I just bought Xenosaga Eps. 1 and am only at the first save point, but I think it's pretty good so far. I think the developers had an obsession with hot chicks and just-slightly-revealed breasts or something.


thats a very good status system!!!

360 or PS3?

I already have a DS (and PSP) so I'm all set in the handheld department. But yeah, I think a 360 is the better choice. And even though Lost Odyssey is apparently "more of the same," it still looks like a great game.

Tribal Stance V3.25

Is this a rip-off of Tribal Wars...?

360 or PS3?

O.K. guys I've been at this for a while now....

I'm saving up for either a $300 Xbox 360 Pro or a $400 40 GB PS3.... but I can't decide which, and I want your guyzes help on this. Which system has overall better games (I can't play M-rated games, though) or features? I'd be able to link my PS3 with my PSP, which would be sweet for accessing the Playstation Store without my PC, among other things. But the 360 is having a number of RPG's released later this year (read the latest EGM). Final Fantasy XIII is being released on both, so I don't have to worry about that.... So is Rock Band. But I wouldn't be able to play the Ratchet and Clank games or the upcoming Jak IV. Seriously, I know half of you are probably bias, but I want your take on it.

Oh, and I already have all 3 last gens sysytems (GameCube, Xbox, and PS2) plus a Wii.

Game Design Discussion of the Week: Hey Assholes, Stop Giving Up.

Yeah, I kinda have a problem where I work on one game, it's really fun....
The I get bored and start another....
Repeat etc.

BUT, this is not an excuse. I'm gonna get back to FE: Children of Destiny sooner or later, and I'm back to working on Alien Bounty. I have a few fans for each, namely RadiantHowlX, whos crazy about the FE series in general, likes my FE game (duh), and loki123546 and demondestiny both like Alien Bounty. I wouldn't want to let anyone down, and although my games are nowhere near, say, Alter AILA, I still think they can be pretty good if I put enough time and effort into them. So yeah.

The Great Purge

That's my Seth game. It's cancelled, gone, dead. If anyone wants to take it over PM me.

Horrible Game Endings

The secret/extra ending of Jak and Daxter (PS2), which you need 100 freakin' Power Cells for!!

All 100 Power Ceells go into the 100 slots on the big door.
The door opens.
Inside is a bright light.
The characters are amazed.


Credits roll.

No big super-boss fight, no extra levels, no "true" ending.....



Sweet! Fire Emblem-style avatars!!!

Music Requests!

How do you post your music?

EDIT: Never mind got it.