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Wii Friend Codes

Can anyone post their Wii system numbers so we can exchange mail and shmuff? All I've got on my Wii is my Yahoo E-Mail, just for fun. But I wanna be able to talk to you guys out of RM Network or Brawl.

EDIT: Almost forgot -- my Wii system number is 8832-9745-9101-9560. Register me and post your number here.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I FINALLY got my dad's internet router to work with my Wii, but my parents aren't not sure if they'll let me play Brawl online yet. It's because thei f*cking overprotective!!! If they decide I can go on, though, than I'll post my friend code here. I've alrady recorded (though not registered) all of your guyzes codes, so I'm good.

Share Your Poems!

LOL. Those are pretty good, though.


And then he smashes you anyway.

Alien Bounty (Progress Thread)

Eh, it'll take a while...
I'm not super fast at working, and I have limited time on the computer. I'm also trying to input a game clock, and I think I almost have it figured out....

Alien Bounty (Progress Thread)



A bajillian years in the future, there is a messed eup goverment. The goverment performs experiments to try to create a life from suitable to serving them. Some get luck; others are thrown onto the streets. For every success, there are 1,000 falures.

A being very much like humans has become the main life form on the streets. There is no law, however. You are one of these "humans," a bounty hunter living for one purpose and one purpose only: to fend for yourself.

-Reputation, Fame, and Affinity variables
+Reputation: How well others think of you
+Fame: How well you are known
+Affinity: Your good/evil status
-Different paths depending on the three above variables
-And more.

Try the demo at filefront.;9944024;/fileinfo.html
For the information page visit

Game Inspirations?

While I do make the story up as I go pretty often like brandon, Alter A.I.L.A. was definitely a big source of inspiration for Alien Bounty.

Top Ten Topic: Songs of the moment

Not in any paticular order:

Styx -- Too Much Time On My Hands
Styx -- Mr. Roboto
Five For Fighting -- 100 Years
Five For Fighting -- Superman (It's Not Easy)
Weird Al -- White And Nerdy!!!!!
Nickelback -- How You Remind Me
Ricky Martin -- The Cup of Life (Spanglish Radio Edit)
Bryan Adams -- Summer of '69
Europe -- The Final Countdown
Billy Joel -- We Didn't Start the Fire

Honorable Mentions:

Maroon 5 -- Can't Stop
Bob Seger -- Old Time Rock n' Roll
Kelly Clarkson -- Sine U Been Gone
Backstreet Boys -- Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
Backstreet Boys -- The Call
And a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog songs (lol)

Making enemies appear at the start of a battle

O.K., if you've ever played Alter A.I.L.A. by Neok, then you know how he has the enemies "appear" at the start of each battle? Well I'm trying to do that in my game, but it's not working out as well.
It involves a "dummy" monster that's visible but has no graphic at the start of a battle while the other "real" monsters are invisible. After the real monsters appear, the dummy monster does a forced flee.

For a single-enemy battle, the events for the monster group read:

<>Show Hidden Monster: 1:
<>Show Battle Animation: Enemy Appear, 1: (Wait)
<>Force Flee: 2:Dummy Monster

For a two-enemy battle:
<>Show Hidden Monster: 1:
<>Show Battle Animation: Enemy Appear, 1: (Wait)
<>Show Hidden Monster: 2:
<>Show Battle Animation: Enemy Appear, 2: (Wait)
<>Force Flee: 3:Dummy Monster

And so on.
The problem is that, while it works perfectly fine during a test battle, it doesn't let the dummy monster do a forced flee when I encounter the monster in the actual game. Anyone know anything about this?

NEVER MIND, figured it out.....