Favorite Game

Aw geez.... What to pick....

Um... FFVII, even though I haven't quite beaten it yet because it keeps freezing up?
Maybe Ratchet and Clank 3?... Nah...

FFIII for DS? Not quite....

UGGGGGG I can't decide besides I can't play M games so that eliminates a lot of great games for me. I guess if I absolutely HAD to decide, it would be....... I dunno.

Final Fantasy IV (DS)

This looks dang awesome!! One thing I can't decide on, though: should I play the GBA port first, thereby making the DS game a new, fresh experince and prolonging gameplay time? Or should I just skip to the DS version when it comes out?


Release Something! Day III: Demo Day Edition [June 20th, 2008]

I will get the next section of Alien Bounty done, along with some new features, including bid fights, an objective menu (similar to Demon Destiny 1's Quest Log), and a custom number-entering menu.

So yeah, sign me up for an Alien Bounty update/demo.


YAaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Cloud!!!!!

RPG_RT 2008-03-01 23-12-54-29.PNG

You should fix the fourth heros position, he's blocked by his portrait.


I LOVE the graphical style.

The Next Maker?

That's part of the reason I like 2003 better, as in the fact that it runs at a smooth FPS rate, and that there's a side view battle system.


A little too white-toned.

Hacked PSP Sexyness

2 Questions:

1. Is that, like, legal?

2. Any instructions on how you do it?