RPG Maker 2003

If you happen to have a project you have been working on unofficially and then purchase the official version of rm2003, are you able to import that same game folder and continue work on it? Or are there any issues if you go from an unofficial version of rm2003 to the purchased official version? Thanks in advance to any one who responds.

Jeremiah George - Orchestral JRPG Composer for hire!

Just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your music, I've followed your work since I first heard your tracks in the RMN music pack (Composed malevolence, Valiance and Royalty of Sin.) Love hearing whatever new tunes you release! If I was further along on my project to where I had any sort of presentation, I would love to inquire about your music for the soundtrack.

For now, just wanted to share my appreciation of your work, and say good luck and hopefully someone takes up this offer to add such quality music to their project.

Momeka's Pixel Art

I love your artwork and style. Your graphics are very creative and are inspiring for me to work on my own project(s.)

I also enjoyed both the Betwixt demo and Grimps. I look forward to seeing any future works you might create.

Composer looking for more work

Are you still available?

I am setsuna

I haven't played it, everything I've heard about the game is that it's a bland throwback jrpg mashup of Chrono Trigger and FF10 but with even more boring combat than CT*. $40USD is way too much to risk on that so I'm going to wait for either a killer steam sale or a decent LP to see if it's something that tickles my fancy because everything I've seen and heard so far is "No".

*iirc it was something about mages being absolutely useless and two guys having some Browbeat move that is absurdly OP or something? Been a while and it's second hand info so I might be wrong on something here.

I definitely agree that 40usd seems too much and usually I think I would find myself passing on that price tag, but I really didn't mind so much since its showing some support for classic JRPG's especially since they are so rare these days.

Yeah, there is a move called Blowbeat that is insane on most enemies (except for bosses. It still does its job to inflict some okay damage, but its not a one-hit kill like is usually is with mobs of lesser enemies.)

RyaReisender really nailed a lot of the game with that mini-review. Its got some flaws for sure, but I can honestly say I enjoyed my time with it. It was made by such a smaller team than your usual commercial RPG and they tried a few different things/took a few risks. I like to try and support that work and hopefully they make more games that fit the turn-based/ATB/CTB/whatever style. Its my favorite type of game and its obviously died off since the early 00's.

I personally liked the all snow setting, though I understand the opinion of it getting repetitive, but its something I haven't seen before. But I do have to admit that kind of stuff already appeals to me, I just love winter/snowy settings/ice caverns/etc.

The very beginning had the problem that the characters didn't seem very interesting. Lucca and Marle weren't exactly deep and complex characters, but they still caught my interest way better than Setsuna and A-something. I may be wrong, but the characters came of to me as rather uninspired.

Some characters didn't really catch my interest either, especially Kir. However, Endir (although he appears to be the flat silent hero at first,) Setsuna, Nidr and Aeterna were great and I was interested to see where the story took them. CT was like that with me too though, the only four that had my interest were of course Crono, Lucca, Marle and Frog until late game. The others that you get in the time periods (aside from Frog) were not very interesting to me.

I am setsuna

Anyone played this game yet?

It came out last month by a new rpg development team called Tokyo RPG Factory (as a part of Square Enix.) They advertise it as a throwback to 90s rpgs, with an obvious inspiration of Chrono Trigger.

I just finished it today and I absolutely loved it, it was just a blast to play. Its a little on the short side (though, that isn't always a bad thing. With getting older and having classes and work, sometimes its hard to sink 40 hours into a new RPG.) However, it has a fun battle system that is a definite throwback to CT with some new elements mixed in. The ability and flux system can be as deep or shallow as you want it; I actually spent a quarter of the game playing it one way, then realized I could be doing sooo much more so I switched things up on what I was using and how I was using it. As a first title from a new RPG dev team, I can't wait to see more from them.

Anyone else played it? Opinions/thoughts of it?

The Full and Complete Prologue is Here!

I downloaded and was ready to play, unfortunately it popped up the error " Unable to find VI. Gothic font. " Is there a font file I need to pick up somewhere? :/

I loved the previous demo, I look forward to playing this new one. :]


I can't wait to try the demo when it comes out. :] I love the look of it, very charming. I'm interested to see where this goes.

With all the custom mechanics and graphics, Any interest in a custom battle system for the game?