Battle Animations "Flipping" Glitch

Yes, I have another problem. I'm choosing to use battle animations as my character battle sprites, but whenever I enter a battle (tested or in-game), all the animations "flip" horizontally, offsetting their placement and basically looking very strange. Every animation is 1 frame long, and this type of thing has worked for me in the past. Help please?

Linking an event to 2nd/3rd/4th Party Members in 2k3

Is there ANY event or text code that can allow you to link an event to a character in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th slot of your party? I've searched and searched throughout 2k3 and all I can find is displaying the name only of the 1st party member. Is there anything that can do what I'm asking for? Do you need a plugin or something? Or is it simply impossible?

RM 2k Battle System in 2k3?

Is it possible to make a battle system similar to the one found in RM 2000 and the Dragon Quest games, where you select all your actions at the beginning of a round and from there on it's automatic? I would like that kind of system in my current 2003 game, and I need battle sprites for the characters, so I can't go backwords to RM 2000. I remember seeing a tutorial about it somewhere, but I think it was taken down. Anyone have any ideas?

360 or PS3?

O.K. guys I've been at this for a while now....

I'm saving up for either a $300 Xbox 360 Pro or a $400 40 GB PS3.... but I can't decide which, and I want your guyzes help on this. Which system has overall better games (I can't play M-rated games, though) or features? I'd be able to link my PS3 with my PSP, which would be sweet for accessing the Playstation Store without my PC, among other things. But the 360 is having a number of RPG's released later this year (read the latest EGM). Final Fantasy XIII is being released on both, so I don't have to worry about that.... So is Rock Band. But I wouldn't be able to play the Ratchet and Clank games or the upcoming Jak IV. Seriously, I know half of you are probably bias, but I want your take on it.

Oh, and I already have all 3 last gens sysytems (GameCube, Xbox, and PS2) plus a Wii.

Got questions? Ask 'em here.

This topic is sorely for non-RM videogame questions. Wanna know how you get that secret item? Past a puzzle? Ask anything here and me and they will (hopefully) be answered. Note that it would be extremely helpful if I wasn't the only one answering. Anyone can ask, anyone can answer.

Anyways, I've got a few things to ask:

Phantom Dust (Xbox) -- Most of you have probably never played this game. Hell, you've probably never heard of it. But for those of you who have, do you know if theres a local split-screen multiplayer co-op option? The only things I can find in the multiplayer mode are 1-on-1 battles, but no co-op. And while I'm at it, is the online Xbox Live stuff also simply PVP (Player Vs. Player), or are there some full-fleged co-op missions?

Tales of Symphonia (GameCube and soon-to-be PS2) -- I should probably know this, but how do you activate long-range mode while on the world map? I've already got the ability to in some areas... I just can't figure out how to activate it.

*By the way, both of these games were bought used, and came without an instruction booklet. So if the answers in there, well, I can't exactly see it.

Sprite Rips... And a few edits

So yeah, recently I've started doing a lot of spriteing. Below are some of my projects. NOTE: Only the FF Mystic Quest Chars 1 was actually ripped by me. The others were placed from sprite sheets.

My most recent spriting was from Street Fighter II Turbo. I'm trying to make a full RM2k3 Battle2 for Ryu. I was fooling around a bit and made an "Undead Ryu" edit. Observe:

Normal Ryu:

Undead Ryu:

No, I didn't just invert the colors. Also, I haven't done the full edit, just of that one stance.

Comments on any of these, especially the edit? Feel free to use any any of them, just please give me credit. Most of these, plus some others, can be found on RM Network or Charas-Project.

Wii system numbers + XBOX tags + whatever PS3 has

If you want to E-Mail on Wii systems, post your Wii system number here. If you have internet on your Wii, you can send attachments and messages to each other. I'm typing this from school, so I can't post my system number since I don't know it, but post your system numbers, not your SSBB friend codes!

Thanks, kentona! Oh, and my Wii system number is 8832-9745-9101-9560.

EDIT: To find your Ssystem number, go to the Wii message board and create a new message. Then go to "Address Book." Your number is on the bottom of the screen.

Alien Bounty (Progress Thread)



A bajillian years in the future, there is a messed eup goverment. The goverment performs experiments to try to create a life from suitable to serving them. Some get luck; others are thrown onto the streets. For every success, there are 1,000 falures.

A being very much like humans has become the main life form on the streets. There is no law, however. You are one of these "humans," a bounty hunter living for one purpose and one purpose only: to fend for yourself.

-Reputation, Fame, and Affinity variables
+Reputation: How well others think of you
+Fame: How well you are known
+Affinity: Your good/evil status
-Different paths depending on the three above variables
-And more.

Try the demo at filefront.;9944024;/fileinfo.html
For the information page visit

Making enemies appear at the start of a battle

O.K., if you've ever played Alter A.I.L.A. by Neok, then you know how he has the enemies "appear" at the start of each battle? Well I'm trying to do that in my game, but it's not working out as well.
It involves a "dummy" monster that's visible but has no graphic at the start of a battle while the other "real" monsters are invisible. After the real monsters appear, the dummy monster does a forced flee.

For a single-enemy battle, the events for the monster group read:

<>Show Hidden Monster: 1:
<>Show Battle Animation: Enemy Appear, 1: (Wait)
<>Force Flee: 2:Dummy Monster

For a two-enemy battle:
<>Show Hidden Monster: 1:
<>Show Battle Animation: Enemy Appear, 1: (Wait)
<>Show Hidden Monster: 2:
<>Show Battle Animation: Enemy Appear, 2: (Wait)
<>Force Flee: 3:Dummy Monster

And so on.
The problem is that, while it works perfectly fine during a test battle, it doesn't let the dummy monster do a forced flee when I encounter the monster in the actual game. Anyone know anything about this?

NEVER MIND, figured it out.....

Share Your Poems!

So hey, I've had to write poems for my stupid Adv. Language Aats poem portfolio project crap and even though I hate it, I actually wrote some O.K. poems in it. In this forum, share any personally-written poems (don't steal!). Don't feel forced to share, it's completely voluntary.

I'll start:

A Night Out
As the thick thunder roars
a man gives
a rustled whisper
to another.

Moments later
the wavy screech
of car tires
over the hills.

The opaque glass
of a church
changes color
for an instant
as buzzing lightning
strikes down
on the land.

an evening dinner
is well underway
as two shady men
stroll in.
one with flashy glasses
the other nothing special.

The stammering crowd
Who are you?
Why are you here?

But the sheer elegance
of the moment
makes it soon
all vanish
with nothing
but a night out
to show for it.

I Am From...
I am from
a car freak.

I am from someone who
used to play with Hot Wheels
and spent hours building model cars.

I am from someone
who used to
though not anymore
play soccer
and race around the block
at blinding speeds
on his bike.

I am from someone who listened intently
to classic bands like
Boston, Chicago, and Styx.

I am from someone
who ate delicious Hershey's
And took a liking to Carrie Fisher.

I am from someone
who often watched Magnum P.I.
and read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys.

I am from someone
who used to say, “Get a life!”
from someone who
wanted to work in the auto industry as a little boy
and grew up in the Big Apple.

You could say
I'm from my father.

I'll post more once I finish my project.
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