I'm an amateur composer and game designer, currently trying to turn my hobbies into a career. I've been dabbling with RPG Maker for many years, and recently also started tinkering with Godot, but I'm yet to release anything more than a small prototype.

Music is my main creative focus, and my contributions to the RMN Music Pack earned me the Judges' Choice award, and I also joint-won the Community Choice award with Miles "Kunsel" Mulet. I also contributed to and mastered its sequel, RMN Music Pack 2. I currently live in Oxfordshire, England.



1.44 Floppy Disc Event

I was totally on board with this idea, but alas, it doesn't look like I can export a game from Godot that's smaller than 30 MB - at least not in a form that would be playable out of the box.

I could do something in RPG Maker XP, since I still have that, and it can output some pretty tiny files, but I honestly want to be focusing on getting better with Godot.

Good luck to everyone else, though!

RMN Christmas Card 2020

Snow now comes with music! At first I tried it as an MP3, but the loop sounded terrible with the format's inherent 40ms of silence at the start. So I've made it a compressed WAV, which makes it sound pretty period-accurate to RPG Maker 2003 anyway.

RMN Christmas Card 2020

I've submitted a Snow and some things for him to say. Let me know if the sprite sheet needs reformatting - I'm not up to speed on how 2003 handles them, so I just went off the provided example.

RMN Music Pack 2

It finally lives! I had a blast working on this pack. A huge thanks to Liberty for seeing to its release after its long dormancy.

And thanks also to everyone who contributed, and to the rest of the judges!

RMN Music Pack 2

So... how much longer are people going to have to wait for this thing? It's been just about as long since we decided to get the pack published without Happy as it had been at that point since he'd disappeared off the radar. I wouldn't be surprised if people have started posting their tracks elsewhere. I'm very tempted to do so myself.

RMN Music Pack

One should keep in mind that if they too have switched from non-commercial to commercial, they should remove these songs from their game. Also, if you are planning on making a commercial game with these songs, it's a no-go due to the license.

While that is the default agreement for using the tracks in this pack, developers are also free to contact the composers and ask for their direct permission to use the tracks in commercial projects. A few developers have asked me for that permission, and I have given it, along with a reminder that due credit is also expected.

RMN Music Pack 2

hey, I have been bit away due virus, am I able to participate yet with finishing songs?

If you have anything updated to submit, submissions are closing for judging after tomorrow (Friday, the eighth of May). I've just stopped back in myself to upload my updated tracks.

Scratch that, it looks like the upload button has been disabled. I'm guessing we need to send the tracks directly to Liberty?

RMN Music Pack 2

I'm getting anxious, too. I wish Happy would at least give us an update to let us know whether it's on hold or what. I'm considering withdrawing my tracks if this silence continues for much longer, and releasing them through my own channels instead.

RMN Music Pack 2


This here's a very small, very simple one. It was partly an experiment to see if I could get a track's key, chords, rhythm, etc across with a melody alone. I liked the result enough to submit it. Many have commented on its suitability for a flashback scene. I also think it could work for other quiet moments in a story, though it would probably be too sparse a theme for use outside of such events. I'm willing to be surprised, though!

Loop points for conversion:

This was a lot of fun to compose. I'm finding this "notate everything in one instrument first" technique to allow for a lot more complexity in chord choice without fear of everything blurring together. The track started with a very simple idea: to create a theme for a tactical battle system, whether for a TBSRPG or simply for tactical battles that appear within a more traditional RPG. It could also work as the theme for a cocky tactician or an enthusiastic soldier. Depending on the tone of the game, it might also fit as a castle theme or even a world map one.

Loop points for conversion:

RMN Music Pack 2

Turns out I'm on a roll this week. I've got a second track made and submitted - since Caverns was by far my most popular entry to the last RMN Music Pack, I figured I'd better do another dungeon theme; though this time, I thought I'd go for something a little different.

I composed Desolate Pass whilst envisioning the hero's arduous traversal of a rocky, high-altitude desert, or the scorched, acrid rim of a fiery volcano. Neither place is without its hazards, be they steaming pits or flame-bodied monsters, yet the dangers of both are belied by their natural beauty. If anyone reads this, I'll be interested to see what maps they might make to set this tune to.~

Feedback on both this and Sky Citadel is, as always, welcome and encouraged. I'll also try and find the time soon to give some feedback of my own, should anyone desire it.

Loop points for conversion:

EDIT 11.10.19
Track number three! This one's an event theme with a simple premise: the party have trekked and fought for hours on end, but finally, they have come across a place of safety where they may rest and reflect upon their journey. Perhaps an unexpected deluge has forced them to stop and take shelter; perhaps they've camped for the night and are discussing the adventures ahead; or perhaps they find themselves in a friendly town, its once-bustling streets empty beneath the cold night sky.

Full disclosure - this started life as a slight variation on the RPG Maker 3 Editor theme, as I'd thought to myself, "what if this were an entire piece, rather than this simple little loop?" So, yeah, should anyone notice it, the similarity is somewhat intentional.

Whatever people use it for, I'm happy with how it's come out. I was trying another new compositional technique, composing most of the track first in one instrument (pipe organ, none of which remains) before reassigning its various parts. It's streamlined the process a surprising amount, and led to less cluttered-sounding accompaniment.

Loop points for conversion:

EDIT 29.10.19
Updated to Desolate Pass v0.03
Mix tweaks, quality of WAV reduced to actual bit depth and sample rate to save on file size (24-bit, 48kHz)

Updated to A Moment's Respite v0.03
Compositional tweaks (felt the fiddle trills added a bit too much punch for its part, so removed them and went for smoother expression), mix tweaks, quality of WAV reduced to actual bit depth and sample rate to save on file size (24-bit, 48kHz)
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