RM 2k Battle System in 2k3?

Is it possible to make a battle system similar to the one found in RM 2000 and the Dragon Quest games, where you select all your actions at the beginning of a round and from there on it's automatic? I would like that kind of system in my current 2003 game, and I need battle sprites for the characters, so I can't go backwords to RM 2000. I remember seeing a tutorial about it somewhere, but I think it was taken down. Anyone have any ideas?

Pokemon BattleTeam

Although you may want to tone down the difficulty a bit....

Pokemon BattleTeam

I've played a bit so far... not too bad. Translation could use ome work (I can help you with that if you'd like), and the graphics are so-so, but has great potential, man. Keep going!

Vigour of the Fellowship(Demo)


or at least post a tutorial. I'm like racist against First-erson battle systms. I don't know why.

Your Game Sucks

I may just take your idea, Craze. Whenever I try to start something epic, it always fades away into nothingness. So I might try making a battle-oriented or otherwise small RPG or RPG-ish game.


Now that is one nice original title screen.

Last game you purchased?

007: Everything or Nothing (Xbox vers.) and Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits (PS2). Arc was $5, and EON was a wimpy $2, so what the hell.

EON was definitly worth it, we played it a ton at a friends sleepover a week ago. Arc I havent been playing much, though.

If you could remake any videogame which one would it be?

Golden Sun for GBA. It'd make one hellava Wii/DS RPG!


O.K., I get it now. Stinks that the DS game is Jap only (I need more DS RPG's!!!), but oh well....

Anyway, now I'm on the part where, after Ziggy and MOMO get rescued by Shion and the others, you have to destroy the mother ship (robo?). I was fighting with KOS-MOS, Shion (Front line), and MOMO (back line). The boss used the Tremor P attack at the very beginning of the battle, and, after healing my chars with MOMO and dealing a bit of damage to it, he used it again and killed all 3 at once. Game Over.

Any advice? (Please don't spoil ANYTHING about ANY of the games for me!)

EDIT: Screw it, hes dead.


Yeah, Xenosaga Eps. 1 was a little slow at first, but now I'm really into it! I'm on the part where you, as Shion, have to deliver the commanders food to him cause he didnt join the rest of the gang for dinner. ("Gang" as in Shion, Allen, KOS-MOS, and the ship crew).

By the way, I;ve got two questions about the series:

1. How many games are there in the series, and are they all for PS2? (I think theres 3 games all for PS2, but I could be wrong).

2. I personally don't get why you can only have 3 people fighting at once. Couldn't you have, like, 6-person battle with 3 in the front row and 3 in the back? Do the Eps. II and III use a setup like this, or is it 3-person throughout?

Anyway hope you enjoy your time at RM Network craze!

EDIT: Whoa dude! Check this out! Xenosaga I and II for DS!!