inuyasha demo

Lol, you knew it.


Your game is a cross between anime. Elfen Lied and Death Note? Also, you have bad grammar.


Isn't that RPG Maker VX, not a custom engine?

Fenrir: First Operation

There's a glitch between the second boss. You can find a right way and just come back, and it says that you beat it.

sonic and mario demo

Nocturna, what if these "worst games" were so bad that it was funny?

sonic and mario demo

This is hilarious. It's so bad, that I laugh every time I open the game with the RTP song once in a while.

Clever RPG

I'm surprised that there is no comments on this great game. I guess that some people are too lazy to play this.....
I would rate this a 4.5/5.


Great game. I finished this a few days ago.

The Burning Grail

I enjoyed this game. The battle system is fun, and the moving maps system. It's also a easy game, but I understand how hard you worked on this game.
Good job.

Naruto Secret of the kyubii

This game looks horrible. The Cloud picture in the battle looks like a poster of cloud, and your maps look plain. You need to add A LOT more detail into your maps.
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