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Anyone played this game yet?

It came out last month by a new rpg development team called Tokyo RPG Factory (as a part of Square Enix.) They advertise it as a throwback to 90s rpgs, with an obvious inspiration of Chrono Trigger.

I just finished it today and I absolutely loved it, it was just a blast to play. Its a little on the short side (though, that isn't always a bad thing. With getting older and having classes and work, sometimes its hard to sink 40 hours into a new RPG.) However, it has a fun battle system that is a definite throwback to CT with some new elements mixed in. The ability and flux system can be as deep or shallow as you want it; I actually spent a quarter of the game playing it one way, then realized I could be doing sooo much more so I switched things up on what I was using and how I was using it. As a first title from a new RPG dev team, I can't wait to see more from them.

Anyone else played it? Opinions/thoughts of it?

Looking for an (inner) tent chipset..

I'm looking for a chipset that will work as the inner part of a tent. For an example, sort of like the tents in the rm2k3 game Fey (in the desert). Its for a small settlement/camp. I have looked around, but tend to only find the outer parts of the tent. Unfortunately I'm not a very good artist, so I usually just edit things. Anyway, If anyone can help me out with an inner tent chipset, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance, and thanks for anyone who took the time to read this topic.

Looking for a modern or futuristic train..

Okay, I really hate requesting resources and I'm not trying to be a lazy bum..but..I can't seem to find any good modern/futuristic trains. I have only found those steampunk trains made for VX-ace (which are extremely nice, just not very fitting for my game). Anyway, I'm looking for the outer graphic of the train, (though if there is a inner chipset or picture for it, that would be amazing as well!). If anyone has made a modern/futuristic train, or knows where to find one, I would really appreciate it! If not, I just figured it was worth a shot! Either way, thanks for reading. :)

What areas of RPG making really hinder your project?

After working with RPG maker for quite some time, I always find myself running into the same problems. My question is, What part of rpg making do you find to be the worst? What really slows you down? and how do you get through that process?
(I apologize for the similarity to the topic about which maps really drain your motivation to make, but I'd like to discuss the most un-motivated areas of game making as a whole.)

For me, I really enjoy making systems. I love doing battle systems and menus. I love writing stories and character ideas. After I get all this mapped out, I always run into a brick wall. Graphics kill me, and working within the boundaries of chipsets kill me. I find it the hardest to keep a consistent graphic design throughout the game unless you make all custom graphics. Which for one person is really overwhelming. Mapping is also a motivation killer for me. Unless I am doing simple rooms or something of that nature, I always find it such a challenge to get it the way I want it to be. Especially when it comes to towns or cities, and certain dungeon areas.. And world maps. >_> The mapping and graphics always seem to be where I stop and lose motivation, and then take a break, and eventually jump to a different project that in theory, seems easier to make in that department. Then rinse and repeat, and I find myself not wanting to settle so I try to outdo what I have already made, and then I get lost in the revising process.

What is the hardest area for you, when making your game? How do you go about solving that issue? Where do you draw the line between settling for something and realistically setting limits for yourself?

Rainbow Moon

Its a playstation network exclusive (tactical) RPG.
Its actually pretty fun, its only $15 and has an insane amount of content for that
price tag. Most people are clocking in at 30-100 hours, and there is even a ps3 trophy for hitting a 100 hours, and another for levelling your character up to lvl 500. I'm currently in at 17hrs. The battle system is tactical, but its more simplistic than say..Final fantasy tactics or Disgaea, and you only have 3 characters per battle. Its definitely an oldschool grind rpg though, there isn't much to the story or characters, and its actually kind of comedic in a way.. But the gameplay is where it shines, it has an addictive battle system, crafting, etc. Its been awhile since a classic style rpg even came out for consoles (well..that I know of. Not counting like FFXIII or XIII-2..). Definitely worth checking out.

Anyone else been playing it, or know of it?

Thoughts on this levelling/stat system?

I was just looking for some feedback/opinions on this idea for a level-up system, if it sounds like it would be interesting, or if it sounds lame, any ideas or things to improve?

Basically, You gain GP (growth points) after every battle, and you use the acquired GP to equip items called Growth Augments. You can only equip one at a time and each augment has a specific chart that it follows, giving stat boosts along the way. For example say, you have and equip the warrior augment (which will focus on hp, strength and defense only), it has a chart like this:

(50gp)- HP + 40, Str + 1
(200gp)- Str + 1, DEF + 1
(400gp)- HP + 40
(500gp)- Evolve and level up.

When you evolve this augment, you keep stats gained from it (by this point, 80 HP, 2 Str and 1 Def), Gain a Level and obtain 2 new Augments which are evolved forms of the Warrior chart; Protector and Berserker, that you can now equip and use. Protector which focuses on HP and agility, and Berserker which will increase strength and defense.

