Guess the Game!!!

OMG!! Duh! I'd heard of the Silent Storm games but since I'm not a major PC gamer I forgot....


Sweet battle graphics!


How'd you get the borders of the screen to looks that way?

Guess the Game!!!

Is it, maybe, one of the Fallout games? Dunno which one, though.


Yes, Rock Band is awesome.

Right. Please see here.

Quote: "Nonetheless, this was our first look at the game on Nintendo's console, and it appears to be a surprisingly faithful adaptation of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game."

You were saying? The only bad thing is that they may not be able to put on downloadable music. As in, it's not a "there's no possible way."

Why now..

Damn dude, I feel for you.

The Freeware Game Reccomondation Page

Hey, I read online that Bungie, the creator of Halo, is releasing their old Marathon FPS series as freeware. I'm at achool right now so I can't post the link but I'll put it up, don't worry.


Holy sh*t! What the hell is Obi-Wan doing here?


Good design.