Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!!!!

Just got it two days ago it's awesome!!!!! Post any weird experiences, your fave characters, stuff like that here.

Interestingly enough, I got it at a Best Buy. Here's the catch: Not researved, and they still had like 10 copies left. Talk about luck.

We Did It First screenshot thread

Holy cheese, you just relesed the full DF One and you're already starting on the next!?!? Dude, you're motivated.

P.S. Nice town, really like it.

New Painting

Arbiter: Prototype

Looks good. Finish it this time!

MegaMan: Battle Excuete

Yes, I want to hear more about this.


Please Halp me!

LOL. But hes right, that's how you solve your question.

Release Something! Day II: The Sequel [March 20th]

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That's not really that good of an idea. CAMEOS BY FAMOUS VIDEOGAME CHARACTERS drags a game down.

Well, I personally want to include that character. Pert of the reason why I want to is for my best friend who moved away really likes that character, and I felt like putting them in for the fun of it. So I'm going to include one or two cameos regardless.

Like the battle music.
Thanks for not using the default first-person battle system. I don't know why, but I just hate that type of view. I like using RPG Maker 2003 better than XP or VX partially because of the side-view battle system.
Very interesting, though. Good job.

We Did It First screenshot thread

demondestiny's right, it does look good that way.