What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Playing Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav.

I'm not big on adventure games, but this game is fun, and the art... THE ART.

Here, have a screenshot, on the house:

Damn. how do I post scaled images?

Under-Rated Games People Should Play

Mirros Edge is a game I really loved and enjoyed, and when I got the "Pure Map Pack"... well, it was awesome to say the least. Racing against yourself just to get a 0.20 second better time, or even discovering shortcuts that could cut off even a minute of your normal time... Really satisfying.

It definitely deserved more attention, and I would love a sequel to come out.

Wreck it Ralph - new Disney movie! ...about a video-game character?

Just discovered this while watching videos on the Escapist :

Seems like a pretty sweet movie for a gamer like me!

And it's also interesting, because "non-gamers" won't understand some of the cameos/references.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Final Fantasy Tactics WoTL, with a fix that REMOVES THE SLOWDOWN (also using a fix for un-stretching the game). It is actually playable now O.o

Finally can give it a proper try.

Diablo 3 Release date announced

D2 had no respeccing until the last patch (1.13 iirc). D2 mods are a different bucket of fish but I know Eastern Sun had respeccing when I first tried it years ago, hell it was one of the reasons I did play it for a while.

Heh, nothing was more annoying than getting to Hell for the first time with my lightning spear-zon, only to find out that I can't even clear Cold Plains because of lightning immunes :D

Diablo 3 Release date announced

As far as affixes go....

The higher the difficulty, the more affixes are unlocked on items. So on normal you will only find +stat/+health from orbs/+pickup range/etc...

But on nightmare things like 1% chance to stun/blind/... start dropping.

Sounds good on paper, but in general the items are BORING.

Just look at set item bonuses for example. Across all my characters, I haven't found even ONE set item yet. But looking at the set bonuses, I can only laugh.

Tal Rasha's set bonuses: Adds 3% fire/lightning/cold damage. THAT'S IT.

A basic low-level set from D2:

Partial Set Bonus
+10 To Strength (2 Items)
+10 To Dexterity (3 Items)

Complete Set Bonus
+10 To Strength
+10 To Dexterity
20% Faster Run/Walk
+30% Increased Chance of Blocking
35% Bonus to Attack Rating
5% Life Stolen Per Hit
All Resistances +10

Not to mention there were also bonuses on the items themselves.

And don't get me even started on "Legendaries"...

And as for the skill system....

I like it, there is a possibility for many builds, and you can't screw up your character like you could in D2 without research/knowledge.

But it doesn't work too well. There is a ton of abilities that are pretty underwhelming compared to others, some are outright useless. With runes it's the same. Some make the skill better, some change it completely (cool!), and some are never ever going to be used.

Example: The DH skill Smoke Screen (still useful after the nerf), has a rune that gives 6 hatred regen per second. And the skill lasts... 1 second. That makes for a grand total of... 6 hatred for wasting a rune slot? Lol?

Anyways, playing D3 is like riding a roller-coaster, one moment you are waving your hands in the air, screaming "this is greeeeeaaaaaat", and the other you are just sitting there, wondering if you even want to play the game anymore.

(Hint: No I don't, playing D2 again, already have a sorc in hell and having FUN, next up is Titan Quest again, before TL2 arrives)

Diablo 3 Release date announced

Oh right, I have the european copy, forgot to say :/

Didn't realize many people actually live outside Europe *gasp*

Anyways, the open beta was running only on the US servers, so it should work, at least to let you try if you can run it.

Logging into the game however.... Good luck with that :)

Diablo 3 Release date announced

Does anyone have a Game Pass for the Starter Edition? (can I have it?)

I have two, sending one of them to you through PM. Have fun!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

"If it was a totally new ARPG from an uknown developer, it would be pretty good. But for a successor to Diablo 2, this just doesn't work"

Games should be considered individually. If a game would be "pretty good" when made by any other developer, then it is a "pretty good" game...

And it is true, Diablo 3 is a pretty good game :) Probably worth the money.
(got around 40 hours of fun out of it, and I still want to get a barb and WD through normal...eventually)

But I expected so much more. I can't imagine playing this game for years to come.

Plus some of the issues with the game are just WRONG, from an objective point of view, independent of the predecessor.

The horrible lag that Blizz refuses to adress, the wrong kind of difficulty, bosses won't shut the hell up (the master evil tactician tells you all of his plans all the time, what the hell?), bugs and serious balancing issues in the skills/runes...

And the plot "twists" are waaaay to obvious, I still don't know how I feel about the story, was it good, average or bad? O.o

The combat is satisfying though, at least when stuff dies relatively fast. Having to kite an elite pack for minutes upon minutes to finally take them down... not so much fun, especially when the reward for killing them is another bunch of boring items.

Also, who's idea was the Nightmarish affix on mobs? Games should never take away control from the player when the ability can't be avoided (feel kinda the same about Jailer, but that's not so bad... still, there should be a way to avoid it).

EDIT: Also, THIS(warning, wall of text, but well worth the read):

Well I have to applaud Blizzard in all reality. From a business stand point it would seem like you're on the perfect track to make the shareholders at Activision very, very pleased.

You've taken a game with so much hype built around it, a game with a rabid and wildly large fan base, a game vaulting off of the massive success of the previous generation - and you've turned it into your sacrificial lamb.

