Dragon's Crown?

I was going to ask the same thing. Been waiting for this to be released for months maybe I'll get it tomorrow.

HammerWatch Steam giveaway! Deadline is Thor's Day

oh i saw this on steam and it reminded me of an rpgmaker game. now i see it at rmn!

PS. was it made with rpg maker?

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

this game makes me happy

also reminds me of tokyo jungle


lol starpugs barrista pug


lol <3 poms the dog with laptop is hilarious

VX Ace Sale on STEAM

steam is kind of a pain in the ass. If I buy vxace from steam do I have to log into steam every time I use ace or can I just download the stand alone program and use a key from steam (if I even get one?)

Arcade Heroes

Working on game. If anyone wants to submit a game for the arcade they still can, they just won't get an achievement badge?

ps. thanks for the submissions guys.

Arcade Heroes

Arcade Heroes

You can use rtp or custom if you want. Something like space invaders for example could look a lot different than rtp (more like old atari 2600 graphics). But if you want to submit content for outside of the mini-game (like customer for the arcade) he should be rtp style if that makes sense.

Arcade Heroes

So which set of switches/variables are taken right now?

I think the only person who specified was arandomgamemaker:

"Alright, Im going to be using switches 95-100 and variables 81-100. "