You keep augments until you 'absorb' them so to speak, which is an option that becomes available once you gain enough GP to afford the cost at the end of the chart (in this case, 500). But even if you evolve them, (like the warrior type) you could find or purchase another of the same kind if you want to focus on those same stats/just want to have that chart again.
So they are basically like armor or an accessory, you continue to gain GP and the more you get the more you get enhanced by the current augment you have equipped. If you unequip it before you absorb it, you lose the stats but keep the GP. However, then you can equip a different augment using the same GP you have acquired and gain the bonuses from it. so say your lead character has 200gp to his name and in above example he equips the warrior type, he gets the HP + 40 STR + 2 and DEF + 1 boosts right from the start. However, if he unequipped it, he would lose those stat bonuses. If you reach 500gp (using the above example) and then chose to evolve/absorb it, then you would permanently gain those stats, actually level up, and gain 2 new augments (however, losing the current one) at the cost of 500gp.

Levelling up allows you to equip better augments, equipment and weapons. Some require you to be at a higher level to actually equip them, So if you never evolved any of them then you could never equip any other augments aside from the initial types.

But each one will have different GP costs, stat boosts, and so on. so if you don't have enough gp to evolve one, but you want more of a specific stat than others you could equip the proper augment for now to give you those boosts. (Like one might be more focused on HP and so you would get HP boosts inbetween, while another has more agility boosts, but for an upcoming battle the HP would be more useful so you can swap them out for now, etc.)

You will also always have new augments/charts because you always gain 2 new forms of the previous one (so you won't ever be stuck in a bind of not being able to level up just because you don't have the right items, as long as you always evolve them.). You will also find them throughout the game in dungeons and shops and of course sidequests to gain extremely rare types.

Its nothing super complicated but it lets you have some freedom on how your character develops and what stats you want to focus on.

Anyway, I'm pretty set on this idea but I would really appreciate any opinions or comments or criticism, because I'm always up for improving ideas or altering it if absolutely need be. Thanks in advance and for taking the time to read. :)

Kind of simple title screen request...

I'm in dire need of a title screen/logo. I'm awful at making them and I don't have photoshop or anything to make anything really good looking (I know some people are talented enough they can whip something out in MSpaint and make it look crazy, but I'm not such a talented person. >_>)

Just a nature backdrop, like a plain/field, grass (and flowers, etc.) kind of blowing in the wind, with a very cloudy sky. With the title "Remnants of Fate" on top, and with..for lack of a better term, blue'ish pyreflies (looking sort of like how it does in Final Fantasy X) coming up from the field and then wrapping around the title/logo, and then a blue colored, slightly decrepit hourglass by the front of the name (or kind of behind it/beside it, final fantasy or legend of zelda style.)
Anything else you want to add that fits in there is cool, if you can/want to make it look like everything has been painted, or drawn, that would be really cool.

Or even, something sort of like in the style of this:

Credit of course will be given.
Sorry if its a bit of a crazy request and if no one has time or something thats completely understandable, just figured its worth a shot. I'm trying to gear it up for a game profile next week if possible, so thats what I was on the hunt for the title screen now. Anyways, thanks to anyone who took the time to read this, and thanks in advance if anyone attempts it!

Working around cliche? Writing discussion..

RPG's tend to have atleast one (if not multiple) 'cliches' fitting in the story. In my opinion, it's impossible to find an rpg or game in general that doesn't include a cliche or two, because everything has typically been done before in some form or another. Ultimately, its how the cliche is executed that makes it worth while.

I find it interesting when writers can take cliches and put a unique spin to a fimilar element.

In the RPG i'm working on right now, I find myself with one huge cliche; where the group sets out on a "pilgrimage" of sorts, going to 5 different locations on their journey to complete their task. (However, nothing is 'sealed' that in doing so it free's, nor does it have anything to do with seals or that sort of thing. >_> Not that that is bad either, just depending on how its presented.)

Many games use this element admittingly, Final Fantasy X (although I also admit was a huge inspiration to me), Tales of Symphonia, any Legend of Zelda, etc.

but it's how that it is written and executed I think, despited being represented in another way in another game, that makes it a good story.

How do you go about working around cliches? Do you specifically stop yourself to rewrite parts of your story if you think certain parts come off too 'cliche'? What do you consider main RPG cliches? What ones tend to put you off when playing an RPG, to the point you're just bored or not interested in where the story goes from there?

Double topic debate: 1.Team projects? & 2. Custom battle system idea

So I had double the topics, instead of making two seperate ones back to back, I figured I'd just squeeze them together in this one. For opinions, criticism or debate.

