Poster Boy

Originally posted this as a status, but I got told it would be better as a topic so here goes. I’ve been thinking of ways I could make a couple of extra bucks lately. The economy is going to shit in Sweden (where I live) and the value of Swedish kronor dropped like a brick lately. So I’ve been thinking of ways to make up for that and I thought, why not sell some of my art?

The way I found to do that is by selling posters/prints etc. This is mostly a testrun, if it goes well, that’s great. If it doesn’t, I’ll just have to bear with it. From what I’ve heard, the competition in this business is, to say the least, murder.

Either way, if you ever thought that you’d like something I made on your wall, feel free to take a look. I’ll fill the shop out as time goes by. Also, if there’s anything in particular you think I should make send me a message. I’m open to any suggestions. There’s also the usual mishmash of stuff like phone cases, pillows and mugs:

Scrolling map to player [VX Ace]

So I've hit on a bit of a problem in VX Ace. I've been using scroll map a bit and for various reasons I'm not sure where the scrolling will take me. But I want the screen to go back to the player. Is there any way to scroll back the map to the player?

Summer of owly art

So as summer has come, I find myself with more free time than usual. And that means, at least for me, time to spend on the more creative things in life, instead of soul-crushing work. Hurray!
So I might put something here every now and then this summer. Here's what I made so far this summer:
The Lake

Attention to detail

So just now, I watched Braveheart again for the first time in many years, and being a bit older now than I am then, I noticed alot of small details that I didn't the last time. There's a lot of these small things in this movie that demands that the viewer actually pays attention to them. For example, Wallace is given this embroidered piece of cloth from his wife on their wedding. It's never overly zoomed in on or shown in flashbacks (that alot of movies seems to love to show you, presuming you're an idiot that can't remember something for more than 5 minutes).

This cloth follows Wallace through the whole movie, and it's a wonderful detail that I think gives Wallace some more depth than just a barbaric warrior (not that he's shown to be that). I love small details like this that demands that viewers, or for that matter players, pay attention to them without being important to the overall plot.

Do you put stuff like this into your creations? Do you have any examples from movies/games that you liked? It's mostly a visual thing, I guess, but maybe it's possible to do stuff like that in text-only stories? How would you do it?

Nostalgic game music

I just went on a nostalgia streak the other day and spent an hour or two listening to music from games I used to play as a kid. For me, the music from Crystal Warriors on the Sega Game Gear is probably one of the most memorable OSTs.

I used to play this game for more hours than I can count, but to this day, I have never met another person that also had a Game Gear, and much less this game. It's both a great game and the music is really memorable, a real hidden gem (or is it crystal?). Give it a spin on a emulator or something, if you never saw it before (it's turn based strategy).
Anyway, let's share some nostalgia inducing game-music, yes?

Owly Pixels

Recently I've been training my pixel-fu, specifically I've been trying to limit my color usage, which before this I hadn't really cared about at all. It's a somewhat new thing for me, but I've found that it's actually a lot of fun to limit yourself. Here's some of the stuff I've made during this training on a mountaintop.
First, my new avatar (18 colors):

A fishy thing (11 colors):

And a tentacle monster, every japanese schoolgirls nightmare (10 colors):

I'll add more as I make them.

Try something new

Draw something in a style you never use!
I'll go first, with something I made yesterday when I was bored:

Error with message in event [Solved]

I'm having some problems with an event, and I can't figure out exactly what the problem is. The error I'm getting is this:

It seems that the error appears when I press the button to skip the text window, but only sometimes.

The event in question is this one. I can't see anything that would cause any error at all. Anyone know what is happening?

Help me come up with (BIG) creatures

As some might know I'm working on a sci-fi game where you go from planet to planet and explore. The ultimate goal of traveling is to find undiscovered creatures, specifically very big creatures. When I say BIG, I really mean big. I mean 100+ ton creatures. I mean big enough that one screen is not enough to show it. I mean big enough that it will crush you just by looking at you.

I will need quite a few of these creatures, however. And so, I think some help would be nice. What I need is your idea of one, or more, creatures.

There's a few things you should keep in mind though.
It has got to be somewhat realistic, no fantasy type magic-spitting thingies. This also means for example if it is meant to fly, there has to be some thought behind how it does so.

ANY enviroment you could find in any place anywhere is fine (creatures living in space is a-ok as long as, again, it's realistic). It's probably better if it's somewhat unpopulated by humanity though, since they are meant to be undiscovered. Big creatures rarely go undiscoverd for long if they live next door to you. Humanity have spread out in the future in the game, but basically finding unexplored planets is no problem at all so this shouldn't be a problem.

Keep in mind how the creatures enviroment affects it, for example in a high gravity enviroment creatures will have crushing gravity to overcome to become massive, on ice worlds it will have cold working against it, etc.

Here's a template for those who like to follow these kinds of things:

Pictures are helpful but not needed!

Problems submitting resources

I'm feeling like a bit of a dum-dum here, but I cannot for the life of me find how to submit resources, specifically a tileset. Can someone clarify?
Also, I would suggest putting a submit button somewhere where you can easily find it in the Development/Resources sections. Maybe it's there, but I don't see it.
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