Snowy is an amateur composer and game designer who's currently in the process of trying to turn his hobbies into a career. He has been dabbling with RPG Maker for many years, but is yet to release a complete game. Music is his main creative focus, and his contributions to the RMN Music Pack earned him the Judges' Choice award, and he also joint-won the Community Choice award with Miles "Kunsel" Mulet. He currently lives in Devon, United Kingdom, where he is only occasionally annoyed by seagulls.



RMN Music Pack 2

Well... cock. It's looking like I'm going to be away from the studio for another month. I'm really starting to feel tired of how full-on this year has been for me. All I want to do is be able to sit still for more than a few weeks and get settled into a routine.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some music made in late September.

RMN Music Pack 2

Yup, I finally rise from the grave. Sorry I'm hopping on a little late - I've had a busy month.

I've also noticed something lacking: pressing Ctrl+F on either page of this thread and typing in "folk" yields zero results. I guess I've found a niche to slip something into.

For starters, there's a track I've had knocking about in my head for a long time that I started hashing out a rough doodle of recently. I envision it working well for a floating sky city or fortress or somesuch, in a fantasy setting, though it could just as easily work for a mountaintop town of dragon-riding knights or a completely terrestrial city ruled by magi; regardless, it has an air of fantasy to it. Though my brother (quite justifiably) commented that in its current form, it sounds a lot like Age of Empires. That might give you an idea of its flavour.

I also have a suggestion for Happy: we could have a selection of generic track themes, such as "town," "battle," "dungeon," "church," "minigame," "story: upbeat," "story: slow," etc, much like how RPG Maker splits up its factory tracks, and keep a count of how many accepted tracks currently fit into each; possibly another list for how many of each are in the works, too. This'd give an at-a-glance view of the current balance of the project across the board.

M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack: Now Available!

If a mod thinks this thread is in the wrong place, they're welcome to move it. (Edit: and it looks like they have.) I did my best with the given forum descriptions.

Bought this music pack! :DDDDD Wonderful stuff!

Thank you so much!

M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack: Now Available!

Is this the correct forum for this thread?
Seems to me it should go in Creative Corner.

"Do not post or request games resources here." I thought so too at a glance, but the Creative Corner's description made me think otherwise. From reading that, I thought it was for general art and creations that weren't game assets.

M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack: Now Available!

M-DRIVE, the 16-bit music pack, is now available to buy! It's a varied collection of music and sound effects that are inspired by a certain classic 16-bit games console of the early nineties. You know, the one with a controller that looked like a fat boomerang and a TOTALLY RADICAL spiky blue mascot. Yep, that one.

Each of M-DRIVE's music tracks and sound effects has been lovingly crafted using the same synthesis method as the original console's Yamaha sound chip, in the styles of many of the games I grew up loving. When composing, I tried to hold the idea of an action RPG in mind, but the pack is open to several different game genres. M-DRIVE's audio is optimised for use with RPG Maker, but can be used in any game engine.

Find out more and pick up a copy here!

Have feedback or questions or just want support? Drop them down below, or direct them over to the official discussion thread over on the RPG Maker Forums. Honestly, I'll probably see it sooner if it's posted over there, but I'll try and keep an eye on here too.

M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack: Price?

<A lot of helpful suggestions>

That's a lot of helpful suggestions! At this point, considering that this is my first commercial release, within or without the RPG Maker community, amongst which I am pretty much unknown, I am erring towards sales numbers and growing a following rather than pure revenue. Having more people hearing and using my music will be more valuable to me in the future than a few extra Quid today, in more ways than just financially.

M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack: Price?

I mainly make RPGs, and I often am puzzled that a lot of music packs don't always check off the basics for songs needed in an RPG. Like, it seems strangely hard to find like basic "short victory fanfare" songs or "short rest at an inn" songs in some packs. I would be even more excited if your pack contains music like that as well.

