Been here for quite a while but I've never been active. Been working with rm2k3 for a while now.

I have 2 COMPLETED small games currently in the process of being published here. And one bigger, more ambitious, game still in development.

So.. yeah. Hi :D

[Rm2k3] undesirable B&W charset in Shop window


My game project currently uses (and strictly uses) a palette of 4 colors. I've just noticed today, which is incredible since I've been working on that project using 2k3 for 2 years now, that when a character cannot wear an item in a shop it's charset turns to black and white on the shopping window.

It's very flagrant, those shades of gray are really putting me down. As of today, I've patched the game with the NoFlashPatch ( that flash was white, not a color I use), and I've learned to accept the color black in between room transition (also not a color I use).

Is there by any chance a patch for that? Or is it a quick fix... changing a couple of numbers in the .exe?

Worse case scenario, I'll eventually release the game with those ''buggy'' looking gray charsets.. -.-'

Thanks a million! PS: my avatar shows the color I use.

[rm2k3] Casting time | Question about DynRPG


-Casting Time
I doubt there's is a patch for this and making a CBS is just a ludicrous idea for me, considering how much work there's to be done already in making a game. So, DynRPG looked like a great deal of hope.

I do not know C++, so I could only use plugins made by others. And I wanted to know if currently there's a way to have casting time for combats, for attacks, skills, magic etc. with of course different sprites while the characters are casting. Or maybe to remove entirely the Time/bar system and rely only on the (currently) useless agility stat to automatically manage the order of everyone's turn.

-Switching to DynRPG
In any way, I'd like to know also if it's easy to switch to Dyn. Right now I'm using a french version of 2k3 (Version 1.09b francaise) which have, among other things, a functional "Enter Hero Name" which I use, for example. It was lightly patched to have custom intro image (when it says Enterbrain) , custom symbols (when using $a , $b etc) and a No Flash Patch to not have that flash when a combat starts (A million thanks to Cherry).

I hope it's easy to export a project to it, because mine is big and it would be tedious, not impossible, but very tedious to copy/paste stuff one by one in a fresh install of rm2k3. Maybe It's not a problem and I'm just being a big newb.. hehe.

Thanks in advance!
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