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Black Winter Review

That's because its purpose is point out problems so the dev can correct them if he or she so chooses. To me, a review that just says "this is a bad game" isn't really complete. It has to say why and if the reviewer has the knowledge, he or she should apply it to the assessment. Also, you have to admit, having the couple arguing and then showing a flashback of them having the exact same argument is, just talking about it makes me want to rage on something...URGH!!! Why? I mean, why?

I was addressing more the "MINES ARE SUPER DANGEROUS YOU GUYS!" tangent and the long, long rant about running out of gas. (Which is, admittedly, probably the stupidest way to get them stuck.)

ETA: I'm not saying it's a bad review I'm saying Piano is funny because he chooses silly details to get into long tangents over.

Black Winter Review

This review is amusingly nitpicky. XD

Black Winter Review

Jeez if I'm ever banned please at least bother spelling ban properly on my profile pic >_<
your banne

ur bnadf

Black Winter Review

Jeez if I'm ever banned please at least bother spelling ban properly on my profile pic >_<
But it's tradition to spell it all wrong XD

EDIT: If I'm ever banned, change my custom text to "You're BANNE to me" or something similar XD

In fairness, the proper spelling is "banne."

Of course it's bullshit.

So his classmate played six hours over two days, beat the game and then wrote a review for it on his computer?
Also the other account in question had one other post previously, and that was a survey talking about stuff people might want to see in a game, both shared the very similar broken english.

The broken English bit is at least believable, given that I think these guys are all in the same non-English-speaking country, so I'd expect them to have similar verbal patterns there.

Still suuuuuper unlikely that it was anyone other than the suspect.

Black Winter Review

I didn't have many problems with the darkness (though I had to make some effort a couple of times) except from one of the rooms, right now I can't remember the name. I think it was the one with the fridges. Perhaps that's like that because my screen is bright at 100%. I really don't know if it makes a difference, though.

I'll try to work on a short review about this game, as well.

Aren't you involved in this game?

I'm pretty sure it's super unethical to do a review when you're helping the dev(s) out in some capacity.

Aww... I was about to play this game and make an additional review, to at least give him a different opinion on what may be a shared viewpoint.

Ah well. :P

Aww, Ratty, have you not read his response to everyone else's criticism? He's not going to listen to a different angle on the same thing, because he's in the "listen to critics" mindset. Once you see someone there, the best option you have is to sit back and enjoy the show as they get madder and madder that reality doesn't conform to the happy story in their head.

And/or make stupid jokes.

Black Winter Review

Senator, I served with Amnesia: the Dark Descent. I knew Amnesia: the Dark Descent. Amnesia: the Dark Descent was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no Amnesia: the Dark Descent.

Remnants of Isolation Review

Aww, thanks! I'm glad you found the story so touching; that was the most important part for us.

Luxaren Allure Review

As for the yuri label, I've debated that with myself a lot. Yuri is often associated with exploitative or pornographic content, so I understand why it would make people hesitant to try the game. Perhaps in the future I should go with just "lesbian romance" as a label?

I think it might even work well with not identifying it at all, just describing things normally and letting the viewer put two and two together; most people these days are past the "Wait... they're in love... and they're BOTH GIRLS?!?!?!" stage we grew up with. -_^

Or maybe put the yuri/lesbian keyword stuff in a summary at the bottom, so you can still get those sweet sweet search hits from LGBT game searchers and creepy pervs. :V

U.U.P. Gemstar Review

U.U.P. Gemstar Review

This will pressure Racheal to continue developing it.

One can only hope!