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[Poll] What is your favorite universe and why?

FF8's universe is pretty cool. It has trains.

And flying high schools.

And trains.

And an evil space witch jamming every radio frequency on the planet with messages about how much she wants to kill everyone.

And trains.

While not really a universe, probably the best setting ever was the Kingdom of Zeal in Chrono Trigger. From the moment you arrive it's so different and mysterious compared to everything you've seen before. It feels so huge and grand and there are so many parts of it you never get to see and you only get to visit it for moments at a time just heightens its mystique. Everyone there is so idyllic and spend their time dreaming or studying the universe. It all seems so magical! Then you get to the palace and suddenly it becomes very apparent that there's a lot wrong here. God, there's enough going on in Zeal that it could be its own game.

Net Neutrality FCC Vote

That is almost like if 'Let them eat cake' was in video form.

Net Neutrality FCC Vote

So maybe I'm missing something but instead of buying the site packages won't people just throw their money at VPNs or whatever ISP decide to respect net neutrality to be more attractive to consumers?

A lot of places, especially poorer, rural areas, don't have multiple ISPs to choose from. You pay what Comcast tells you to pay or no internet.

RMN Christmas Card 2017 - SIGN UPS CLOSED

I think I need to be the villain in the bad guy castle.