Community Game - Seeking Gam Macker's

I am looking for game makers for "Arcade Hero"Clicky Clicky Linky Linky, an RPG MAKER VXAce community game. Arcade Hero is a business sim game where you are the arcade proprietor. I'd like to get a solid list of at least 20 games that the player can unlock or buy for their arcade.

So, here's the deal. Post here if you'd like to make a game. Let me know how many switches, variables, etc. you'll need and I'll give you a range for them. All game makers will receive whatever honors, credit, etc. I can bestow (developer, tester, etc.)

A little information about the games:

The games that I am adding are all spoofs of popular arcade and video games. For example "Road Fighter II" with Hya Ryabusa. However, your games do not have to be spoofs and can be original games.

Some of the specific game styles (in parody) I'd definitely like to add are

-Pac Man
-Space Invaders
-P.O.W. (Prisoners of War)
-Guerrilla Warfare
-Donkey Kong
-Dragon's Lair
-Double Dragon
-Altered Beast
-a railgun shooter

If you think you can design any of these (or would like to design something else to be included in the game) please feel free to post or message me directly.


Attention all Nerds: Text Based Adventure!

I have been bored with some of the threads lately and need some forum action to derail my game. As the last remaining champ of rmn mafia (rip Tardis-pours out some malt liquor) I thought that it was my right, nay, my responsibility to start a new mafia game. I was going to make a mafia thread with a medieval theme but then I thought "Why not host a roll to dodge game instead?"

If you aren't familiar with roll to dodge, it is a little like dungeons and dragons (I guess?) but is easier for people to get into without learning a million things.

Easy Guide
1. Players sign up and prepare
2. host/dungeon master makes story and throws stuff at them
3. players submits a line saying what they want their character to do
4. host/dm rolls a 6 sided dice to determine and post results of their choices

Roll Basics

roll 1 = epic fail + backfire
roll 2 = fail
roll 3 = can succeed or fail
roll 4 = barely succeed
roll 5 = succeed
roll 6 = epic success


Attacks go through 1-2 rolls. The first determines if it connects. If it does, there is a second roll to determine the amount of damage.

roll 1: Hit = Chance that you will connect.
roll 2: Dmg = If you do connect, this is the damage that you do.

roll 1: Evade= Chance that you will evade an attack.
roll 2: Block = Determines the damage that you take when you do get hit.

Step One: Choose your gender

Each gender has pros and cons.

Hit: -1
Dmg: +1
Evd: - 1
Block: +1

Hit +1
Dmg: -1
Evd: +1
Block: -1

Step Two: Choose your class

There are 3 classes: Knight, Soldier, and Peasant.

Knight - Rare. Knights get the most starter cash. However, if you pick knight and lose the roll, you become a peasant.

Soldier - Normal. Soldiers get a decent amount of starter cash. There is no roll when choosing soldier. All are auto-accepted.

Peasant - Common. Peasants get barely any starter cash. However, if you pick peasant and win the roll, you get a random special class.

Step Three: Get your starting $$$
Once you have signed up and told me your gender/preferred job class, I'll roll the peasants/knights to see what the person is going to be and then dole out the coin. Then you can pick your start gear with it.

Knight starts with $225
Soldier starts with $155
Peasant starts with $45

Step Four: Spend your starting $$$

(You can buy anything equal to or below your class.)


type info:


note: rigid armor carries a -1 evade penalty.


If all of this seems complicated, Do not worry about the details. You do not actually have to know what the numbers mean to play.

This game is very open-ended. If you decide to turn and strike the guy next to you on the head with your battle axe, you can (but expect everyone else to retaliate). If you decide to spend your turn sneaking or looking for an alternate path, you can. To make an action during the player-turn phase just write something in bold.

To Join:

1. Your gender
2. Your preferred class

This game will have an ongoing open enrollment but before we begin we need a party of adventurers. Once we start more people can post to join any time. Just ask to be added. Within the next few turns I'll try to work all the newcomers in the story.


Nm, solved!

Show Picture Until Button Pressed

Yeah so stupid question, but what's the best way to make it show a picture when I use an item and then remove that picture when I press a button.

I got the image to appear when I used an item with a common event in it. It stays there until the erase picture command is called. The problem is that I don't want to just set a delay, I want to let the user decide when he is done looking at picture by pressing x or something.

Not working with conditional branch...

Any ideas?
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