Runelords: Atramentus Rising

Hey, can you please tell me how to use that font? The default font is stuffed up and when i write a name like Eldeon, it will be 8deon or something. I really want to know how to change the font. It's really bothering me.


I love the style of the game, mate. Great game.

Untitled Action RPG.

Looks very cool. Hope you get atleast a demo.

Kinetic Cipher (Again)

Now I think this is a pretty good game and has a style of intelligence and having a serious matter. Good game Brickroad.


Sound like a really good game.

The legend of zelda:the link to the past:Remake

My game doesn't work. Dang nabit! It says somthing about the images I think because they are 8-bit. The game looks pretty good though.

The Haunted

Yes this game looks very, very cool but there is a exact problem as Mewd had said.

SimTopia Online

How can you make RPG Maker online? That will be so cool. This game will be a great hit and everyone will be playing if you finish it. Plz atleast make a demo. And can I help? Like making it? If I can plz send an email to me on RPG Maker cauz I used a fake email adress to log in because I had another acc but forgot the user. Thx :0

Mayor (City)

Wow! Unbielable!
You are a pro my man!!!
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