Nice mapping on the cabin.


For some reason I really like that system graphic.


Nice grayscale facesets. Unique.

Worst game you personally do like.

This probably only half-counts, but Neeverland Card Battles for the PSP. I recently pplayed the demo of it, and thought it was quite good. Then I looked it up on GameSpot and... 4.0!?!? WTF!?

The straight up BEST Final Fantasy

....X had the strongest story and gameplay.

Ditto, though FFVII is a close second.

Worst videogame character.

Hey, everyone in FFX is awesome, and I only disagreed with a few of the voice castors (including Yuna).

Now then..... worst game characetr ever.....

Don't ask me why, but John Walker or whatever from Project Snowblind. He just pisses me off.

Living Room.png

Linking an event to 2nd/3rd/4th Party Members in 2k3

Let me experiment with this a little.

Battle Animations "Flipping" Glitch

Never mind, I've figured out just the right spot to put my characters on the left without them flipping.

*EDIT* Actually it has to do with where I place the enemies. Go figure.

*EDIT2* You know what fuck it I'm just gonna do it the normal way. After hours of experimenting, I've given up.

Battle Animations "Flipping" Glitch

Thanks, GameOver. It looks like I will indeed have to swap my character/monster posiions, assuming it won't look really awkward. The sprites were made to be facing right so if I flip them it could screw them up, but I think it should work.