I understand that WoW is dying. The cash cow that you have been able to depend on to fill your coffers is finally drying up. It had a great run. MoP is not likely to defibrillate the failing heart of what was once the WoW empire, and you know this. Starcraft 2, while an amazing game, cannot replace this cash cow - then again it wasn't meant to. How could it? Your business foresight is very, very attuned. Because of this you carefully planned your next chess move: Diablo 3.

What better way to birth another golden goose than to bank an entire game off of the most addictive part of what Diablo 2 was: the item grind. Pure brilliance. And so, from the ground up, you formed this game to be solely about item exchange - this would be the titan built to replace WoW's subscription based bankroll in the form of micro transactions.

Except one thing: you're boring.

On May 15th 2012, after nearly a decade of anticipation, we were given Diablo 3! Except, it's not quite Diablo 3. It's a slimmed down, cut up version of the Diablo 3 everyone was taught to expect. Except, it wasn't given to us, we still had to pay you full price for it: $60

My how the mighty hath fallen. Why is it not Diablo 3, you say? Well let's see. Anyone remember all those teaser videos spoon fed to the community over the past 3 years? Videos slowly leaking to us glimpses of the content we could expect to experience? I do.

From nearly FOUR years ago:

@2:10 "These current weapons just won't do!":

I guess scrapping this idea all together was more developmentally cost effective.

@6:30 "Let's see what a real fight looks like."

Indeed, lets. I'm still waiting, actually. Is it just me or does that environment look entirely more engaging than the atmosphere we've purchased at release?

@2:00 Did he say randomized, dungeons, quests and encounters?

If their idea of newly generated fights, quests and environments is a continuous cycle of the same things from a pre-conceived list, he's spot on!

So where's the beef? - some might say. The beef is that this is not Diablo 3, this is an imposter. A hologram. An artificial replacement. A lame duck substitute for what hype built it up to be. A cut up and slimmed down version of what should have been. In essence: a slaughtered, sacrificial lamb.

That leaves myself and thousands of others saying indeed, where is the beef? Blizzard's answer: there is no cow level. But hey, we got rainbows and unicorns!

Is anyone still in complete denial about how truly boring this game is or have people started to shake off the honey moon dust?

You eliminated enchanting, PvP, pet companions and other things from the release version so that you could market it as part of a later expansion for more money. (This is a trend in gaming that several developers have been following; withhold content you've been advertising for the past two years and charge a premium for it at a later date. I shouldn't have expected Activision-Blizzard to be any different, and that is my fault. I wrongly assumed this group was made of trend setters and leaders, not followers - so shame on me.)

You didn't include a single player mode because you can't make money off of people if they aren't using the AH in a multiplayer format. Less work for you in the development stages, and forces people to engage in the micro-economy that your bankroll is based on. Again, brilliance. Which leads me to my final point:

There is so LITTLE dynamic to this game I cannot believe it took this many years to create it. In fact, I don't. So why the long wait? I'll tell you: economic law.

More specifically, the legality and complications that stemmed from the idea of a multinational game built around a Real Money Auction House. This process, I imagine, took years to iron out - while the game itself probably took no more than a few actual working years to complete (and it truly shows).

It doesn't take an overly intelligent mind to figure WHY they would want to use a RMAH and get a cut of (a lot of) the transactions. That's fine. Here's the problem: you built the entire game around a pure gear grind, and then force that gear grind to revolve around the AH, specifically the RMAH. There is literally no other dynamic. When you build a game from a purely business stand point, you're not building a great game - and a great game this is not.

In conclusion, gamers, do you really want to spend your time on yet another slave-like gear grind? If so, eat your heart out. You'll find no better place to do it! If not, there are a plethora of other games out there much more deserving of your $60, I promise.

Diablo 3 was built around Activision's greed. Participate at your own will.

Gamers hold grudges and people aren't going to forget this disaster. If you obliterate your true fan base, the pillars of your success come falling soon after

I give this post less than a few hours before it is deleted by Blizzard moderators. Can't have that bad flavor out there, can we? Truth hurts.

Regards, a long time fan

What a surprise, the thread was already deleted from the US forums... strange huh :D

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Yeah, I just stopped playing Diablo 3 and rolled a new sorceress in D2.

For all the little things that D3 does right, it fails at the most important ones, LOOT and REPLAYABILITY.

I could write a book about what D3 does right and wrong and why D2 is still the better game, but it's been mostly said already.

Online-only, laggy servers during peak times with Blizz saying "no issues here, must be on your side". Boring, soulless loot, ton of worthless skills and runes, and even skills that downright DON'T WORK as they should.

(The monk's skill Wave of Light should be doing 215% weapon damage at a pretty high spirit cost, yet it only does like half of that, making it useless. Instead of fixing this, Blizzard dropped the nerf hammer on some OP skills. Priorities?)

Who the hell tested this game? Is this the Blizzard's "polish"?

I just hope that Torchlight 2 delivers a better experience than this flop.

If it was a totally new ARPG from an uknown developer, it would be pretty good. But for a successor to Diablo 2, this just doesn't work.

I had my fun going through normal with 3 classes, but after trying Nightmare, I'm done, no desire to play more.

I wonder how the game would look if the guys from Blizz North worked on it.