Well, hello there. Make yourself comfortable while you browse this, the sparsest of pages.

I have henceforth dedicated myself to playing the tsukkomi, because everyone in my life seems to be a boke. Here I come, you idiots!

"Riaru nante kusogee da!" -Katsuragi Keima, The World God Only Knows



Huh, I have Makerscore now? What did I do? Who did I hug!? o-o

All the hugs! :3

Boy land on a straned island... oh sorry its the RMN. Say hello!

Nightowl: Now that's just uncalled for. I third squishy!

But seriously, Firen, welcome. We're a little crazy here, but I think you'll be just fine.


I was legitimately trying on my horror game then realized it was unintentionally hilarious.

Comedy horrors are great. :3

Since when has RMN had statuses!?

Since now. ^_^

Since when has RMN had statuses!?

Since forever, I think.


Welcome! An RPG-novel, you say? Curious. Good luck with it!

Greetings, to all

Greetings to you too. Have fun working on your games! ^_^

Hello there

Hello there! Welcome and enjoy your stay!

If you need translators, I'm sure there are a lot of people here who can help.


Yo! Good luck with the contest. I'm sure you'll do well. ^_^

It's just so hard to make life turn out right. And all too often, the struggle itself gives no reward.

Indeed. Stagnation is a dangerous thing.