Boss Project V: Dead Space

I hope we get to see this online again. I played all the other Boss Projects and they're awesome. This is the only one that lasts. ^^"

Fable of Heroes I: Legendary Edition

Can't find the Diamond Edge Armor... did I miss it in some random dungeon? Got everything else except it.

Carlsev Saga: Episode I

I'm trying my best to not check the demo because I don't want to be spoiled of the story.
I loved it so far, so I'm willing to wait for a great game like this one. ^^

Oh... and about the review, if you can wait I prefer to make a review after beating the "last version", 'cause I already forgotten some details to make a in-depth review.
Sorry about that, Deckiller, but continue with your projects, please.
Thanks a lot!

Carlsev Saga: Episode I

Will there be another release after this one here?
I think I'll wait for it, then.

Btw, I'm anxious about the sequel.
I hope it turns as great as this one. ^^

Awesome Quest

He is only sharing the Game.exe, that's why. We need many other files than that. lol
So... until he disponibilizes the complete download. No game for everyone here.

Carlsev Saga: Episode I

Hey Deckiller, what changes did you made on this version?
I'm thinking of replaying Carlsev Saga, it's a great game!
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