Retro Game Challenge: The Best Thing Ever

Looks like an awesome game.

Clever RPG

I'm surprised that there is no comments on this great game. I guess that some people are too lazy to play this.....
I would rate this a 4.5/5.

Mokensen: The Swordsman

Looks like a great game. I might download this game someday.


Great game. I finished this a few days ago.


Wow, that's an empty map. You should work more on your maps.

Hi, I'm new here!

Hi, I'm new to RMN. I'm 18 years old, and I like trying out/reviewing people's RPG games and I also like anime. I'm currently working on a Zelda RPG.

The Burning Grail

I enjoyed this game. The battle system is fun, and the moving maps system. It's also a easy game, but I understand how hard you worked on this game.
Good job.

Suteki Review

Shut up about the RPG. It could be his first game. Also, you think it's a softcore porn game just because you watch too much porn.

Naruto Secret of the kyubii

This game looks horrible. The Cloud picture in the battle looks like a poster of cloud, and your maps look plain. You need to add A LOT more detail into your maps.
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