What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I was always intrigued by the idea of hunting monsters, and making equipment from their body parts. But the first time I played this game, I stopped playing after an hour, hated the camera, controls, and how everything seemed so difficult.

After reading through the internet and hearing only praise about the series, and watching the trailer for MH4, I decided to give the game another try, and since there aren't any other localized MH games on the platforms I own (damn you Japan), MHFU was the obvious choice.

5 hours in, and I LOVE it. The game is so satisfying and rewarding to play, kinda like Demon/Dark Souls, only more fun and more forgiving. A little time-consuming, but the quest structure makes it perfect to play in short bursts (if you choose to).

On another note, Persona 3 Portable is getting better and better, although the big bosses seem a little too easy so far. Or maybe I'm just too prepared for them? Doesn't matter, still fun as hell.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Ctrl-alt-del is an awesome "gamer" comic on it's own, everything is a rip-off of everything nowadays...Dante's Inferno is an obvious GoW rip-off, yet it is an awesome game in it's own right.... anyways, on topic:

Persona 3 Portable - I vowed to play this game again and try to get further, so I'm doing that. It helps that the game is awesome in every way, and I really like the SMT universe (will probably try to go through a whole Devil Survivor game later, if I actually manage to get through P3P first, I REALLY need to start finishing the games I play instead of going about 7-10 hours in and switching to another game).

And on PC: SpaceChem, a very unique puzzle game, never played anything like it, feels like programming.... So hard and so satisfying, probably too complex for my little brain, will see how far I can get. Check it out if you never heard about it.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Been playing Cthulhu Saves the World for a bit, and it sure is an "interesting" rpg game to say the least. The rpg elements seem a little bare-bones (no items, only two equipment slots...), but it is fun, and that's all that matters.

Thinking about trying Spellshard, seems like it is quite a decent game. But the graphics (especially the colors) hurt my eyes :( Will try to get over them, from what I hear the game is worth it. I usually don't have problem with older graphics, but in this case it is really hard on my eyes...

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Age of Wonders Shadow Magic. Was looking for something different from the traditional RPGs, and the strategy/rpg hybrid genre really appeals to me. Was choosing from multiple games, but went with this one for now.

I also tried Master of Magic and King's Bounty Crossworlds. Liked them both, and will probably come back to them later, but first I really need to focus on one game from a genre at a time, otherwise I just jump from game to game and I don't really "dive" into one single title.

Was also trying Deponia, but the more adventure games I try, the more I realize that I just don't enjoy playing them. Even though I really dig the art/characters/music in Deponia, the basic gameplay elements of adventure games just put me off.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Castlevania Circle of the Moon was great, so I am now playing Aria of Sorrow (Harmony of Dissonance pisses me off too much).

Plus the forever-awesome Diablo 2. Currently playing an untwinked frost zealot, should be interesting without twinking him with great items/runes/charms etc. Makes me care about even the crappy drops which I would otherwise leave lying on the ground (plus it's more challenging this way). Still so much to do and see in this game. And since there aren't any new or upcoming games that I care about... More time for D2 I guess!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Why do almost all the bosses in Castlevania Circle of the Moon fire constant stream of homing, hard-to avoid projectiles. It's enough that they have hard hitting attacks of their own, AND shitton of health. BAH. Sure it's satisfying when you finally beat them, but this game can be incredibly frustrating at times.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Advance Wars 2 and Pokemon Emerald. GBA is my home now :D Deceptively simple console for such complex games.

Also gonna try one of the Castlevania games for the GBA, probably followed by some Kirby games (I discovered Kirby only recently, very likeable character from my experience with the SNES Superstar game).

It's strange that these old(er) games interest me more than new ones (already stopped playing GW 2 and Battlefield 3, not even gonna buy Dishonored, Diablo 3 a huge letdown, and the list goes on and on), can't really explain why.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

author=Yellow Magic
Emerald on a PSP? You using Homebrew or something?

Yes, a hacked PSP offers so much more than just the "normal" one. Emulators being one of the notable advantages :)

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

A coincidence?

I´ve got a level 10 Torchic and haven´t even beaten the FIRST gym leader yet... Okay, not really impressive:D Probably because I just got there moments ago, but I have to admit that Pokemon is a great game.

Enjoying Emerald on my PSP as of today (yes, a pokemon game on a Sony console...BLASPHEMY, MADNESS!).

The only other Pokemon game I have ever played was Red (I think) many years back on my friend´s Gameboy. But as they say, you are never too old for Pokemon.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Yeah, Guild Wars 2 is pretty great! Currently the only game I play, it somehow manages to hold my attention, even after playing multiple hours in a row (which not many games are able to do lately).

However, it is not perfect. Class balance is pretty clunky, there are a LOT of bugs in skills/quests/etc, I still haven't received my rewards for linking my GW1 account, I still can't log-in to the official forums, and even on a server with HIGH population, I sometimes find myself having to do DEs alone (when possible that is, most of them are not scaled down for only one player), not to mention that some skill challenges/jumping puzzles are just too hard for a lone player.

I am kinda worried that after the population starts dropping, more and more players will leave, because there will be no way for them to do the group-oriented content. Already it seems that finding a dungeon party for story mode can take quite a while (some sort of LFG function would probably solve this).

So far, I feel that GW 1 was the better game, with many more viable/crazy builds. You could also do the PvE content even when there weren't other players around, thanks to henchmen/heroes.
Also, and this is quite huge for a game like this, the PvP and PvE parts of the game were separated from each other, and most of the skills had PvE/PvP versions, which made balancing much smoother and less intrusive on the PvE side. Now in GW 2, if the skill is too powerfull in PvP, they just nerf it as a whole, even though the skill was just fine in PvE, thus the PvP side of the game is limiting PvE. Why didn't they just keep it split like in GW 1, I do not know.

Plus the soundtrack is kinda underwhelming, after the GW 1 OST (which I consider one of the best in games, Jeremy Soule FTW), I was expecting more, and they reuse some of the original songs too (not that bad, I enjoy hearing those old tunes, it just feels kinda lazy).

With all that said though, the game does a lot of things right (people helping each other, the amazing landscapes/cities, the questing system and more), and I enjoy playing it quite a lot, and that's all that matters.