They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Hi I do art mostly but also do games.

Please read my comic, Patchwork and Lace. It's about a Lovecraftian Disney Princess dark mage and her superpowered undead partner hunting monsters and being bad at communication.
Yume Wheeky
What do guinea pigs dream about? Probably not this, but just roll with it.




Some people are allergic to peanuts. Some people eat peanuts and gain energy from them.

Some robots eat electricity. Some robots eat old people medication. It's a great, big, beautiful world out there, full of all kinds of people and all kinds of robots.

What is a Stable Map size ?

I am just going to say, if "immersion" is your goal, a grid-based SNES-era JRPG engine is probably not your best choice.

What is a Stable Map size ?

I do need Big Maps to work with my Gameplay.

Why tho?

your game idea is too big

I thought this was just a general statement of fact applying to every game idea.

[RMMZ] Enemies doing way to much damage

I'm gonna go ahead and assume that, if your use of plugins is so loadbearing that you can't do basic diagnostic stuff by turning things off, your game's inherently, irreparably fucked and you need to scrap and start over.

Maker Score not updating

RPGMakerAddict is getting too powerful and the site is trying to stop them.

Imagine having quizzes/long exams on your birthday.

I feel like if there were a policy of no tests on birthdays there would be no tests

Release Maker Birthday~

IMO people who get in after the deadline but before the cheevos and strem happen should get like a half cheevo.

Like cut the graphic in half and give them half the score.

Or use this

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

For video game Midis, since 1996!

Ahh, my misspent youth!

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

Try sitting on it. That is how I get all my stuff to fit in my luggage.