Boss Project...

I was gonna offer my services but I'm glad to see you already have it :).

REMAKE: Boss Project. V.2

OOOOOOOO more big bosses to kill with FF graphics!

Card Sagas Wars!

They have Cloud. I'm good.

Yes, Rock Band is awesome.

The Wii is so a) not stupid and b) next-gen! Last time I checked PS2, Xbox, and GameCube didn't have motion controls. Whether a system is next-gen or not doesn't always depend sorely on the graphics.

What theme do you use?


Sprite Rips... And a few edits

I'm not sure what's with the Chun Li colors, I got it like that from Street Fighter Galleries.
Oh, and I changed the title. Thanks for commenting on the edit, too :).

Sprite Rips... And a few edits

So yeah, recently I've started doing a lot of spriteing. Below are some of my projects. NOTE: Only the FF Mystic Quest Chars 1 was actually ripped by me. The others were placed from sprite sheets.

My most recent spriting was from Street Fighter II Turbo. I'm trying to make a full RM2k3 Battle2 for Ryu. I was fooling around a bit and made an "Undead Ryu" edit. Observe:

Normal Ryu:

Undead Ryu:

No, I didn't just invert the colors. Also, I haven't done the full edit, just of that one stance.

Comments on any of these, especially the edit? Feel free to use any any of them, just please give me credit. Most of these, plus some others, can be found on RM Network or Charas-Project.

I wrote more music again.

One of the best amatuer-composed pieces ever.
BTW, what MIDI editor was this made on?
And are we allowed to use it as long as we give credit? (It's ok if you say no).


Cool how you have the characters appear when you talk the them (as opposed to a face in a box).