Battle Animations "Flipping" Glitch

Not quite, Chaos. That check box is only for when attacked from behind. I'm talking about all the time.

I've sort of figured it out though. If my characters are on the left half of the screen, they're flipped. But if they're on the right side, they're not flipped. I'll have to say fuck it to my idea if this is the set-in-stone way the system works, unfortunately.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Oh, is this what used to be Alter Aila Variant?


Nifty Game Boy-esque art style.

Battle Animations "Flipping" Glitch

The problem is, the animations appear normally as the battle screen is fading in, at their correct postitions, but once the text box comes up, then they flip. Plus manually flipping them would still wouldn't take care of the position offsets.

Battle Animations "Flipping" Glitch

Yes, I have another problem. I'm choosing to use battle animations as my character battle sprites, but whenever I enter a battle (tested or in-game), all the animations "flip" horizontally, offsetting their placement and basically looking very strange. Every animation is 1 frame long, and this type of thing has worked for me in the past. Help please?

Linking an event to 2nd/3rd/4th Party Members in 2k3

Yeah I might need to wait for that :)
Hey what does IIRC stand for anyway?

This 'invalid color depth' thing is infuriating.

Irfanview is the answer! O.K., fine, you still have to use it on every ingle image, but it's easy and fast. Open up a 32-bit picture, change the color depth to 8-bit, and resave. You don't lose any quality n the picture at all.

Linking an event to 2nd/3rd/4th Party Members in 2k3

Is there ANY event or text code that can allow you to link an event to a character in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th slot of your party? I've searched and searched throughout 2k3 and all I can find is displaying the name only of the 1st party member. Is there anything that can do what I'm asking for? Do you need a plugin or something? Or is it simply impossible?

RM 2k Battle System in 2k3?

Well having the battle sprites for the chars would be nice, but couldn't I just do a "when this character enters field --> show picture" as battle sprites in 2k and VX?

I Kinda Have A World Map