I am the co-founder of Flash games developer Megadev. I am responsible for all art assets, including in-game graphics, animations, frontend, titlescreens, marketing materials and general digital illustrations.

As an RMer, I created two critically acclaimed games/demos: NigSek: A Monster's Tail, and Idunn Ymiraldor. I have also made a few assets for people to use in-game such as tilesets and monster graphics, which are public domain.



Humble Indie Bundle #3

Awesome, I've participated in all the Humble Bundles to date. Am a big supporter of these (have always paid above the average)

Incidentally, they've now got a deal where buying the bundle lets you play the Minecraft Beta for free for a few weeks now. Ace.

Which game was the biggest disappointement for you?

Most recent disappointment for me would have to be Epic Mickey. Despite all the warnings, that leaked concept art hyped me for an experience unlike any other. What we got was a tepid, archaic Banjo-Kazooie clone with lots of repetitive stage designs and a wonky camera.

Skype Is Awesome. Anyone Here Use It?

Well that's a killjoy. Nice avatar though. Is that a self portrait?

What's your job ?

I'm a self employed co-director of Flash-based games company Megadev Games Ltd., being the artist/games designer for the team. It's been my job for nearly three years now, and at the moment we are developing a game for our new best friends Adult Swim, who are really awesome and pay us on time for our work.

By the way, whoever said you lose interest in playing games once you start working on them... totally on the mark! Though I still do play games, so it's not like it's a total killjoy or anything. Unless you worked in QA, in which case say goodbye to any enthusiasm you had for the next gen of consoles or anything like that.

Skype Is Awesome. Anyone Here Use It?

If anyone wants to add me, it's "voidjeans". Only do it if you're really cool though.
I was going to, ah but no, i happen to be terribly uncool........

Well, obviously. Look at your RMN score thingy, it's 0! You're like the bottom of the barrel of coolness, down where the uncool fish float after they've been shot.

I met SovanJedi today

Evitisop etiuq!

Skype Is Awesome. Anyone Here Use It?

If anyone wants to add me, it's "voidjeans". Only do it if you're really cool though.

I met SovanJedi today

Left-handed, huh......... why are so many creative people left handed ?

It was a flipped image, and I was drinking from a bottle of Adanac. True story!

I met SovanJedi today


From left to right; WIP, Jude, McDohl, Brickroad's brother and dad.

My wedding outfit.

It was great fun. I might wear this outfit to more strip clubs weddings.

I met SovanJedi today

I tried your approach Illustrious: funnily enough, it didn't do much for my chances. D:

Also I'm not crazy! Just eccentric.