This title screen kicks ass!

[Insert Title Here]

Is this going to be a game where you can decide which side to join? That'd be sweet. And I like your mapping.

Release Something! Day II [Discussion]

Sorry if this sounds a little sefl-centered, but did anyone besides loki123546 check out Alien Bounty?

Bone: The Movie?

I love Bone, it's my favorite non-manga comic of all time. I've read vloumes 1-7, and a movie may be kind of cool, but they better not make it live action, or that will SO kill it.


You might wanna change the background or type of land in this scene, it looks a little awkward.

Alien Bounty (Working Title)

Thanks for the support :)
I'm probably going to download that patch, yeah. Whats the link to it?


If you ask me, this game looks awesome! I absolutely love the battle graphics and message text! Stay with those!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Just got it two days ago it's awesome!!!!!

Interestingly enough, I got it at a Best Buy. Here's the catch: Not researved, and they still had like 10 copies left. Talk about luck.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!!!!

oh shit just found this in the videogames sction...


Stupid game ideas

Wow, I'll give this a shot:

Set it fantasy times, Witch's Fantasy has you playing as an amatuer witch as you rise up the ranks to surreme ruler of Witchville. You do this by playing tricks on people and baking odd thingamagigers. Try convincing someone it is, indeed, not butter, the ONLY magical trick in the game. Or, use a magical eyeball to spin a giant rope made of a substance of your choice to reach new heights -- literally!

OMG, that game sucks....

Try these three words on for size!