Sonic: the RPG

Same here, Quiversee. I actually kind of like that game, too. Let's hope he doesn't have to face your wrath LOL

We Did It First screenshot thread

Nice town -- I like it.

[RM2k/3] Message Box Special Character Codes

Thanks for confirming the colors, man. It helps me so I don't don't have to cycle through them, plus I always wondered what the squares of colors on the bottom of the "System1" graphic.

We Did It First screenshot thread

Huh, that is pretty dang good.

Sonic: the RPG

In my opinion, the battle interface isn't absolutely horrible, but it could be better. The graphics are pretty good and the map screenshot kind of reminds me of either of the Mario & Luigi games graphics.

Top Ten Topic: Playstation 2 Games

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You can live your life without M-rated games! The only Mature game I've ever played is Oldblivion, and look how well I've turned out.

That said, you like Jak II. What the Hell, I didn't know it was possible to enjoy that game any more than ripping your body parts off and eating them.

HOLY S*** SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY AGREES WTH ME!!!!! Ok, sorry if my post made it sound like I'm really mad that I can't play M games, but really, I don't care much. I have NEVER -- not once in my frickin' life -- played the full version of an M game. I can play all game demos (since they take out all the excessively bad stuff), but not full M games. One thing that doesbother me to hell, though, is that WAY too many people who are in my classes at school refuse to believe that games not rated M (or at least are a very violent Teen game) can actually be good. Part of me pities them, because they're missing out on some damn good experiences (Fire Emblem, Spyro the Dragon, Sly Cooper, Final Fantasy III for DS, Mario Kart, Zelda.... etc.), but it still bugs me when they talk like that. Oh, they also find it very hard to believe that I've never seen an R-rated movie.

Oh, and yes, I do kinda like Jak II. Honestly, it probably isn't one of my true top 10 PS2 games, but I find it to be a decent game. Not spectacular, but at least sort of fun. Definitely better than ripping your body parts off and eating them.

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Seriously though, how old are you? It's too bad that you're missing out because the current generation M-rated games are some of the best games ever made. Particularly on XBox360, big-budget AAA games aren't afraid to be rated M anymore because more gamers are adults or have irresponsible parents.

Well, first of all, I'm about 13 3/4. And yeah, part of me is a little bummed that many of the newer games are being M. Really high-rated games like Mass Effect, Halo, and GTA have to be all M. Granted, I can't even play the first two since I don't have an XBox or XBox 360, but still....

Ah well, I'm ok with it overall. And yeah, unfortunately, too many parents don't even pay the slightest bit attention to what their kids play. It's sad, but the truth. Oh, and I can't play first-person shooters either. I've tried and tried and tried to convince them to let me play stuff like Metroid Prime, 007, and Call of Duty/Medal of Honor, but nooooooooo, they have to be all overprotective.....

Top Ten Topic: Playstation 2 Games

lemme see, for me it would probably have to be something along the lines of this.....

10. Guitar Hero
9. Samurai Warriors
8. Jak II
7. Jak and Daxter
6. Sly Cooper and the Thievieous Raccones (or however you spell it)
5. Ratchet and Clank
4. Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
3. Star Wars Battlefront II
2. Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
1. Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Note that my parents are VERY strict about game ratings, so there are a lot of good games that are rated M that I can't play. Still, R&C ROCKS

We Did It First screenshot thread

If you're talking about my game, it's being made with RPG Maker 2003. I'm way too underexperienced to make it in GameMaker.

Phantasia 3

Dude, you got the curser sound from Final Fantasy VII, didn't you? I knew it! (Good taste)

We Did It First screenshot thread

Here's some screenshots of my new project, "Alien Bounty (VERY much working title).

You start the game here. At the top is what I have planned for radio tranmissions and such. It actually isn't a system, I just use "Show Picture" and happened to find the right coordinates. The window is for face graphics, though -- I didn't make a version of every box with every single face.

Basic combat. I'm debating whether to use the Gauge or Alternative battle system. I'm probably not going to use the Traditional type, though. (Note: I'm still working on the numbers for the system, so that's why some of the numbers are different.) Also, if you look closely inside the red circle, you'll see an arrow that may be used for my game as part of the System2.

The first choice you have in the game. Saving the kids will get you extra EXP and money, plus increase your fame, reputation, and affinity value a bit later on. (Those are variable that determine how well people know you, how good people think of you, and your good/neutral/evil status.) Of course, if you're in a bad mood, you can always let them die, which will still increase your fame and reputaion but decrease your affinity value (to make you slightly more evil).

This is what I'm planning to use for the start of any boss battle. What happens is, I start the battle music and have your characters and the boss appear in certain beats at the beginning. Then the "VS" flies down 3D-ish, and a few seconds later the fight starts. (If you're wondering, the boss music will most likely be one of the boss battle musics from Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean for Nintendo GameCube)

This is part of the first town in the game. The arrow shows how you walk on top of the bridge at first, then when you go down the steps you're under the bridge. Sorry if I'm a little too excited about this, I'm just glad I figured out how to do it.

Anyway, hopefully it looks half-decent. I suck at making custom sprites though, so anyone who's willing to help can PM me. Also, almost all of the sprites and tilesets, etc. are from Neok's Alter A.I.L.A. game. The bounty hunters stance is actually an edit of Orange from that game. Credit will be given as needed. I'm gonna make a custom system eventually, too.