It absolutely does! There's a game over jingle, two item jingles, a victory fanfare, and an inn jingle. 16-bit birdsong is fun to make, as it turns out.~ I think the reason a lot of music packs don't bother with those is because RPG Maker already comes with them. Since the RTP music tends not to sound like a Mega Drive game, though, I thought I'd better make some, so people could keep their games sounding consistent.

There are still more tracks that I would consider essential to an RPG that are conspicuously absent from M-DRIVE, which I simply never got around to - there's no castle theme or end boss theme, for example. I had to call it done and release it sometime, though. My goal was to provide enough music for a small game, and I think I achieved that, even if it doesn't cover all the possible bases.

I may make an expansion or even M-DRIVE 2 sometime, though, to include more of those missing tracks.~

M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack: Price?

I was using RPG Maker Web as a means to compare what you have to other DLCs in terms on the number of tracks. I think $14.99 USD is a common price for what you're offering.

Thank you for your input! Honestly, I was thinking closer to the higher end of my suggested range, when I compared it to other music packs on RPGMakerWeb - I was trying to be as objective as possible, and besides the number of tracks, I was also taking compositional complexity into account. Still, $10.00-$15.00 seems to be the range most people are suggesting.

Sales are also a thing, though, so if the pack were put up at $20.00, there would still of course be times where it would come down to the more popular price. Or do you think you would already have been put off by that point?

And on top of the % your publisher takes, Steam takes 30%. Best case scenario is to make most sales on RPG Maker Web.

I was aware of the cuts Degica and Valve take. Honestly, as far as music publishing goes, I think they're both quite generous in that regard. I am also going to be releasing the pack through my own website and wherever else I can get it onto - my deal with Degica is not an exclusive one - but from what I've been told by other composers, Steam sales are where the most buyers will appear, and it can apparently be more than enough to offset the reduced price and cuts taken, so I'm considering it a very worthwhile route.

As a publisher, having already read and signed my contract with them, I'm finding Degica fine people to work with. They don't make many demands, and the ones they have made are very reasonable.

M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack: Price?

Greetings all! I'm Snowy, a composer and sound designer, and full-time fluffy thing. Please allow me to introduce my first entry into the RPG Maker music pack world: M-DRIVE, the 16-bit music pack!

...Hang on, let me just boot it up.

The music pack contains:

• 14 BGM tracks
• 5 ME tracks
• 16 SFX
• All of the above in multiple file types and formats suitable for every version of RPG Maker, including M4A versions for exporting to mobile, and MP3s suitable for listening

Each of M-DRIVE's music tracks and sound effects has been lovingly crafted using the same synthesis method as its 16-bit console inspiration's Yamaha sound chip, in the styles of many of the games I grew up loving. When composing, I tried to hold the idea of an action RPG in mind, but the pack is open to several different game genres - including, of course, more traditional, turn-based RPGs.

The pack is currently scheduled for release sometime in mid-May, though there is still a chance that that might change. However...
your feedback is wanted!

I'm still in discussions with Degica about the pack's sale price, and I thought it would be a good idea to get the community's input on the issue, including over here on RMN. How much would you be willing to pay for M-DRIVE? $15.00? $25.00? Somewhere in-between, even more, or even less? Please, share and discuss your suggestions below!

More information on M-DRIVE, more audio previews, and a demo game, can be found on my website.

As a side note, I would like to point out that the final price is not my decision. It's Degica's store, and they set the price. I can only give them my suggestions.

Summoner of Sounds

A Game for Two Players update!

I've spent a while today fiddling a bit more with the track. The guitar is now a few shades softer, and is joined by the dulcimer. Both have been given a few little flourishes to help back up the other instruments here and there. The percussion has also received a few little extras, adding a little breathing space at the very beginning and, if the track isn't looping in a game, at the end.

Other than that, I've given the mix many little tweaks here and there, using EQ to give a little boost to the high end of the bass and the claps' mid-range. The claps also have a touch of chorus for a little more crunchiness and presence. The rest was mostly just volume and pan tweaks. Overall, I think the track sounds a lot more balanced now. Let me know what you guys think.

A Game for Two Players 1.1 (MP3 version)

A Game for Two Players 1.1 (OGG version)
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