Dead Again Review

Glad you liked it!! I'm also very happy to hear that you had it run on Linux :D

Dead Again

Cool. I want to try it this weekend.

I hope you enjoyed ^_^

Gobble Fantasy 2003

I've been waiting for this one for a while-- let's gooooo!

Dead Again

Yo, this was one of the better rpgmaker2003 games I played over the last 10 years.
Dandelion was good too.

Let us know if you're working on something else.

Thank you! I've been working on something on and off for rm2k3 for the last 10 years actually. Not progressing as fast lately, but still. It's more ambitious so it may take a while to complete. Perhaps a demo someday, idk.


I really enjoyed this! Loved the atmosphere here.

Thanks! It's always heartwarming when I know someone enjoyed it ^_^

Dead Again

Mhmm, the zombie-horde is fine on my pc, but I do remember it getting choppy on my old pc of back then. And yeah, it is pretty much an unmodified rm2k3, the Steam version.

Dead Again

How do I get to see the subway area? I think I just got one ending. I'm playing it on a PS Vita so there's no "F5" equivalent.

The fact that you're playing this on a vita blows my mind... That's amazing lol

So yeah.. that subway if hard to discover.. and it used to be even more difficult to find it before hahah... Here's how :

After attracting a horde of zombies, go hide in the convenience store (in the back store.)

Goofy ending :
Find all 3 beacons that shows up only at night. There is 1 beacon per night, every first 3 nights.

Dandelion Review

Wow Hyrule, you've put way more effort into this review than the game deserves!xD
But thank you so much tho <3

Dead Again

Wow, c'est ben cool! I played it only a bit, and I like it so far. The art is fresh, I like that it isn't the chibi type stuff. Et les vieux chars de métro.

Il fait beau dans le métro, indeed! Hahaha, I'm happy someone finally noticed it! Thank you :)

Dead Again Review

Thank you Hyrule! Your kind words are super appreciated. Especially rn!
And since my game can get a lil' redundant, here's how to get the other endings

Sewer :
Hide in the convenience store (the back store) when a horde of zombies is attacking.

Silly secret ending :
Find all 3 beacons during night time. 1 beacon will spawn per night on the 3 first nights.

I'm glad you liked the zombie screech by the way haha
I actually recorded car tires breaking to do it. I just slowed down the noise!

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