Ohhh this si so cute, This game will be a wonderful game, certainly X3

Eden Glosbe - Episode 1

Thank you, I will enjoy every moment (^ω^)

Densha Soul

yay, I have finished the game (^ω^) I feel a wonderful feeling and i can't stop Smiling ^///^
the game is so good, I had fun all over me and the story is so nice. my heart is thumping when i made a decision.
ohh and... I had a rebirth ending. thank you so very much for the wonderful game, and I wish you good luck (∩_∩)

Densha Soul

this is will be my first horror game. let's go ^^' and wish me a good luck, please

When life gives you lemons...(Part 2)

good luck :3


Let's give this game a try shall we :3


the picture is talking to me saying "play me, play me"

The Stoneville Mystery

It looks interesting (∩_∩)
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