My first topic is team projects.. I've been working with Rpgmaker 2k and 2k3 for like.. 5 or 6 years now and (sadly) don't have much to show for it aside from some good memories and some cheesy scrapped projects that never got to see the light of day and countless CBS ideas, some even coded until I lost interest. My problem seems to be that I refuse to settle for using the DBS (although I do find that most indie rpg creators actually make it work and fun, I do enjoy playing it, but I can't seem to find a way to make it work for me or my projects that leaves me satisfied with where I'm going with it.) so I aim for CBS, CMS and custom sprites and chipsets, music and so on. However, by the time I get so far into one angle of the project, the rest becomes overwhelming and I lose my motivation. I love programming battle systems and challenging myself and trying to come up with creative and new ideas on storylines/characters or systems in general, But I usually overload myself with graphics and new ideas I want to apply and I end up empty-handed. I just can't seem to settle for anything. Thats not to say I'll never finish anything, or that I completely lack motivation, but RPG's seem to plague me because my mind wants something bigger than I myself, alone, can do. Usually.

ANYWAY, I've read on most rpg maker boards that team projects usually fail from the start for whatever reasons. What is it that dooms said projects? I'm curious, cause in my opinion I think these would actually work out better because you could have various people working on different aspects of the RPG, soneone good at spriting working on battle sprites and animations ONLY, a mapper working on chipset graphics and/or mapping itself, a programmer working on the battle system and menu, etc. I would enjoy working on a part of a team, I think. The only thing that would make it risky is if as a graphic artist or composer or whatever role, if you did a lot of the work and the main programmer backed out or cancelled the game, leaving you with all of this hard work you had put in for it to not even see any real in-game time. Which does make it kind of unsettling to think about, but I still think a group project has more of a chance being finished than a solely made RPG (RPG's especially. Though for those who HAVE made and completed an rpgmaker rpg game by themselves, hat's off to you. Much respect for the work put in.) Anyways, Opinions? Anyone interested in this sort of thing?

Second off- A CBS idea that I'm really interested in programming (or trying to ^_^) but I wanted some opinions and criticism/ideas (always helps the motivation by getting your idea's heard. =])

The battle system features a 3 person party, turn based (order is based on Agility stat, compared to enemies as well.) Instead of standard commands in battle, you have up to 10 equippable slots per character to equip new actions/abilities/commands. There is also no general "Attack", but rather different versions of it (like a swordsman would have Slash, Slice, Impale, etc. each doing different amounts of damage.)

The player gets to use up to 3 commands during a turn for that character, creating a "String". All moves and abilities use up Stamina Points, of which each character has a max of 10. At the beginning of a characters turn, he or she recovers 3sp. So if you use a string that uses up 5 of your 10sp, you will get 3 of it back the next turn, leaving you with 8 to work with.

There are different kinds of commands, moves like break (might be called something else in the game, but yeah.) would shatter the defense of the enemy, allowing any extra hit following it to deal more damage. So you would want to use it first, so that the following two hits of the string will deal more damage.

Magic would work by "prepping" for higher level spells. By casting the same spell in a row, it will gradually get stronger each time. However, if you break the chain, it will lose its strength. Example: String of 3 commands = Fire, Fire, Fire. It will actually be casted and used as Fire, Fira and finally Firaga. But if you used your commands like this: Fire, Slash, Fire, Then it would just be played like that, since Slash broke the chain of Fire spells.

So if the player wanted a character to be a strong Black mage, they would have to equip the right spells they want them to use (like for the example above, in order to use Firaga, you would have to equip 3 basic fire spells out of your 10 battle command slots.)

More moves could be learned to combo with eachother as well, like as the same example; (once learned) Fire, Fire, Slash, would combo together to become Fire, Fira, Flame Slash (or something of that nature. lol) etc.

And finally, each command will have (or the player can add to) stat bonuses. Like adding a "break" (as explained above) effect to a normal move like Slash, or adding poison, etc. Or a stat bonus that will store the current string, allowing the second character to play off of it. Like, character 1 uses Slash (with break), Slash, Fire, (and that fire command store's the current string) then character 2 uses Fire, Fire, Ice. So it ends up being a 6-hit string, dealing massive damage. It would chain up like; Slash/Break (breaking the enemy defense for all following moves in this single string), Fire, Fira, Firaga, Firaga, Ice.

There are more ideas and things to add/flesh out, but thats the bulk what it would work with.

<_< Annnyway, whew.. That was a lot to type. If you read through all of that, I thank you for your time. :) Thanks for giving this a read, and for anyone who replies.
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