What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

So apparently I have a Nintendo fever.
Right now I'm playing -

Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap - As I said before, I never liked Zelda games, never enjoyed them, couldn't stomach Ocarina of Time 3D for more than 40 minutes before I quit.... But somehow, I am enjoying this one and can actually see myself finishing it. Probably has something to do with the game being 2D (and pretty at that).
However, screw the Wind Temple, I gave up and had to look at a the hell was I supposed to know I need to blow up a piece of wall that WASN'T EVEN CRACKED to get to the digging gloves. Sure the spot is between two skulls, but that didn't make it any less cryptic.

Pokemon Black 2 - I somehow thought that I NEED to play a pokemon game, even though I never finished any of them besides Red way back. I think the last I played was Emerald and SoulSilver for a while, on emulators. Not this one, bought the game and I am playing it on my 3DS. About 2 hours in, it is lots of fun, the new pokemon spice things up a lot. Have yet to meet one of those horrible pokemon designs that people seem to criticize the most about the game, but I am sure I will get there.

PS: Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup - You die...I wonder if I can even reach some of the lower dungeon levels, my best so far is Dlvl 6 with a Dwarf fighter. Not being able to regenare health finally did me in though. Lots of different builds to go for, lots of fun.

Lately I have gotten better at finishing my games, something I am proud of, hopefully I will be able to finish some of the games from my backlog instead of going for new games all the time. Notably Valkyria Chronicles.
Etrian Odyssey 4 should release sometime in Summer here in Europe though...hmmm, at least I am never bored and always have something to play.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Finished The Last of Us.

Holy. Shit.

The whole game was great, and the ending was just.... perfect.
So emotional (especially the intro, the winter time, and the ending), kinda reminded me of Nier and how awesome that game was too.

Definitely one of my favourite stories, and the "game" behind the story is no slouch either. I am very happy that I just randomly picked it up at the store without even really knowing what it's about.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Dishonored was great, albeit a little bit on the easy side (in the last mission I took down 20 guards by just standing in a doorway and shooting anybody that came in front of me).

Now I'm on to The Last of Us. Very strong beginning (like one of the best game intros ever), and the game is fun, but I die waaaaaay too much, replaying some segments multiple times before I get them right, which gets tedious after a while, so I take a break and come and try later.

dear Clickers,
Sincerely, the mangled corpse on the ground that you just took a bite out of.

Why isn't there an E3 topic?

"Now they should call it the Xbox 180." - random commenter on the internet.

Laughed :)
Yes, yes they should.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Oh my, I just went on a spending spree...

Dishonored, Bioshock Infinite, Journey Collection, Resistance + Resistance 2 and even bought The Last of Us....

Now I will play through them one by one, coupled with a bit of MH3U on the side.

First up, Journey of course, jsut because I LOVE Flower, one of my all time favourite games.

These should keep me occupied for a while, lol.

EDIT: Journey was... incredible. So much emotion, so much awesome. The art, the music, the journey itself.... just brilliant.

Lets go for Dishonored next!

Why isn't there an E3 topic?

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Woke up few minutes ago, turned on the PC, randomly checked the forum and found this. Made me laugh :D Oh Microsoft...

[Poll] Xbox One or PS4? Which one will you be buying?

this isn't a problem with any of the consoles or PC market... it just means you're getting old.

Welcome to the club!

While getting older certainly plays a part in this, my gamer self is still alive and kicking. I originally bought the 3DS just because of one game, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. So spontaneous spending of money is still a part of me, the game got me excited quite a bit, and dishing out so much money for a console just to play one game... seems crazy, but it's the same feeling that I had when I upgraded my PC just to play Fable: The Lost Chapters back in the day.

So while age matters, there are still games that make me go "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY". I just feel that lately there aren't any on the PC/"big" consoles (apart from Dark Souls 2 that is, I can't wait to die again and again).

[Poll] Xbox One or PS4? Which one will you be buying?

Ahhh, Yahtzee....

Anyways, for my opinion...

I am not buying any of the "new-gen" consoles any time soon. I am quite happy with my 3DS and the games on it/upcoming games.

