Yes, Rock Band is awesome.

I played it at my school's last "Activity Night" (read: night where you to have fun at school). I played 4 rounds: once on bass, then twice on drums, followed by guitar.
I absolutely loved it.

The only bad thing was that we kept failing the songs because someone (not always me!) in the group had to fail, and we couldn't get Overdrive (Star Power?) fast enough to save them.
Oh, and the fact that it was the PS2 version (as opposed to the PS3, X360, or upcoming Wii version). The visuals for seeing your band rock out are HORRIBLE. It's gritty, grainy, low-res CG-looking pre-recorded animation, instead of using the actual graphical capabilities of the system. It was SO ugly!

Screw it, who cares? It was frickin fun. Besides, me and both of my friends have a Wii, so maybe we can buy the upcoming Wii version together (considering the grapics are actually GOOD).

(Of course, one of them has a PS3, and he insists on getting that version, but Iwant the Wii version so we can share it).


Cool message box.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Hey iamnot, Sunday night when I went on to WFC in Brawl, I saw you waiting for a brawl, so I tried to join your game. I tried at least 5 times, but every time one of two things happend:

1. The "Joining game..." loading screen came up, but after a bit it said something like "This players status has changed, so you could not join the game."

2. It let me join the game, but on the character select screen it's still seeking other players, and after I select the stage and play in the practice room for a bit, a window pops up saying that there's no response and that either I was removed from your friends list or something else (forget what it was).

Any idea what kind of "status" you changed in your accaount, iamnot? I already tried deleting you and re-entering your firend code, but I got the same result.

VBA [gameboy emulator, not Visual Basic for Applications]

I use emulators too. For example, the sprites in my submitted resource, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Chars 1, I used ZSNES to rip the sprites.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Never mind iamnot, you are on the list. Besides, you and Quiversee kicked my ass tonight, remember? :)

Renaissance - The Destiny Anew

Looks good, keep it up!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

author=iamnot link=topic=784.msg11755#msg11755 date=1207795728
Well, I added you Spazz.
Haven't fought anyone from here yet, I would like to know how good I am compared to some of you.

You're still not showing up as registered on my friend roster, it says I'm still awaiting registration by you. ???

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Cool, I've already registered you two :)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

O.K., I think they'll let me play online. I went online and played a single brawl in the "With Anyone" mode while my mom was in the kitchen and got my butt kicked...
Anyway, my SSBB firend code is 1461-6305-8456. My username is simply "SPAZZ".

Wii system numbers + XBOX tags + whatever PS3 has

If you want to E-Mail on Wii systems, post your Wii system number here. If you have internet on your Wii, you can send attachments and messages to each other. I'm typing this from school, so I can't post my system number since I don't know it, but post your system numbers, not your SSBB friend codes!

Thanks, kentona! Oh, and my Wii system number is 8832-9745-9101-9560.

EDIT: To find your Ssystem number, go to the Wii message board and create a new message. Then go to "Address Book." Your number is on the bottom of the screen.