They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Hi I do art mostly but also do games.

Please read my comic, Patchwork and Lace. It's about a Lovecraftian Disney Princess dark mage and her superpowered undead partner hunting monsters and being bad at communication.
Yume Wheeky
What do guinea pigs dream about? Probably not this, but just roll with it.



Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening Review

Wow. ref to 7 yr old thing~!... Then again, it isn't on my re-reads, so...

More like 25 years old

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening Review

author=Sgt M
She... she what? o_O
She is the most popular character in game ~
She is better than both the salami and the bologna combined.

I appreciate this reference

Remnants Review

Thank you for making it! It was very cool.

Remnants Review

I think that having a more fully characterized main character would go a long way toward making it less boring; the dialog as written is very workmanlike and bland.

Which wouldn't be a particular problem if it weren't attached to a character! If it were narration, for example, then the player can mentally fill in the blanks of what the character might think of what they're looking at. It's just that, in giving it the character's voice, the game makes it duller without adding enough of a spark of character to make up for it.

Again, this is fairly nitpicky; the main reason I bring it up is that I really liked the game other than a couple of minor points, and I feel like the dev can make something even cooler if they take those points to heart!

Wyrm Warriors Review

What's stopping you?

Tales from Rotten, Moonless Nights Review

But that ending, though - Jesus…


Faxanadog/Lobster Quest Deluxe: the Lobster Saga Collection! Review

Thank you very much for the kind review!

The music in Faxanadog is from Faxanadu, as are the title card (with alterations), the font, and the concept of a society living in a tree. The rest is 100% pure Sooz, baby! :V

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening Review

Sure she looks like the usual blonde bitch character we see but here, we see someone who might seem selfish but she just wants to live and deep down she .

She... she what? o_O

Luxaren Allure Review

It's because we thought it would be the last game we would ever produce as a company, and it was a fantasy game.

G Review

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