Newbie asking for RPG Recommendation :)

Yes, DEFINITELY Alter A.I.L.A. It does have a lot of swearing and some blood.... But oh well.


Wait... this is fake!?!?!?!!?

Share Your Poems!

Thanks brandon! I didn't know these poems were so good! (Granted, my mom liked them, but c'mon, shes my mom. She has to like everything I do). I was given the I Am From idea from my teacher (it was a class assignment, so I was forced to write it). Therefore, it wasn't totally my idea. Hoiwever A Night Out was my own idea. Really though, thanks for the compliments!!!

Alter A.I.L.A. Review

Wow, you really like this game don't you? I agree, really. It rocks!


Same here. Hopefully I'll be able to finish Alien Bounty....


Aliens!!!!! WOOOT!!!!!!

New Objective System

How does it seem like STB II? Great game, but how is it like that?

Share Your Poems!

So hey, I've had to write poems for my stupid Adv. Language Aats poem portfolio project crap and even though I hate it, I actually wrote some O.K. poems in it. In this forum, share any personally-written poems (don't steal!). Don't feel forced to share, it's completely voluntary.

I'll start:

A Night Out
As the thick thunder roars
a man gives
a rustled whisper
to another.

Moments later
the wavy screech
of car tires
over the hills.

The opaque glass
of a church
changes color
for an instant
as buzzing lightning
strikes down
on the land.

an evening dinner
is well underway
as two shady men
stroll in.
one with flashy glasses
the other nothing special.

The stammering crowd
Who are you?
Why are you here?

But the sheer elegance
of the moment
makes it soon
all vanish
with nothing
but a night out
to show for it.

I Am From...
I am from
a car freak.

I am from someone who
used to play with Hot Wheels
and spent hours building model cars.

I am from someone
who used to
though not anymore
play soccer
and race around the block
at blinding speeds
on his bike.

I am from someone who listened intently
to classic bands like
Boston, Chicago, and Styx.

I am from someone
who ate delicious Hershey's
And took a liking to Carrie Fisher.

I am from someone
who often watched Magnum P.I.
and read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys.

I am from someone
who used to say, “Get a life!”
from someone who
wanted to work in the auto industry as a little boy
and grew up in the Big Apple.

You could say
I'm from my father.

I'll post more once I finish my project.

how to put in characters

Try checking out this site:
Gaming World
It has pretty good turorials for the previous RMs, so it might have something for VX.

Worst video games you've played this year

I haven't played Boogie but by the sound of it I'm gonna second that Kentona. Scoring 500,000 over the Gold score on your first try is just sad. The game, I mean, not you.