I am the co-founder of Flash games developer Megadev. I am responsible for all art assets, including in-game graphics, animations, frontend, titlescreens, marketing materials and general digital illustrations.

As an RMer, I created two critically acclaimed games/demos: NigSek: A Monster's Tail, and Idunn Ymiraldor. I have also made a few assets for people to use in-game such as tilesets and monster graphics, which are public domain.


Knightfall: Death and Taxes, Puzzle RPG for PC and iPhone

Hi guys!

So, do you remember my company's two Flash games Knightfall and Knightfall 2 ? They were both pretty well received critically, and since then people have been asking us for a new one, particularly for platforms other than PC.

Well, I can proudly announce that, thanks to our swanky publishers Namco, Knightfall: Death and Taxes is available to play on PC, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. We have been working on it for over a year and it came out for all mentioned platforms earlier this week.

Among the new features, this version includes an extra playable character (Princess, Knight's wife) who learns different spells, gains different items and attacks differently to her husband. There are brand new enemies, items, bosses, a whole new location and a story-driven quest mode with over 100 floors to play through. Alongside that and the ever popular Endless Mode, we also have 2-character Endless Mode, Boss Rush Mode and Pet Protector Mode, along with achievements and leaderboards.

The PC version costs $7 (around £5/6 Euros). The iDevice version is a free download with purchase options for the extra stages and game modes - The Noble Quests (£2.39/$3.99/€3.19c) which is the rest of the main story mode, The Rewards of Bravery (£1.19/$1.99/€1.39) which is all the extra game modes, and Every Honour (£2.99/$4.99/€3.99) which is both of them at once.

Screenshots and Video:

Youtube trailer of the PC version

Namco's info page (and links for the PC version)
Flash demo (first island in Quest Mode with Knight or Princess

Plasticinémon - or, when Sovan has too much plasticine.

So I bought myself two big buckets of plasticine last week in order to produce something for a game mockup pitch to a potential publisher sometime next week. While the final product turned out alright if extremely time consuming, I have now ended up with an inordinate mountain of plasticine and nothing much to use it for yet.

So I thought I'd make some Pokémon with them!

(For those not in the know, they are starters from the newly announced Pokémon Black and White. The blue one is Mijumaru and the green one is Tsujaaju, but they are commonly known as Wotter and Smugleaf by fans. Well, until they get real English names anyway.)

Apologies for the bad quality cam, I only have an iPhone 3G to take pictures of this with.

And as a bonus, a Pineapple Dude!

Sovan Jedi's art topic of arty farty fun!

As if I will really ever continue on with these... ???

I posted these animated .gifs on the office forums as a showcase for my progression on each of these images. I'm fairly positive I've shown them off plenty of times anyway, which is why I am going to make your head bleed out of spite by showing them again! Ahahaha!

Both these images are WIPs using Corel Painter 9 and a Wacom Intuos3 tablet. I'd estimate that there has been about 4 hours work in each image at the current progression.

This be a character from the defunct-for-a-long-time Idunn Ymiraldor, named Levian (who also appeared in a Maya project in college). This actually derived from a sketch I did years ago of the exact same character and the exact same pose in traditional pencil-and-paper media, and I really wanted to "remake" it to do it justice. I swear I will finish this one day.

This was a piece of concept art for a shooter I proposed at work titled Screwshot. Heavily inspired by the sickly sweet Pop n' Twinbee, the girl (yes) pilots an interchanging ship which can sweep up broken weapons from the sky and pile them on as a sort of tiered powerup system. You could say "Twinbee meets Tetris" in a way. Too bad it never went anywhere.

I promise that once I actually have some NEW Painter images done I will update this topic with them. Or just post my old work, over and over again. I need to get some new stuff done. Hrm. :'(

(BONUS: Some other sketches I just found to go with the shooter game concept! I'm only linking them because they are huge sketches and I can't be arsed to resize them.)
The main villain of the piece, Duke Saitarie Crux.
The heroine's dad, Pa Grambles.

EDIT: 1st July 2007:

Lucky you, this is an entirely new piece! Meet my newest creation, Danté Swashboot! Although he was created with the idea of usage in a game he was not specifically created for anything in particular. I just doodled him one day and decided to commit him to digital form. You can probably see the natural inspiration from various Mario artwork in him, although I started off trying to emulate the Nippon Ichi style. Work that one out.

Another semi-original piece, the Clockwork Zombie. Somebody just asked me to sketch one of these one night, and so I did. Simple as that. Wasn't used for anything and never will be.

Sketches for a Bowser sprite to be made for the homebrew fighting enging M.U.G.E.N. - This fad died pretty much the day I started it, so no hopes of it coming into fruitition anytime soon.
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