PS4 is gonna be expensive for sure, and it seems the focus is shifting from games, it has a dedicated "share" button on the controller for crying out loud. But I don't know much more about the console, and if any good games come out for it, I might eventually get it down the road. First I need more info about it though. Dark Souls 2 will be for PS3, so I am happy with the "old" gen PS for now.

XBone.... This video from few pages back sums it nicely:
Anyways, I never bought any of the XBox consoles, the exclusive games weren't exactly my cup of tea (not interested in Halo and those other boring war games), the only game I ever wished I could play was Lost Odyssey, but there were enough JRPGs on the PS3 to satisfy my needs.
I know for sure though, even if some interesting games come out for the console, I won't support it, as I am a gamer and all I want my console to be is a hassle-free "interface" for running my games. Constant internet connection required? Kinect on all the time? Ability to watch TV? I just want to play games no problemo, is that too much to ask?

Wii U is something I'm keeping my eye on, some of the games interest me... however, I don't have a TV, and hooking it up to a PC monitor seems "troublesome". So for now, Wii U is also a no-no.

I could just spend some money on upgrading my PC... if it was worth it. Lately, all the new "shiny" PC games that would require me to upgrade don't cath my interest AT ALL. I just look at any Best of 2013 lists, and there is NOTHING that screams "I have to upgrade my PC for THAT game". Tomb Raider? Crysis 3? GTA V? TES Online? Dead Space 3? Metro? A big MEH to that.
It is weird though, I used to upgrade my PC all the time whenever a game that I desperately wanted to play came out. The only PC games I am mildly interested in right now are a bunch of kickstarter games and Might and Magix X (if they don't screw it up).

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I can't understand why people like Zelda games, I never really got into them, but since I already had a 3DS and people said it was one of the best zelda games, I got Zelda: OoT for the 3DS. After just an hour of playing I was bored to tears, and I didn't enjoy any part of it. I am just not a Zelda person I guess.

What I do like is Borderlands 2, with Fire Emblem Awakening on the side (I feel like I am getting close to the end, which means Monster Hunter 3U will be back on the menu soon).

Also bought (again) and finished Bayonetta. There are some cheap moments (hello quick-time events out of the blue that kill you if you fail), but other than that it is a GREAT game, fun heroine, very fun and satisfying combat, cool enemy design, and I loved the boss battles (especially the last one). Game is too damn hard on normal though, so many stone awards....

EDIT: FE:Awakening done, what a game. Will probably play one fo the gba FE games later, probably the only franchise where permadeath works for me.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

You can get a decent amount of souls by 1 shoting the silver knights all the way up to them and just down slashing the giants as they come up, the knights are really easy to parry since they have all the same timing. Just something to mention if you want more souls.

As for the pikachu and snorlax fight, I ended up hitting ornstein whenever he was out of smough's reach, he's charges at you a lot so as long as you keep kiting and making smart use of the pillars you can keep it to a 1 on 1. Super smough is pretty much watching out for the oh mega butt stomp. Other than that it's pretty much how good your tells and reflexes are. I don't remember much more than that other than it's one of my fav fights in the game. I never bothered with Solaire.

I can't believe how much trouble they gave me before. Finally beat them. Left Anor Londo, leveled up my Pyromancy Flame to +15, got myself a Queelag's Furysword+5, and went in with an Eagle Shield. Suddenly the fight was done in one go, pikachu was burnt to a crisp in a moment, and for Super-Snorlax I just played it safe, going in for 1-2 hits during the openings. Poise makes a lot of difference in this fight.

And yes, me and the pillars in the boss room are now BFFs, screw Solaire :D

Made some decent progress, cleared Demon Ruins/Lost Izalith, got a +15 Zweihander (oh god that damage), got through Painted World (left the boss alone), had fun in Duke's Archives and I whipped the asses of 4 Kings. Currently the only area I have left to do is Tomb of the Giants, which should be breeze now that I got the sunlight maggot.

Decided to tackle the bonus content from the DLC first before I continue. I love Oolacile. That first boss though, a super saiyan chimera, haven't met such a fast boss before. It has easy tells, but still.

EDIT: The story about Artorias and Sif is too damn sad, especially with the extended cutscene before the Sif boss fight.

And a manly tear was shed indeed.