hours of play, I uninstalled it again, the game just couldn't keep me interested with all the bulls**t around(crap loot/AH, no offline version and online problems mainly).

But today, I stumbled upon a few articles about the CONSOLE version of D3, and most of them seemed to describe the console version as the definite/best/proper/non-beta version of the game, even stating things like "the console controls fit the game nicely, perhaps even better than mouse+keyboard","the game feels right" and so on.

I was intrigued. An offline version of the game, with much better loot, no AH ---> basically all I wanted from the start (because the core gameplay itself, the monster-slaying, was probably the only thing that felt right in the PC version).
I was pessimistic, and I still have lots of other games to play, but I gave in, I decided to give the game yet another chance. I went to the nearest store and picked up a PS3 copy.

And oh my god am I glad that I did. The game feels almost completely different from the PC version, even if it really isn't, just a closer camera, different control scheme (that after some getting used to actually works GREAT), offline version, better loot, and some minor tweaks (like the fact that healing potions restore 60% of your health instead of pre-set ammounts, FINALLY, this actually makes so much sense, on the PC version potions became worthless pretty fast)

It's amazing how new/exciting the game feels, I almost feel like I'm dreaming. I might actually play further than normal difficulty this time.

Now don't get me wrong, there are still issues, the story/presentation is still the same horrible mess(Azmodan and Belial just made me facepalm, Deckard's/Leiah's fate too), there are far too few usefull item prefixes/suffixes and unique items don't really offer much diversity like they did in Diablo 2. The maps are still the same: not randomized enough and after a playthrough or two you feel like you've seen it all, especially the outdoor areas that stay mostly the same. And there are slight problems with precise targetting (nothing I didn't get used to after a few dozen minutes though).

Can't comment on the skills and viable builds, since it seems that some are changed a little, some a LOT, but I would guess that with the better loot and lower CD on potions, more builds become viable in the console version.

And the dodge function is pretty nifty at times, and fun to use. The combat itself feels a lot different actually, I don't know if they changed the encounters/monster density, or if it's because of the control scheme, but I am much more invested in it.

TL,DR: The console version of D3 is (in my opinion) better than the PC version, with offline play/better loot and no AH. GET IT.
And since it's for consoles, if it still isn't your cup of tea, you can get some of your money back and sell it to a store. If you feel like Diablo 3 should feel/be much better than it is, give the console version a try. Seriously.

Differences FAQ:

PS: I am aware of the upcoming expansion/loot patch and the closing of AH in March, but they still decide to keep the game online, which for me is one of the major offenders. The console version will also get the expansion, probably just a bit later (not really excited about it, only one new class and story seems meh, but might get it if I get really hooked on the console version). It is not certain if it will get future patches, Blizzard and Sony are still sorting things out as far as I know. For now, the console version is where the real demon-slaying fun is at.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y - the 6th generation confirmed!

Just preordered X yesterday, my 3DS is getting quite a bit of use lately, and will get much more in the future, so glad I bought it.

Will definitely go with Fennekin as a starter (went with fire in Black 2 too), it looks the best (to me). And after seeing the second evolutions, there is no way I would pick Froakie or Chespin. Of course, if the 3rd evolution of Fennekin turns out to be horrible and the other two will be beyond awesome, I will kick myself in the nuts, but that is a risk I am willing to take. Besides, Fennekin is rumored to be a Fire/Psychic type, kinda filling the role of a wizard, while Chespin is the tank and Froakie is the agile fighter. And I like wizards.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

My nostalgia's kicking I'm taking a break from my Skyrim playthrough and thinking of going through most of my favorite rpgs; FFVI, FFVII, FFIX, FFXII, BoF3, Legend of Dragoon, Pokemon Gold(or Heartgold..w/e), Dark Cloud 2, Shadow Hearts, Magna Carta: Tears of Blood, Digimon World 3(or the entire ps1 trilogy, since they're all pretty good), and Dot Hack/G.U. Oh, the memories! ;A;

That is a lot of RPGs to play through! Not that my list is any shorter.

Finished with Vesperia, so now I am currently playing The Witcher 2 and Etrian Odyssey 4. I love both games, but I play EO more, since I enjoy it a lot more, just started exploring the 3rd land. Not that The Witcher 2 is bad, I love the world, the lore, the NPC interactions (big fan of the Witcher books), and the combat is alright. However, screw that worthless minimap, useless piece of crap.

Had some crazy close moments in EO, like that one time when I was fighting a group of monsters that ambushed me, killing of one of my characters in the first round. Then I didn't manage to finish them off in time, so one of the FOEs joined in. And THEN I didn't manage to finish off the FOE in time, so another one joined in. Somehow I survived, with no TP and barely any HP left on all my characters. Was a nice surge of XP (and adrenaline). I have a standard party of a Fortress/Nightseeker in front and Sniper/Runemaster/Medic in the back. Works pretty well, however the Nightseeker keeps dying waaay too much on the front line, so he was always behind in levels, until he was the only one who survived a long fight with a shiny FOE(they seem to get more dmg the longer the battle lasts when shiny, so 400+dmg hits from normal attacks after a while, no problem, my 150HP characters can take it...NOT, omg), so all XP went to him and he caught up fast :)

I also ordered SMT:Soul Hackers, love me some demon fusing and dungeon crawling. Wanted to get Devil Survivor OC or 2 to play on my 3DS, but both are impossible to get in my country(Soul Hackers alone was pretty hard to track, no shops have it in stock, but hopefully it should arrive around the 20th), and probably pretty hard to get even in other parts of Europe. Might just play SMT:DS2 through DESMUME some time in the future. I am glad ATLUS exists.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Tales of Vesperia is just as awesome as I was hoping it would be. Can't decide if I like Vesperia or Xillia more, Xillia was shorter(already finished obviously, apart from some post-game stuff), but had some nice improvements over Vesperia, like free-control camera, minimap, and the ability to skip cutscenes and quicksave almost everywhere. It is VERY annoying having to watch cutscenes and getting through the dialogue again and again after having my ass handed to me by a boss, even when you can hold X+A to speed the dialogue up.

