What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Torchlight 2, finally!

Started an Embermage on Elite difficulty. And damn, it is kinda hard. I might regret that decision soon. Already died multiple times, and monsters can take quite a few hits (unlike my squishy mage).

But I can already feel this game being better than D3 (for me). When I dodge a monster's attack (ie. I move out of the way before it can finish it's swing), I actually dodge it, no pesky lags, and the loot.... THE LOOT.

Plus the miniboss/boss battles were all quite epic so far, probably because they come with so many other monsters.

Must resist the urge to make another character just to try out the randomization in maps/quests, to see if it holds up (because if it does, I can see myself replaying this game a lot in the future)

Between TL2, Tales of Graces F, Battlefield 3, and later Guild Wars 2, Agarest War 2, and perhaps Borderlands 2, my gaming life will be busy for a LOOOONG time. Now if only I didn't have to go to work almost everyday.... I repeat myself, but I really wish days were longer.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Enjoying the hell out of Tales of Graces F. I really wish Vesperia was aviable for PS3 in english, so I could play that one too. At least Xilia is coming in 2013...

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Putting Agarest War 2 on hold for Tales of Graces F, which I want to fnish first (finish a jrpg? hahaha, yeah right).

It arrived today, and I was pleasantly surprised with the package. The version that I got has an art book, behind the scenes cd and the soundtrack. I just love when I get more than I think I'm going to get (strangely, it happens a lot with JRPGs that I buy in my country).

I'm a bit worried about the english-only voices, I always prefer the original japanese audio, in both JRPGs and anime (mostly because the english voice-acting usually sucks, or feels out of place)

Also, Guild Wars 2 is pretty fun. Just cleared the first Sylvari area. There is so much content I could cry. I can tell that I'm going to play this game for a long time. By the way, my Sylvari ranger is awesome. She has leaves instead of hair, and glows in the f**king dark. Heeeelll yeeeaaaah!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Both Guild Wars 2 and Agarest War 2 arrived today, so I am set for quite a while I'd say :D

Sad/Worrying Moments in Video Games

Nier made me sad a lot of times.

Massive spoiler:

The game just loves killing of characters that you care about. Starting simple, sending you on a quest to find someone's dog, only to find it in a pool of blood.

It get's worse, the prince's wife dies, Emil dies, Devola and Popola die, the prince presumably dies, and depending on the ending you get, Kayne, or even the main character dies, or rather, disappears, completely forgotten, to save Kayne's life, even abandoning his daughter after finally saving her. - that part was made even more sad when Kayne opens her eyes, and Jonah asks her why she is crying, when she should be happy that she finally rescued Jonah, the sadness she felt - then only memory left of the main character.

Not to mention the already twisted fate of the original versions of the main character and his daughter (that you play right at the beginning), who died long ago and are now just shadows.

I felt really bad after defeating the main "villain" of the game, who is just an undead father trying to protect his little girl.

It didn't feel like winning the game at all, the endings made me more sad than happy.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Battlefield 3. Best game I bought in a while. So much value for the money. Actually considering getting the DLC packs too (first time I am even interested in some DLC).

After finally uninstalling MW 2 because of all the hackers and problems, I didn't think twice before choosing BF3 over MW3.

Also, Gungnir for the PSP. I don't understand half the game and it's systems, but it is fun. Also quite challenging so far.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Etrian Odyssey 3 again.

This time I have a good feeling about it, got to B4F so far. Finally, Largebills are no longer a threat to my party... sweet, sweet revenge.

Will I finally finish a rpg game, or will I stop playing after a few more hours, like it happens with most longer rpgs these days? We will see (but I definitely need to learn to finish what I start).

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?


Might and Magic Clash of Heroes. Pretty darn fun combination of genres.

Super Scribblenauts. Unique gameplay to say the least. Pretty fun, but sometimes the adjectives/nouns you have to come up with don't make too much sense.

Shiren the Wanderer. I am kinda trying roguelikes left and right nowadays, and this one is pretty fun. Although I didn't play it for that long, haven't even died yet.

DS seems like the platform for my gaming right now o.O Plus there are many other games I want to play for the DS (Izuna, Professor Layton, Devil Survivor 2, Ghost Trick, some Dragon Quest,...)

Too bad I am starting to have problems with my wrist (was wondering when that would finally happen). The doctor just confirmed what I thought, have to break the stereotype for my hand (try using the other hand when possible, rest it more etc etc...)

Finished Games 2012

The Spirit Engine 2.

What... a... game!

Very fun battle system, nice art and awesome story/character background.

Will have to play it through at least 2 more times to experience all the characters.

Under-Rated Games People Should Play

author=yamata no orochi
NIERwas savaged by critics when it was released for presumably being "generic," a "God of War clone" and "unfun." That's really too bad because it also happened to be the best mediation on videogame violence since Shadow of the Colossus, not to mention one of the saddest games ever made. Also it had rideable boars that you could drift on, and an absolutely phenomenal soundtrack.

Oh Nier, one of the best stories in a game ever (for me at least). I still listen to the soundtrack, a masterpiece :D And yeah, such a sad game (especially some of the endings, watched them all on youtube, and damn...)

And don't forget the epic boss-fights!