I like the battle system in both games, both are quite a bit of fun, even if they are slower to get going (like only after 30+ hours of playing the games and getting more options, I finally understood the systems and could pull off what I want). I just wish that in Vesperia, they gave you more skillpoints, I simply don't have enough for all the skills I want to be using at the same time (skills that change artes, or those that allow you to combo all the different kinds together to get some really long combos going).

And I love the characters in both games(not only Yuri, but let's be honest, he's an awesome character). Just try preparing a nice meal of "Sorbet" in the icy area in Vesperia, the reactions are hilarious. I like little touches like these in games, I think you would completely miss this skit if you didn't prepare said food in that area.

Oh, oh, and Etrian Odyssey 4 arrived today, so I will be trying that out shortly, should take just a few more hours to finish Vesperia(like 10-15). Leave no game unfinished! ... as long as you enjoy playing it of course. Though I will probably try EO4 before I finish Vesperia, I really want to play it. Its just easier to have one main game than to jump from game to game, especially with RPGs.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Played around 7 hours of Tales of Xillia today after I picked it up at the post office. Enjoyed myself quite a bit, the loading times are almost non-existant and the Lilium Orb is a nice way to level up compared to previous games. Too bad there is no Japanese audio, but I must say that the english dub is quite well done as far as english dubs go in these games. Still would prefer the original voices though.

Mass Effect 1 on the PS3 was completed just yesterday, felt awesome. I just hope that in the second game the framerate won't be so terrible. Not that I am going to play it anytime soon, with Xillia and my current obsession with Miyazaki movies (gotta watch them all!... at least the most famous ones).

EDIT: Xilia is so much more fun than Graces F, probably because of the better characters and story. What I don't like about it is that now I decided to buy an Xbox 360(was cheaper than my 3DS, so why the hell not) so I can play Vesperia (and some other games, Witcher 2 and Fable 2, and even FF XIII-2, since it was dirt cheap). I will never be bored for at least a year!

Yes, I have a slight "buy more games than you can play" problem, but lately I have been pretty good at finishing what I start, and it's not like any of those games will go unplayed. I will play them ALL!.... eventually.

Ah, to be young again and have all that time to play the games. Now I make enough money to afford all this crazy gaming, but not as much time as I would like to play through the games quicker.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

As soon as my food gets done, I'm going to pick up my preordered tales of xillia (collectors edition) and start playing that.

Damn you, DAMN YOU! My copy will be arriving on the 9th at the earliest, though more probably after the weekend.

Well at least it gives me time to finish Mass Effect 1, and perhaps get through hell in Diablo 2 on my bone spear/bone wall/corpse explosion necromancer. Corpse explosion is so fun, and overpowered as hell itself.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

My mind spontaneously combusted and I bought the Mass Effect trilogy for my PS3. The game plays much better on the PS3 than on my PC, I couldn't even stomach the controls of the first game on the PC. Looks like I will be spending quite some time with these 3 gems, about time I got through them, even though I spoiled the ending for myself because I was sure I would never play those games, heh.

Not like I have any shortage of things to do, D2, Pokemon B2, Tales of Xillia will be arriving in a week (damn Europe and how late we get games, looking at you Etrian Odyssey 4), and I even picked up digital drawing again. I could really use like 10 more hours in a day damn it!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Just playing Diablo 2 and Pokemon Black 2 right now.

Wanted to give D3 another try to see if anything changed since I stopped playing (few weeks after release)... still boring, shallow, and filled with technical issues, gave up after I finished Act1 with a new character, game like this just won't do for my ARPG cravings. And after listening to the devs talking about the new Itemization 2.0 patch, I have no hope for this game's future, the developers aren't even trying to make any awesome changes, just a tweak here and there...they don't seem enthusiastic about their game at all. I doubt that the expansion will change things... there is a sliver of hope in me that it will be awesome and repair all that is broken, but I'm not holding my breath. /rant

Diablo 2 on the other hand, started a new character (planned to be a conviction avenger), and I am having fun, just finishing Act2. It is one of those games that I can just fire up and always have fun with it, definitely still my most favourite/most played game of all time.

Also got Heart of the Swarm, had lots of fun with the campaign, but I just can't seem to enjoy the multiplayer (the reason why I bought it in the first place). Way too stressful, too many things to keep track of, weird matchmaking. Real-time strategy games were never my forte, I don't know what I was thinking. Turn-based all the way for me.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y - the 6th generation confirmed!

Looks like the new grunt team is gonna be named Team AWESOME from the looks of that picture.

Currently playing Pokemon Black 2 on my 3DS, and I can say that I will be getting the X/Y game for sure. The graphics and animations look great, and all the additions will most certainly improve the game. And the new pokemon look pretty good to boot!

Will probably go for X, as Xerneas is the one I like more. Not that I know how to catch a legendary, I am not sure if I can even get one in the Black 2 game, not that big of a pokemon expert (only really played and finished Pokemon Red). I will get there though, as the series gripped me hard.